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  Fame Academy: Was it top or a flop?
Updated 06 January 2003, 10.54
Fame Academy
It's all over and the biggest prize in TV history has been given away to David Sneddon.

But what are your thoughts about it now it's all over? Was it good TV?

Do you think it was any different to other reality TV pop shows like Popstars Rivals? If so, how?

Did you watch any of the interactive stuff? What did you think of the showdowns?

Would you give it the thumbs up or down?

opening quoteAt first I thought Fame Academy sucked, but I got into it just after Ainslie left *sob*, but David rules!! I'm so glad he won! Sinead can't even sing in tune! David's song is wicked, and I'm totally gonna buy it! Lemar was rubbish, Ainslie should definitely have got through to the last three instead of him! Fame Academy is very cool, and DAVID ROCKS THIS WORLD!!!! I CAN'T WAIT FOR HIM TO RELEASE HIS SINGLE!!!closing quote
Liv, 15, Gloucester

opening quoteI loved Fame Academy, I am so glad David won and not Sinead. She was so annoying, her and Lemar really thought they were going to win. It's so much better than Popstars: the Rivals.closing quote
Kerry, 15, Pompey

opening quoteI thought Fame Acadamy was fab. I watched every single episode. I am so made up David won, he was amazing though Sinead was boss too.closing quote
Lana, 11, Runcorn

opening quoteFame Academy's the BEST!!! I spent so much time watching the live coverage on BBCi interactive. Hopefully they'll do a second series!!! :o) closing quote
Helen, Nottingham

opening quoteI thought it was a big FLOP!I preferred Pop Idol at least they could sing! I wish Lemar won he was a lot better anyway I don't like SILLY programmes like this! Haven't they got anything else better to put on TV! Shame on you BBC! closing quote
Melissa, 9, Newcastle

opening quoteI am pleased that david won he was excellent. I met him once at the Edinburgh festival before he was famous and he was fab - he deserved to winclosing quote
Gemma, 13, Torquay

opening quoteI think Fame Academy was a bit like Big Brother and a bit like Popstars. It was cool anyway Sinead and David were both great but I thought Sinead would have won the public's vote. It was a shock to me but David is funny where Sinead is more down to earth. They're both GREAT so it doesn't matter to me !!!!closing quote
Rosanna, 12, Swindon

opening quoteI didn't like it at the start but not long before Ainslie left that's when I started to take interest in it. David did well and he did deserve to win it, but I hated the teacher who said he had to get rid of his Scottish accent! Sinead still has her accent but she didn't get told to get rid of it! closing quote
Lyndsay, 14, Glasgow

opening quoteI think that David definitely deserved to win, his voice is amazing and I love the song he wrote! He is very talented! He also worked the hardest in the academy and has a great future! I think all the students in the academy were very good at singing, but some better then others! I hope they all get a record contract!closing quote
Liz, 15, England

opening quoteI thought Fame Academy was not really that bad. At the beginning it was boring, even though I was looking forward to it, but it started to get better, but still, pop Idol still RULES!! The judges in pop idol were quite tough, but in the end they were good.closing quote
Maimuna, 9, New Cross

opening quoteHi Newsround I think that Fame Academy was wicked, I don't think that David should have won though. SINEAD RULES.closing quote
Charlie, 10, Nottingham

opening quoteSinead sooooo should have won, her song that she wrote was class!!!closing quote
Ally, 13, London

opening quoteDavid had every right to win! Sinead and Lemar will get contracts anyway.closing quote
Michael, 12, Maidstone

opening quoteI thought it was different to all the other singing shows because these people could actually sing! I enjoyed it but thought Sinead or Marli should of won.closing quote
Katie, 10,Great Missenden

opening quoteSince Ainslie didn't win, it was a flop!closing quote
Eloise, 12, Bristol

opening quoteI reckon that Fame Academy sucks! No one had ANY TALENT!!!!! I watched Popstars: the Rivals, but only four people on there were talented! Sarah, Javine, Anton and Daniel should all try a solo career! Javine was too good to be in Girls Aloud.closing quote
Julie, 13, Southport

opening quoteI think this was a flop because I phoned for Lemar and the line was barred.closing quote
Amber, 11, Neasden

opening quoteI enjoyed it because the contestants were really talented, both in singing and songwriting and there was such a diverse mix of people in the Fame Academy, so someone in the house for you to both love and hate! BUT...Lemar in my opinion had by far the best voice AND he was a talented songwriter too! However because of Fame Academy he has had the opportunity to get noticed and will UNDOUBTEDLY get the chance to secure a record deal! Big up Lemar!!! closing quote
Ellie, 16, Sheffield

opening quoteI think fame academy is rubbish. I think it is a real flop.closing quote
Jessica, 11, Stockport

opening quoteI thought it was Rubbish , Apart from the final week i am glad David won , but in the end the losers always win too , like Gareth and Darius and Liberty x . So there was no loser last nite !! YAY ! closing quote
Amy, 14, Nottingham

opening quoteFame academy was top until Sinead came second. She was boss, I hope she gets a record deal!closing quote
Jess, 12, Westhoughton

opening quoteI personally found fame academy amazing! All the way through it had you on the end of your seat! I cried when Ainslie left, and I laughed so many times after watching it on BBC choice! :o) Fame Academy was amazing and I can't wait for the DVD!closing quote
Hannah, 14, Darley Dale

opening quoteI think Sinead was much better then David.closing quote
Hannah, 9, Barnstaple

