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  Does rap music make guns look cool?
Updated 09 January 2003, 11.16

Garage stars like So Solid Crew have been rapped by the government who say they make guns and violence look cool.

Is gansta rap the reason guns are popular? Or is the music just reflecting the culture?

Is rap just getting blame because it's popular? Would Britney get the blame if she had guns in her videos?

opening quoteI moved to London with my family three years ago, I was brought up in the Bronx, New York, USA, a place where basically survival was owning a gun. I saw my cousins shot outside my house when I was 12. It's not as bad here, no one's getting shot every minute of every day, so I don't know why the government is panicking. They should lay off rap music, I don't know why they blame So Solid Crew they're just a bunch of girls. Most people round here act like gangsters and that's why there's a problem with guns.closing quote
Stu, 15, Hackney

opening quoteI do not think rap music is to blame for gun crime, I just think it is another way of saying that black people are responsible for crimes going on around London. I think this because most rappers are black. People are just expressing what they saw growing up, in song. So Solid Crew grew up in quite a bad area and they just want to tell other people what it was like growing up and some children relate to that. You can't just expect them to see things through rose tinted glasses and be like the Cheeky Girls. I've been listening to rap music most of my life and I have various albums. Some of them do talk about guns but that dosen't mean I'm going to pick up a gun and shoot a girl I don't like. People know the difference between right and wrong and when they choose to pick up a gun is there problem. I think the government is trying to find a way out of the increase in gun crime. I say stop trying to find a way out and look after your country.closing quote
Pamela, 14, London

opening quoteThat comment is a bit rich coming from the government who are ready to get bombs, chemical weapons, guns and whatever else they can find to start a war with Iraq. Not only that but they are encouraging the rest of the world to do the same! Compared to the government, rap music is like a girlie song!closing quote
Hollie, 13, Aberdeen

opening quoteI think the use of guns from children has a lots to do with films and rap stars if they didn't use them then it would be uncool for children to use them.closing quote
Sam, 15, Maidstone

opening quoteI only blame the government for not controlling the gun issues as well as they as they should.closing quote
Michael, 9, Hatfield

opening quoteI don't think it's fair to blame rappers because they are saying what it's like for them !closing quote
Charlotte, 12, Ipswich

opening quoteI don't think it's fair to blame rappers because they are saying what it's like for them !closing quote
Charlotte, 12, Ipswich

opening quoteKids who go round with guns have deep emotional problems that make them use guns and violence to commmunicate. It has nothing to do with rappers or films and stuff.closing quote
Emily, Cambridge

opening quoteI think films and computer games have a lot to answer for. We keep being told that computer games don't influence us, but advertisers try to sell us things in commercials that last only 15 seconds, but we are told that 2 hours playing Grand Theft Auto or Hitman has no effect. Someone, somewhere isn't telling us the truth.closing quote
Richard, St Ives

opening quoteYeah, it's true that rap and films can be seen to glamourize guns, but the government cannot blame it on these things. It is their responsibility to try and cut gun use, and maybe they should start by limiting the availability of guns!closing quote
Kez, 15, Southampton

opening quoteI am a fan of rap music and sometimes the videos show people getting shot, and in some cases it can provoke gun use in teenagers.closing quote
Martin, 10, Barrhead

opening quoteI agree with Sara and Lyra. People in rap and Garage are just talking about real life issues and the goverment are too embrarassed to face up to things that really do happen on the streets.closing quote
Jayne, 14, Cumbria

opening quoteThe government are blaming it on the rap industry. From my point of view it's the goverments fault for not doing much. It's like saying if a rap star commited suicide you would do the same.closing quote
Muhammed, 14, Hull

opening quoteI think the Government needs to stop blaming it on everyone but themselves. Movies like James Bond have plenty of scenes that make guns look cool, but no one's blaming them!closing quote
Jo, 14, Gravesend

opening quoteI think that because teenagers are inspired by their 'idols' and want to be just like them they go to extreme measures to do so. If So Solid are in possession of a gun then of course some of their biggest fans are going to copy their 'bad boy' image and try and get hold of a gun too. If some of the best rap stars realize this and maybe stopped making guns look cool then people may stop messing around with guns.closing quote
Rose, 11, Totton

opening quoteI think that garage music has a significant affect on gun crime. Everyone that listens to garage becomes big headed because of the explicit lyrics and references to crime and drugs.closing quote
Chris, 15, USA

opening quotePeople carry guns because they don't feel safe, either because of events like 11 September or because someone else in their community is carrying a gun and they want to protect themselves!closing quote
Rebecca, 14, Leeds

opening quoteBlaming rap music is just a scapegoat for the government. But the government should face up to THEIR OWN responsibilities and not go and blame someone else for their failings. It's like they forget who issues gun licences, who makes and imports guns. You could blame any old joe bloggs who walks down the street for the rise in guns...but personally I blame the government!closing quote
Scott, 16, South London

