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  What do you think of the Two Towers?
Updated 06 January 2003, 10.55

The long wait is finally over, as the Two Towers hits the cinemas! The second Lord of the Rings film is out now and some people think it's better than the first.

It follows Frodo on his journey into Mordor, and we see Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli in serious battle action at Helm's Deep.

Have you seen it yet? What do you think? Is it wizard fun, or monstrously bad?

opening quoteThe most wonderful movie since Fellowship - not a carbon-copy, it's a league of it's own.closing quote
Mina, 13, Arlington

opening quoteIt was fabulous! Peter Jackson did a great job but he did leave a lot of stuff out.closing quote
Emily, 12, London

opening quoteEuh, hello, the age limit is too high. I am a big LOTR fan and they go and put 12 on it! I'll have 2 wait a year and a 1/4, and by then it'll be outta the cinema and outta the shops! closing quote
Sophie, 10, France

opening quoteI thought it was very good though very long. I still like Harry Potter more.closing quote
Caitlin, 12, San Francisco

opening quoteI went to see it with my mum as i've finished school for the holidays, and it was GREAT!!!!! I can't wait until January when we are going to see it again with my little brother and my dad!!!closing quote
Fawn, 13, Yorkshire

opening quoteAMAZING! shame it wasn't completely true to the book but PJ pulled it off fantastically! :) definitely worth seeing again, and - two words sum it up, Orlando Bloom!closing quote
Louise, 15, London

opening quoteIt was absolutely brilliant, definitely worth all the hype. My personal favourite bits were with Gimli and Legolas - my fave line was 'You're late. You look terrible!' heheh!closing quote
Jo, 13, Gravesend

opening quoteThe Best Movie ever - Harry Potter isn't on the same level - this movie has made its own level!closing quote
Jonny, 15, Gusborne

opening quoteI saw the 1st LOTR movie with one of my friends, and after that experience, I really couldn't bring myself to see the 2nd one! I think HP is better than LOTR anytime, and when I saw the 1st LOTR film I was bored out of my mind for 3 hours. Roll on Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, I say!closing quote
Bert, 14, Kent

opening quoteThis is cinematic history in the making!!! The most amazing film I have ever seen, and so scary! The battle at Helm's Deep was breathtaking, and Orlando Bloom - if you loved him in the first film, you might just keel over and die in this one!!! Gollum was superb, as were all the actors. It was unbelievable!closing quote
Alissa, 16, London

opening quoteOverall EXCELLENT!! It's a shame it doesn't stay that true to the book.closing quote
Helen, 14, Birmingham

opening quoteIt was the best movie I've ever seen, and coming from a HP fan that means a lot! It was really scary and Gimli did a superb job with the comic relief.closing quote
Maeve, 13, Cleveland

opening quoteIt's the best battle scene I've ever seen!! Ever!!closing quote
Nicole, 13, USA

opening quoteVigo Mortensen was jolly good!closing quote
Sam, 12, Liverpool

opening quoteHARRY POTTER, MOVE OVER! I thought it was AMAZING! Aragorn is so good looking and the half an hour battle at the end was superb. Worth seeing again!closing quote
Janey, 12, Chorley

opening quoteIt was ok, I liked Gollum he was good and funny. But it was a bit boring and wouldn't want to see it again. I think I prefered the first one.closing quote
Sarah, 14, Portsmouth

opening quoteIt was brilliant! In the seventies there was Star Wars and now there's The Lord of the Rings! The best movie ever. It makes Harry Potter look like child's play!closing quote
Caoimhe, 12, Dublin

opening quoteIt's great! Action packed, nail biting and thrilling. The first one is the best though.closing quote
Jonathan, 14, Portsmouth

opening quoteI thought it was excellent, especially Helms Deep and the ents. I love all the characters, especially Viggo Mortenson as Aragorn. He's brilliantclosing quote
Dervla, 15, Stoke on Trent

opening quoteI can't wait for the next one !closing quote
Steve, 12, London

opening quoteIt was wicked. It was a lot scarier and I'm surprised it was only a 12A. Treebeard was brilliant and Gimli was sweet. The battle at the end was quite scary but it was definitely worth a years wait.closing quote
Liz, 14, Ipswich

opening quoteThe Two Towers was brilliant!!!! I thought Gollum was great and I was thinking the battle scene would be boring but it wasn't!closing quote
Caroline, 13

opening quoteA marvelous film - the battle scenes were superb. Makes Harry Potter a bit lame.closing quote
Daniel, 12, London

opening quoteFantastic movie mates!closing quote
Noah, 12, London

opening quoteHarry Potter is slow compared to this movie!! I loved itclosing quote
Jim, 15, Henninbern

opening quoteWow, this movie is the best I have witnessed since the Harry Potter release. Great show!!closing quote
Mike, 13, Waverley

opening quoteI think it's extremely boring. The film is too long and the only good parts are the ones where there is fighting.closing quote
Liane, 13, Luton

opening quoteThis movie ROCKED! It is becoming the greatest epic to ever hit the big screen. This trilogy is what all of the future of Hollywood should compare itself to.closing quote
Xander, Lexington

opening quoteNever seen it, never read it, don't care! It can't beat Harry Potter!closing quote
Michaela, 11, Staffs

opening quoteOrlando Bloom! Enough said!closing quote
Laura, 13, Southampton

opening quoteRUBBISH!closing quote
Chaz, 13, London

opening quoteWICKED, the film has captured the book perfectly. There wasn't a boring bit in the whole of the film. And Orlando Bloom probably was one of the reasons why it was so good!closing quote
Kamalpreet, 13, Clayhall

opening quoteBelieve it or not, Hollywood has just produced the greatest epic ever!!! Never has something so great touched the silver screen!!!Thumbs-up!closing quote
Faizan, Muscat

opening quoteThe only word that comes to mind is fantabalistic, Peter Jackson you have done Tolkien proud. It is the best film ever- ten times better than the first and that was great too!closing quote
Michael, 14, Beeston

opening quoteI thought that it was a great movie! it has a lot to live up to form the first one though!closing quote
Janet, 13, Linlithgow

opening quoteIt's superb- it was all amazing. I loved it loads.closing quote
Simon, 11, Nottingham

opening quoteIt's awesome! The last battle is the best thing ever on film!closing quote
Dave, 13, Telford

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