opening quoteI think Fame Academy was great. I am so glad David won, I was so scared he wouldn't!closing quote
Rhys, 10, Braunton

opening quoteI thought it was really good, compared to popstars - the rivals which the worst programme I have seen for ages!closing quote
Jessica, 14, Bromsgrove

opening quoteI thought that it was wonderful, but I thought that Katie should of won!!!closing quote
Libby, 11, Evesham

opening quoteI thought it was really good but David should not of won, and I wish they would stop making singing programsclosing quote
Lola, 11, Preston

opening quoteI think it's really different to other reality TV shows 'cause the people write their own songs. The fact that the record deal is only for a year also makes it different too.closing quote
Michelle, 11, Huddersfield

opening quoteIt was great! Much better then Popstars and Pop Idol. Roll on Fame Academy 2!closing quote
Holly, 11, Cardiff

opening quoteI think that David should have everything for life!!!closing quote
Jila, 10, Stepney

opening quoteFame Academy was great, I mean yeah there are billions of reality TV shows around and yeah I know people are getting a bit tired of them but fame academy was different because it was BB and pop idol put together which must be good really.closing quote
Jess, 14, Hull

opening quoteI just found it a bit dull. All they seemed to do is walk around and talk to themselves and also Sinead definitely should have won!closing quote
Alexandra, 12, Horley

opening quoteIt was AMAZING!!! The Final was better than any other reality show ever before! At least on this show they can actually sing and write their own songs instead of people banking on looks over personality like Pop Idol and Popstars. What a fantastic show it was!!! And WELL DONE DAVID!! It was so tense I couldn't look at my telly!closing quote
Emma, 15, Southport

opening quoteIt's like watching someone at school! All it is is rubbish singing and grumpy people giving lectures.closing quote
Harry, 12, Newcastle

opening quoteIt was brilliant everybody on it were true popstars. They could sing, write their own songs and were brilliant performers. I just wish Sinead had of won but unfortunately I couldn't vote because I live in the Republic and the number only applies for Britain.closing quote
Brid, 13, Dublin

opening quoteI didn't watch it right from the begining, I thought it would be like popstars but when I watched it, I changed my mind It was brilliant!
Frances, 11, Tunbridge Wells

opening quoteI think Fame Academy is one of the worst things on television. Thank God it's over!
James, 13, Durham

opening quoteI thought it was quite good, way better than Popstars. At least they got to write their own songs so they won't be manufactured like the popstars people.
Manisha, 11, Birmingham

opening quoteI have to admit, it was better than Popstars the rivals, Popstars, Pop Idol, Survivor, I'm a celebrity get me out of here and BB definetely! I think it's because the prize was ALOT better and it's just more interesting, i can't wait till the next Fame Academy!
Amber, 13, London

opening quoteThere have been so many similar programs on at the moment, I got bored of it very quickly. I think that if Fame Academy was shown before Popstars the Rivals, it would have done even better.
Ceri, 14, Monmouth

opening quoteI think that FAme Academy was a flop, I only watched it a couple of times and i got bored sick! i prefered Pop Idol.
Paul, 15, Beverley

opening quoteYAY! DAVID WON! I loved all of Fame Academy. But it never did what I wanted, apart from the final! First, the Malachi and Sinead thing (sob,sob!), then Malachi went, then Ainslie, but at least David won!
Laura, 13, Nottingham

opening quoteLemar is legend he should have won it i dont know why david won it sinead was good but lemar topped off all class and i hope he gets a record deal.
Petey, 14, Taunton

opening quoteI am a friend of David's and I am so happy that he won! I watched the show from the start and loved it, and I would like to say a big WELL DONE to all the students, and I thought it was so funny when David stood up to Carrie's comment about the accent last night by saying "ach, the wee lassie dosnae know wat shes on aboot!"
Holly, 14, Scotland

opening quoteAll i can say is BORING!
Maria, 12, Westhoughton

opening quoteI thought it was RUBBISH.closing quote
Ben, 12, Crawley

opening quoteMy Dad and Uncle were supposed to be going to see James Bond but when my Uncle knew it was the final of Fame Acadamy, he said he called it off! He could have taped it!closing quote
Michaela, 11, Staffordshire

opening quoteWho's David Sneddon? Why did he get the biggest prize in history? I once watched them perform live and i wasn't impressed. It's just the BBCs posh version of Popstars and Pop Idol. Definite thumbs down - you can't beat the talent of the Cheeky Girls BBC!closing quote
Jess, 11, Bristol

opening quoteI think Sinead is really talented, the last night wasn't about performance it was about the votes!closing quote
Sophie, 10, France

opening quoteMuch better than Popstars the rivals. At least the people at Fame Academy could sing good! Well done David for winning. It was definatley TOP!closing quote
Jeremy, 12, Leicester

opening quoteI loved Fame Academy. It's the best. My family don't like it but I love it. Why does it have to end? I knew David was the best and I think Sinead is lovely as well and i dont know what to watch. I watched it every night on sky active. Thankx and nice one David.closing quote
Jamie, 13, Nottingham

opening quoteI quite enjoyed Fame Academy, although I found some of the teachers really pretentious and quite annoying! But I suppose they were supposed to be. I think most of the singers were very talented, although I think the wrong person won. Sinead was by far the more deserving of the two, however David pulled of a good performance so well done to him !!closing quote
Brenda, 15, Belfast

opening quoteI got into it as it went on, but they were better singers than Popstars!closing quote
Ellie, 10, Dumbarton

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