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Updated 13 January 2003, 14.53
Here's a snowman we built at Newsround
Here's a snowman we built at Newsround

Yay, it's snowing! Over the last two weeks, different parts of the country have been covered in the fluffy white stuff.

What have you been up to? We want to hear all about your snowdays. Have you been stuck at home or forced to go to school?

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Katy & Ben's snowman
Katy & Ben's snowman

opening quoteWe made a snowman, but two minutes after we took this picture, Ben knocked him over!closing quote
Katy & Ben, Surrey

opening quoteOur French teacher wasn't very happy becsuse it started snowing halfway through our French lesson - and after it started no one paid any attention to the lesson! I had to practically hold my mate back from the snow because she was so excited!closing quote
Laura, 12

Conor, 3, Wiltshire

opening quoteWe were at school when it snowing, then most of the snow melted! We weren't aloud outside! It was too slippy!closing quote
Sabrina, 10, Stafford

opening quoteWe made a sledge in DT lesson and because our playground was on a slope it was so much fun.closing quote
Hannah, 13, London

opening quoteI was freezing walking home from school, and my ears were FREEZING! At break a horrid boy threw a snowball at a cat! I told on him! He he he!closing quote
Christa, 11, Somerset

opening quoteIt was sooo cool! There wasn't that much snow, but basically half my school all went to the field, and had tonnes of snow fights! It was like no rules applied, and everyone went mad! closing quote
Clare, 13, Essex

opening quoteWe had a snowdays for a whole week right before Xmas break. I went snowboarding at a place called Sqwa Valley where they have held the winter Olympics.closing quote
Kristen, 13, USA

opening quoteWe've had four days off school cos of snow!! SO COOL!!! I luv snow..also I went skiing last weekend..FUN!!closing quote
Jenna, 13, Annapolis, USA

opening quoteMe and my dad built a snowman that my sister called lame. Well, we had a half day on Wednesday, didn't go to school on Thursday. Neither did my sister but she went back today and I don't go back til Monday. Me and my mum walked to school on Wednesday and we keep on swallowing snow, it was horrible.closing quote
Nicola, 10, Gravesend

opening quoteWell me and my mates were at school waiting to go in, and my mate Laurie came sliding round the corner, and when we got in class it looked liked she had wet her pants! closing quote
Stacey, 10, Nottingham

opening quoteThere is no snow here! Just slippery pavements and roads! Some Sixth formers fell over and we were in hysterics for ages! closing quote
Laura, 14, Skipton

opening quoteI was having a History lesson on the second floor of my year block and the window was open. A boy threw a huge snowball in through the window and it hit the teacher! closing quote
Laura, 13, Frome

opening quoteSo much fun, we had so many snowball fights. Though we werent allowed out to play, everyone still did anyway. We also attempted to build a snowman but it failed. However, it is just really cool to see snow in England. It's like a mircale! closing quote
Ria, 14, Staines

opening quoteWell for a change it was England getting loads of snow and Scotland getting hardly any! I love it when it snows so long as you're not at school cos all the 4th year boys toss snowballs at you thinking they are big! closing quote
Lyndsay, 14, Glasgow

opening quoteMe and my friends, Natalie and Roxanne have made four snow-men in the back of my garden - a whole family! closing quote
Samantha, 11, Dartford

opening quoteI got really excited when it started to snow, and I was hoping to wake up with 6 foot of snow covering everything, but when I looked out the window, there was about a centimetre! closing quote
Ceri, 14, Monmouth

opening quoteSnow........ what snow? closing quote
Clare, 16, Belfast

opening quoteYesterday there was loads of snow in my area and me and my sister spent 2 1/2 hours out in the freezing cold playing! closing quote
Vanessa, 14, Surrey

opening quoteWe had science while it was snowing. Everyone, including me, kept going to the windows to see how deep it had got. Our teacher didn't mind. After an hour we had an inch, and even though we weren't meant to through snowballs, everyone did. Today the teachers said we were allowed to throw snowballs. I've built 3 snowmen and had loads of snow wars. closing quote
Sarah, 14, Aldershot

opening quoteI was in a show last night and when we left the theatre and got to our car, the car had frozen over and was covered in snow. I had to sit in the theatre for 2 hours and wait for the AA to come and help us! closing quote
Shelly, 13, London

opening quoteI think the Newsround smowman is wicked!! You gotta laugh when you see it!! You'd think with so much going on in the world, NR wouldn't have time to make snowmen, but oh yes they have! closing quote
Natalie, 15, Leics

Michaela, 11, Staffs

opening quoteI love the snow. We were at school when it started snowing hard. The teachers wouldn't let us out though!! At break everyone had a massive snowball fight. closing quote
Nicolas, 12, Eastcote

opening quoteSo far we've had a little bit of snow but nowhere near as much as in other parts of the UK. closing quote
Kate, 15, Bristol

opening quoteThere were big snow storms over here and everyone was playing outside. I fell over and almost got concussion. closing quote
Nicole, 14, New York, USA

opening quoteYesterday Romford saw snow like it hasn't since 1991-2. Me and my friends were as childish as ever. Snow may be dangerous to drive on, and to walk on when it reaches the slush stage, but it's so fun. And, it's still here. So pretty! Our school quad looked like Hogwarts. All I would have needed was an owl and a scar and I would have been well away! closing quote
Amy, 16, Romford

opening quoteI fell over in the snow and cracked my nose closing quote
Hannah, 11, London

opening quoteMe and my brother had a HUGE snowball fight in our road where there was loads of snow. We both got soaked!closing quote
Ros, 11, Leckampton

opening quoteEveryone else is really lucky cos we haven't had any snow yet. All it has done this week is be freezing cold and rain.closing quote
Stephen, 16, Ormskirk

opening quoteAh the snow, I have had two days off. As well as the thrills of my coursework and annoying the mods throughout the day by posting on the boards, I also had a very good snowball fight. Unfortunately no snow left for a snowman. I have to say, your snowman is artistic.closing quote
Isobel, 15, Chatham

opening quoteIt's really good that we've had some snow and we should make the most of it, but I don't agree that schools should be shut down only because of the snowclosing quote
Hanna, 12, Chelmsford

opening quoteYesterday we had a half day but today loads of schools are shut - but no, my school has to be different! We were suposed to go in but hardly any of the people I've rung have gone in and neither have I. I'm going over to my cousins road to have a snowball fight with all my mates in her road. closing quote
Clare, 13, Kent

opening quoteAwww, man, we had to go to school, even though there's was loads of snow. But we made a snowman in break which was fun.

closing quote

Keshni, 11, Kent

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