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  What would stop kids bunking?
Updated 06 January 2003, 10.54

If you skip school, your parents could soon have to cough up the cash.

In new government plans, head teachers would be able to fine parents on the spot when their kids are caught skiving.

We want to know what you think: do you skip school? What would make you go back?

And should your mum and dad be punished if you skive?

opening quoteIt's simple, isn't it? Just send the teachers over to the houses, the kids will be scared to see their teachers again and will be back in school the next day. It works, I've seen it, my bro used to skip school, the teacher came to our house and he was back the next day.closing quote
Hannah, 12, Milton Keynes

opening quoteI am a kid. If adults want to stop s bunking, give us money then we will stop bunking.closing quote
Daniel, 12, Southend on Sea

opening quoteI think if kids bunk off school, the kids should be jailed.closing quote
Ben, 10, Leigh-on-Sea

opening quoteFines are an awful idea! I mean, the parent does their best! I think they should use shock tactics, with videos of what has happened to bunkers when they leave school. It should be shown at the start of each year!closing quote
Laura, 13, Southampton

opening quoteI think parents should pay up because it will teach them to discipline their kids properly.closing quote
Sally, 14, Gosforth

opening quoteI don't think that it's fair that your parents should be the ones to get the blame when you did bunk.closing quote
Bernado, 11, London

opening quoteI think a fine would work well as parents would get cross and tell their children to go to school, but they wouldn't have to go to prison. I don't think it is fair to send parents to prison as they may not have been informed that their child was bunking off. closing quote
Emma, 10, Reading

opening quoteSome kidz who h8 their parents might bunk off more often and get themselves caught just 2 get their parents in trouble. closing quote
Emily, 11, Mynydd Isa

opening quotePunishing parents isn't gonna solve anything. HELP the kids, don't punish the parents there are other ways of stopping bunking. closing quote
Scarlet, 10, Henfield

opening quoteWhat about the families who are unemployed? How would they pay? closing quote
Siwan, 12, Newport

opening quoteI don't think parents should get fined for us bunking off school. It's the child's responsibility to attend school, not their parents!closing quote
Megan, 13, Alyth

opening quoteThe only way to stop kids bunking is to make school more fun.closing quote
Luke, 12, Ashford

opening quoteI don't think your parents should be punished for your mistakes after all it's your education that you're ruining. If people want to jeopardise their futures by continuously wagging lessons then they have only themselves to blame. Also if they really hate the lesson then they're not going to listen anyway and will most probably disrupt the lesson for the other pupils in the lesson, that happens in our school anyway.closing quote
Hannah, 14, Manchester

opening quoteI don't think that bunking off school will ever stop, it isn't fair to parents having to pay for their kids mistakes! I have never bunked off school and I know I won't as I don't see the point in it! My mum would kill me and I'd be put on a conduct card at school! I don't think that going through all that hassle by bunking off is worth it one bit!!!closing quote
Lyndsay, 14, Glasgow

opening quotePeople bunk off because off something that's going on in school. The parents should pay as it's their responsibility to find out what's wrong.closing quote
Francesca, 12, Epsom

opening quoteI know that bunking is wrong but some kids are wrongly accused of bunking off because they are home educated by their parents. School is not compulsory because there is no law saying so. If you are truanting because you are having a bad time at school because of bullies, consider being home educated.closing quote
George, 13, Radstock

opening quoteWe have double PE in our school on Fridays and me and my mates always bunk and go to town. I don't think bunking is bad for PE, I go bowling which is fun but boring sometimes.closing quote
Becky, 14, Wickford

opening quoteI don't think bunking is bad, if you want to maybe ruin your education shouldn't that be up to you.closing quote
Claris, 14, Benfleet

opening quotePunishing parents won't always work. Parents should know if their kids are bunking off school, but the reality is a lot of them don't. I think schools need to sort out what is at the root of the problem - it's often bullying.closing quote
Cat, 15, Swindon

opening quotePunishing parents won't always work. Parents should know if their kids are bunking off school, but the reality is a lot of them don't. I think schools need to sort out what is at the root of the problem - it's often bullying.closing quote
Cat, 15, Swindon

opening quoteI sometimes skip some lessons because of my mates but I don' think it i right for parents to be punished for what I've done. They can't make me stay, it's my choice. I think to make kids stay in school, they should offer a reward system. These fines are useless and demeaning for parents.closing quote
Charlotte, 12, Hants

opening quoteI have bunked off a couple off times, but it is better than being in school because they don't teach us interesting stuff. They teach us boring stuff. I know what would make me go back to school is that once a week you can pick a subject you want to do and can do it all day. Another thing is start school at about 11;00 and finish about 5:00, that's what I want.closing quote
Rachel, 14, Liverpool

opening quoteI sometimes skip classes, not regularly however, and often when I do it's because I feel I'll be able to catch up on the work later. When I do skive, it's mainly because a teacher has been picking on me or singling me out, but something can always be done about that.
Fines wouldn't do the trick. When you get to my age in school, it really is beyond your parents ultimate control, and even at a young age, convincing young children to something they don¿t like isn't easy!
closing quote
Laura, 10, Yeovil

opening quoteEven if the parents drop you off you could sneak out the school gates before school starts.closing quote
Laura, 10, Yeovil

opening quoteI'm being bullied and feel like bunking but I wouldn't want my parents to be fined because it's not fair. To stop bunking teachers should listen to pupils who are being bullied... :(closing quote
Kelly, 12, Halifax

opening quoteI don't think it's the parents fault, your parents can tell you to go to school, but short of dropping you into school and sitting with you in every lesson, there really isn't much they can do.closing quote
Maria, 14, Shrewsbury

opening quoteI think there is no point in bunking because you always get caught and there is nothing to do. The fines are a bad idea because it's not the parents mistake, it is the children. The parents don't know that you are not at school.closing quote
Becky, 14, Hornchurch

opening quoteI think that it is a good idea to fine parents, since they can then make sure that their children go to school. Children often skip school because they are upset about something, so their parents can also talk to them about why.closing quote
Jess, 14, St Albans

opening quoteDrugs is the cause of people bunking school! It's a nasty habit! STOP it NOW!!closing quote
Tony, 15, Leicester

opening quoteI think fines on parents is out of order. After all, it's not them who have done it, it is their children.closing quote
Annie, 12, Hartlepool

opening quoteI don't think parents should be punished because after all they have done nothing wrong. It should be the children being punished.closing quote
Adele, 13, Birmingham

opening quoteI think the fines are a great idea, it will make parents more responsibleclosing quote
Stephen, 14, Devon

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