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  Should England's cricketers go to Zimbabwe?
Updated 14 January 2003, 17.12
England cricket captain Nasser Hussain
England's cricketers WILL be playing in Zimbabwe next month.

The decision on whether to play the match in Harare on 13 February was taken by the English cricket board.

Some politicians are furious - they say by playing, our cricketers are telling the world they support Zimbabwe's president Robert Mugabe.

He's blamed for starving his own people, killing and beating his opponents and rigging elections to win.

Cricket bosses say they DO NOT support Mugabe - but their hands are tied because the government refuses to compensate the £10 million that will be lost if they pullout.

opening quoteThe cricketers should decide, after all it's them who are playing, not the government!closing quote
Eloise, 11, Kendal

opening quoteIf the cricketers do go to Zimbabwe, then they will only be giving the country tourism and therefore give Mugabe some much needed foreign currency. Also, if they go, the people in Mugabe's party will take the oppurtunity to strike back against their "enemies" who at the moment seem to be the English. I have lived there and I know the risks to people and the damage that Mugabe's henchmen can do to innocent people. People seem only concerned by the fact that money will be lost by not going to Zimbabwe, whereas the lives of the cricketers and many visitors to the country to watch the world cup may be at risk, which I think is much more important.closing quote
Katie, 15, Tring

opening quoteI think it is the cricketer's choice whether they want to play or not. Politics shouldn't get in the way of sport, politicians can't control whether the cricketers play or not coz then they are restricting their right of freedom. Money shouldn't be an issue in this coz if there weren't human rights in place many more lives would be captured and money can't pay for lives, money also if there weren¿t human rights, things probably won't be like it is today and there may be no sport events at all which are fair. They just have to act in a way that shows they are grateful for & care about human rights. REMEMBER SPORT should be something, which unites nations, and there are no prejudice. It is where people can compete in a friendly manner.closing quote
Amy, 14, Shrewsbury

opening quoteWhat's happening in Zimbabwe is an evil man using his powers, against his own people and people that have moved there. I think England should play, but not in Zimbabwe, couldn't it get moved to somewhere else. It is up to famous figures, who people respect, to make people like us realise how awful people are being treated!closing quote
Clare, 13, Essex

opening quoteI'm not into cricket but I think England should play. I don't think it's really a big decision to make so what's all the fuss about?closing quote
Amber, 13, London

opening quoteI think that the government should not tell the cricket team what to do, but that the team should be asked their opinion.closing quote
Rosemary, 14, Aberdeen

opening quoteI think that they should play and show that sports isn't to do with politics.closing quote
Robert, 12, Portsmouth

opening quoteI think England shouldn't go to Zimbabwe because it looks that they are giving themselves to President Mugabe.closing quote
Dafydd, 10 Telford

opening quoteI think they should call off the game because what if something happens to them?? It's for their own good but what President Mugabe is doing is totally un-acceptable!closing quote
Vicki, 11, Glasgow

opening quoteI think England cricketers should go to South Africa and they should leave politics out of sport.closing quote
Pippa, 10 Cheltenham

opening quoteSport doesn't dictate politics and it shouldn't take sportsmen to get a point our government should be putting across. They should just go ahead and play.closing quote
Nicola, 14, Hinderwell

opening quoteI think Human Rights should definately come first. People in Zimbabwe have been killed, and all they can think about is some cricket match?closing quote
Rowan, 12, Bedford

opening quoteThe government is not involved in cricket and shouldn't say what is right or wrong.If the team wants to play and thinks they can win, then by all means go and play.And if they are watching GO ON ENGLAND!closing quote
Andrew, 12, Wellesborne

opening quoteIt really depends on the view of the cricketers. If they care more about a game than serious moral issues and the livelihood of other people, they should go ahead and play. But if they want to set an example and show there's more to life than money and that action needs to be taken against opression, then they should refuse to participate. I personally dont think its a difficult decision.closing quote
Hannah, 14, Bath

opening quoteI think England should play in Zimbabwe because otherwise England would lose too much money that is used in schools and local clubs to help us kids learn to play cricket. I think the government would be making the wrong decision if they ban our Cricket team from traveling to Zimbabwe. closing quote
Ben, 13, Farnborough

opening quoteIt's not the first time that sport and poliitcs have caused scandal - Formula One supremo Bernie Ecclestone donated £1M to Labour for their election campaign and that caused uproar. Will the government risk more embarrasment?closing quote
John, 15, Nottingham

opening quoteEngland's cricketers should not play in Zimbabwe because that would mean their government would get more money and they could then spend that money on different means of horror!closing quote
Paul, 14, Reading

opening quoteIt's a (v boring) sport! Not a political problem! It doesn't matter!closing quote
Laura, 13, Southampton

opening quoteI think that the England cricket team should play in Zimbabwe. They shouldn't be used to get our government's point across to the President Mugabe. The Government should sort out this problem another way instead of interrupting the cricket.closing quote
Ash, 12, Manchester

opening quoteI think they should take a stand. If they play there, it looks like they support President Mugabe!closing quote
Alex, 13, Sandhurst

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