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  Are you superstitious?
Updated 06 January 2003, 10.54

Aarghh! It's Friday, the 13th!

Supposedly the unluckiest day of the year. But that rather depends if you believe in luck.

Are you superstitious? Do you freak at the sign of a black cat, cry over spilt milk and throw salt over your shoulder?

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opening quoteI am pretty superstitious because every time I see a magpie on its own I have to salute it and say morning captain to bring me good luck.closing quote
Charlotte, 11, Stevenage

opening quoteMy brother was taken to hospital today because he nearly broke his leg and he is on crutches and we r going on holiday tomorrow!!! Freaky or what?closing quote
Sophie, 12, Bristol

opening quoteI am not very superstitious because my friend has a black cat called candy it is cute! But today is Friday the 13th and nothing has happened!closing quote
Becky, 12, Hull

opening quoteI'm not superstitious. All the things that happen to people are probably just coincidence. All my friends don't like doing anything out of the ordinary on 13th, but I'm not really bothered.closing quote
Charlotte, 14, Manchester

opening quoteUsually I'm not that superstitious, I believe in horoscopes and things like that. Friday 13th however makes me paranoid and today I kept constantly saying "stupid Friday 13th".closing quote
Francesca, 13, London

opening quoteI am rather superstitious, I try to avoid walking under ladders and don't really like Friday the 13th, but other than that I'm OK.closing quote
Sarah, 11, Stockport

opening quoteI think that people who are superstitious are just stupid and are weird! I don't think that if you walk under a ladder or break a mirror you'll get bad luck!!! It's rubbish!!closing quote
Lyndsay, 14, Glasgow

opening quoteIt was kind of scary, because in school we had a power cut, and loads of the corridors were really dark. I'm sort of superstitious, but I don't think of it in a bad way. We couldn't have a lesson, because it was too dark, the class had to go and sit in the library. Most people were bored but me and my friends went to the corner and read loads of strange books about palmistry and horoscopes and that kinda stuff.closing quote
Sarah, 13, Bournemouth

opening quoteI had loads of bad luck today! I got a really bad headache, fell of my bed and got scratched by a cat - it was black as well. I hate Friday the 13th!!closing quote
Jess, 10, March

opening quoteI'm quite superstitious, and believe that Friday 13th is unlucky, but I don't throw salt over my shoulders. Loads of unlucky things happen to me on Friday 13th!closing quote
Anna, 13, Southend

opening quoteI hadn't realized it was Friday 13th and I asked out a boy I fancied and he said no and I thought my English didn't have to be in until Tuesday when it was actually today. My friend said it was coz it was Friday 13th and then I realised and just thought "AHRR!"closing quote
Louisa, 11, Crawley

opening quoteI don't believe in any of it, I haven't had any bad luck today, and as for black cats it's said they are lucky and unlucky depending on what you believe so that's really stupid!closing quote

opening quoteI think Friday the 13th is stupid today in rugby I scored two tries and we won.closing quote
Michael, 11, Toton

opening quoteI don't believe in Friday the 13th it's just a number that people hate. Everyone says they have bad luck but it probably wasn't that bad.closing quote
Heather, 12, Birmingham

opening quoteI don't believe in it. Bad things only happen when you think they will cos they are more likely to happen.closing quote
Viki, 14, Buckinghamshire

opening quoteOn Friday 13th, I get SO MUCH BAD LUCK!!! Today I forgot my money for school! I lost in a game, BADLY!!! People left me out... BUT, if you don't realise it's Friday 13th,you probably won't get BAD LUCK! I thought of it! Maybe that's what happened!!!closing quote
Sara, 11

opening quoteI'm not usually, but today in technology, someone stole some wire from me, I burnt myself with a soldering iron, there was no tap for me to rinse my hand under so I had to rush all the way through school looking for a tap. When I got back, someone had taken all my solder and my soldering iron. And on top of that, I had a detention in French and didn't get to have a drink or sit down to eat my lunch, in fact, just as I was about to sit down, the bell went! I think next Friday the 13th, I'll just stay at home in bed!closing quote
Leah, 13, Reading

opening quoteI'm not superstitious but i have heard that if a black cat crosses your path on Friday 13th it means good luck, unlike the rest of the year!closing quote
Charlotte, 14, Wakefield

opening quoteHollywood has blown Friday 13th out of proportion. I think it's stupid!!closing quote
Katie, 13, Billericay

opening quoteI'm totally not superstitious. Although Friday the 13 does freak me out a bit!closing quote
Kirsty, 13, Bolton

opening quoteI was never superstitious but I am now! This week has been terrible. I cut myself on Monday, broke my bag on Tuesday, got bullied on Wednesday (which isn't funny) and today I fell over at the zebra crossing, fell in the road and had to get up quick or id be run over!closing quote
Lora, 12, Kent

opening quoteYeah of course I believe in bad luck it always happens!closing quote
Nareen, 13, Bedford

opening quoteNot that superstitious, but I did have an evil maths test today aaaaarrrrrrrrggghhh :-( closing quote
Ffion, 13, Suffolk

opening quoteI'm not normally superstitious like black cats and that, but I never walk under ladders... and I'm in a panto and it's being filmed tonight (13th) for a video... I'm convinced something is going to go wrong!!closing quote
Gemma, 12, Maidenhead

opening quoteI've already smashed a mirror and done other 'unlucky' things today so I'm the opposite of superstitious.closing quote
Georgina, 12, Kent

opening quoteI believe that if you smash a mirror you get seven years bad luck.closing quote
Elanor, 12, Loughborough

opening quoteI am a bit superstitious, but I don't let it take over my life. I believe in saying white rabbit instead of 'good luck' and black cats and white cats.closing quote
Hannah, 12, Lancaster

opening quoteNo way! I would never want to have salt in my eye, because someone near me had thrown it! And for your info, black cats are CUTE!closing quote
Clazzaroo, 14, Peterborough

opening quoteI am because today, at school, one of my friends dropped a test tube which nearly smashed on my toe, me and another friend got told off, and my best friend got someone else's chewing gum stuck on her bag! Don't tell me that's just a coincidence!closing quote
Sophie, 12, Leicester

opening quoteI don't believe in Friday the 13th at all.closing quote
Karen, 16, Wokingham

opening quoteI am quite superstitious. Whenever I see a Royal Mail van, I touch something red. I don't think I have thrown salt over my shoulder before, my brother has though.closing quote
Stephen, 12, Cumbernauld

opening quoteI believe in most superstitions, but I don't believe that Friday 13th is unlucky. My mum's birthday is on the 13th and it sometimes falls on a Friday, and nothing abnormal happens!!closing quote
Elizabeth, 13, Isle of Wight

opening quoteSuperstition is silly. I'm not very superstitious.closing quote
Ben, 10, Leigh

opening quoteI freak out on Friday, the 13th especially when I see a black cat going about the street!!closing quote
Heather, 11, Renfrewshire

opening quoteI'm superstitious, I became ill yesterday and I am ill on Friday, 13thclosing quote
Harriet, 12, Wolverhampton

opening quoteI'm not that superstitious, but I do throw salt over my shoulder, but I don't know what it's for.closing quote
Shauna, 11, Bangor


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