opening quoteI think rap is just getting the blame because they feature violence and swearing in their videos. Rap is some of the best music out for a while. Not all rap videos include guns but when they do it's not like they are telling everyone to use them. And for the people who do use them it's their fault not rap artists!closing quote
Alice, 12, Shropshire

opening quoteIn Eminem's song Cleaning Out My Closet, he says ''the smartest thing I did was take those bullets otta that gun." This is a way of saying I have a future violence is stupid, this shows that he doesn't back gun violence.closing quote
Kim, 14, Harrogate

opening quoteA lot of rap videos reflect on how the person performing grew up so they don't always make them look cool, one ex-politician did a rap against them and the war in Iraq.closing quote
Callum, 14, Aberystwyth

opening quoteI think rap music is great. I don't think it involves guns or violence at all, it just expresses feelings. I don't understand why you all hate it. And part of all this controversy is, as Laura, 13, Southampton stated, the government are racist. My family are even thinking of moving because of all the racism going on.closing quote
Shazaderi, 12, Coventry

opening quoteJust cos So Solid Crew sometimes carry guns don't mean nothing. U can walk into a shop and buy a bb gun or your parents can it for you, this just ain't fair cos So Soild Crew ain't in the wrong. People should just keep their nose out of other people business.closing quote
Emma, 15, Redruth

opening quoteYou cannot blame music. There has always been arguments similar to this. It's been happening for many years. If music was so powerful to influence people why doesn't the government use it. People carry guns because of their surrounding growing up.closing quote
Damon, 15, Sunderland

opening quoteI do think that it is stupid of garage stars to show guns in their videos, because people look up to celebrities and want to be like them. If we see them carrying guns, we are obviously going to be influenced by this, and in a negative way. They should not try to glorify gun culture and violence. However, we shouldn't ignore the fact that there is violence in the world today, and as Ms Dynamite says, bands like So Solid Crew are only expressing what they have been through in their lives. I think they are simply going about it in the wrong way. closing quote
Hannah, 5, Midlands

opening quoteAnyone in their right mind could figure out that guns are harmful.closing quote
Kylee, 14, London

opening quoteI think that some garage artists do make guns look glamorous and act like they are a fashion accessory. However, people like Ms. Dynamite are doing the right thing by backing anti gun campaigns.closing quote
Jade, 13, Hayes

opening quotePeople like Ms Dynamite help us see the effect that guns have on us. Not make us want to use them in violent ways towards other people. The government needs to stop hiding behind other people and deal with the situation themselves.closing quote
Jessica, 11, Reading

opening quoteI don't think that they do encourage gun use. They are just singing/rapping about what life is really like for teenagers. Before blaming singers for gun violence Mr. Blair should find out what younger people think, not just what he thinks.closing quote
Lisa, 15, Norwich

opening quoteI don't think garage stars do make them look cool - they just sing about how things are on the streetsclosing quote
Lucy, 12, Shrewsbury

opening quoteI also agree with Lyra. The government want it to seem like they are doing something and blame the next thing that comes along. Even though the lyrics may have some bad points (or so they say) it doesn't make any difference to influence others. And fake guns also BB guns are just harmless to those with a small ego. The government are just stamping out a very small possibility of gun crime and think their job is done. The real reasons are out there but still not found by a unconfident government.closing quote
Jonny, 14, Norwich

opening quoteI think if popstars like So Solid Crew have guns then it influences children to have a gun to look cool. I also think they show too many guns in films like James Bond.closing quote
Lara, 13, New Forest

opening quoteSome garage music does glamorise guns.closing quote
Nigel, 15, Richmond

opening quoteIf we blame rap we must also shift the blame on to movies, videos and anything that even encourages violence. Rap and garage cannot be singled out!closing quote
Sandeep, 15, Hounslow

opening quoteI think that the music reflects the culture. The artists are trying to tell it like how they think it is. Many people disagree but rap shouldn't get the blame!closing quote
Martina, 11, Prestwick

opening quoteI think the government are just blaming rap artists because most of them are black and cos they swear in their music. Just because they talk about real life it doesn't mean they all carry guns. If anything they are trying to make kids more aware of the dangersclosing quote
Jade, 14, Leeds

opening quoteThey don't! It's just young children play with toy guns when they are children and don't realize the dangers of real guns.closing quote
Emma, 10, Shropshire

opening quoteNo, people blame rap music because a lot of rap artists are black and I think the government are a bit racist!closing quote
Laura, 13, Southampton

opening quoteI agree with Lyra, the government are just trying to push the blame on someone else. I think they should be more aware of their responsibilities in the future.closing quote
Sara, 11, Wigan

opening quoteThe government is just trying to dodge their responsibilities by pinning the blame on someone else. They're spineless cowards!closing quote
Lyra, 12, Belfast

opening quotePeople who think it's cool to carry guns are stupid!closing quote
Ashley, 12, Wigan

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