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  Are you proud of your country?
Updated 23 December 2002, 11.25

Loads of UK teenagers have said in a survey that they aren't very patriotic.

British teens came really low down in the international report, showing that they don't care much about our politics or national anthem.

How do you feel about your country?

Are you embarrassed by your country or are you really proud?

opening quoteI am half-Scottish, half-Welsh, and I was born in England. Some of my best friends are English. People are saying here "Oh people sterotype Scottish people as running around in kilts" but then you say English people are stuck up! I agree, some of them are, but I have met nice Welsh and Scottish people, and stuck-up Scottish and Welsh people. I think it depends on the person that you are rather than your country. I am proud to be a citizen of the world!closing quote
Maia, 13, Singapore

opening quoteI'm an American! I love my country!! RED, WHITE, and BLUE these colors don't run!!!!closing quote
Sarah, 16, USA

opening quoteI'm Scottish and proud of it! Us Scots get put down a lot by the English and that's why it is so easy to gloat when we do better than them at things! Us Scots and Welsh are fine on our own!closing quote
Jill, 16, Scottish borders

opening quoteI am English and have lived overseas for three years now and until I first left England, I didn't think that England was that great. Since I have been away I am more patriotic than ever! I love being British!!closing quote
Sian, 14

opening quoteI'm from Germany. I do not hate or love my country. Germany is too expensive and the people there are so unfriendly. English (and Welsh) people are much better. In Germany you are free. You can do everything when it isn't illegal. I don't like that. The crime in Germany is too high. When I'm older I want to go to Japan or London, because I speak english (a little bit) at school and I like this language.closing quote
Joann, 14, Rheydt, Germany

opening quoteIn Belfast, we don't know what country we're from. If you're British, you get attacked, if you're Irish you get attacked, we have no identity! I'm sort of proud to be Northern Irish but only because we have a better sense of humor trhan the rest of the UK and were not stuck up!closing quote
Emma, 13, Belfast

opening quoteI like my country and am proud of it, but there is no point going on about it there's much better things to talk about!!!closing quote
Jenny, 13, Plymouth

opening quoteI am proud to be British, I love our country's history, no matter what "Bad" guys pop up in it, that's what makes it interesting. If it was all baby-faced cherubs it'd be boring. I don't like people stereotyping nations, I think that stereotypes are in the past, aren't we supposed to have gotten over that "fad"? Shame on peeps who still think that way! closing quote
Helen, 13

opening quoteI love my country, New Zealand, I have 2 passports, British and a New Zealand. I don't know if I'm proud of England, but I'm VERY proud of New Zealand. It is an amazing country and I love it. I miss is sooooo much. So many people have had to fight for what they believe in and the treaty of Whitangy shows how had we have to fight. I'm not a Maori myself but they are amazing people. All my family is in New Zealand. I'm very proud of NZ. closing quote
Claire, 14, Loughborough

opening quoteThere is so much history in our nation, everyone should be glad to be part of our nation. Or wherever you come from, for that matter!closing quote
Johannah, 13, London

opening quoteI'm Scottish and proud of it! We maybe not good at sports, but we have a heritage to be proud of. Tae All you Scots Folk out there, be proud and Loud!!!closing quote
Sarah, 13, Galashiels

opening quoteI'm 100% Welsh and 0% British. I couldn't care less about the ENGLISH government. We have our own language and believe it or not we now have a decent football team, bring on the English. Most people in Wales hate England but no one minds our fellow celts Ireland and Scotland. C'mon Cymruclosing quote
Richard, 15, Swansea

opening quoteI'm British and proud! But because Iżm only 16 I couldn't care less bout politics or the national anthem, I'd rather play on the computer than watch Tony Blair babble on about the state of our railways...closing quote
Greg, 16, Wigan

opening quoteI'm really proud of Ireland, it has great laws and the people are so nice. Besides it's got a nice national anthem and one of it's languages (Irish Gaelic) is really cool and sounds really nice. GO IRELAND!!closing quote
Claire, 10, London

opening quoteI love Norway even if it's not good at sports.closing quote
Bjorn, 12, Oslo

opening quoteI'm always proud even if we do bad cos we're always trying!closing quote
Maria, 13, Weshoughton

opening quoteI am a SAINT! That's Southampton speak for a native of Southampton!closing quote
Laura, 13, Southampton

opening quoteI luv being English and I am dead proud of being English. England is such a cool place (literally)!closing quote
Emma, 10, St Neots

opening quoteI'm Irish and American and I'm totally proud of both these countries and really appreciate being a part of them. But I think Americans are the most patriotic people in the world, and they should be, so should every single country on Earth! I'm very proud to be European as well. Even in sports I only watch internationals in soccer etc, I think they're more important than small clubs. GO IRELAND! GO USA!closing quote
Claire, 13, Ireland

opening quoteI love being Scottish, but I hate it when people think that we just run about the hills, wearing kilts and tossing cabers.closing quote
John, 12, Scotland

opening quoteI am proud to come from England and why not?closing quote
Rachael, 15, Liverpool

opening quoteI'm Australian and I am VERY proud. I really loved it when Australia won the Commonwealth games!!!closing quote
Jayne, 13, Manchester

opening quoteI think that we should be proud of our country. Look at the people which we have produced. We should be proud.closing quote
Rose, 11, Tillington

opening quoteI'm Scottish and I love my country. What I hate about being classed as British is that when someone Scottish does something good they're classed British, but when they do something wrong, they're Scottish. Look at Alain Baxtor! Same happened to him. I love Scotland. It's the best country in the world. And we are friendly (HONEST!).closing quote
Jennifer, 12, Perth

opening quoteI'm proud of England because we are lucky that we have enough food and drink unlike some of the poorer countries. We all should be grateful.closing quote
Luke, 12, Ashford

opening quoteYeah! Who beat Argentina...? ENGLAND RULES!!!!!closing quote
Rosie, 13, Sheffield

opening quoteI love England!closing quote
Bex, 14, Kettering

opening quoteI am very proud of being Scottish. Everyone stereotypes us as wearing kilts and being mean but we are not like that at all. We are some of the nicest people in the world. I don't care what anyone else says, Scotland is the best.closing quote
Amy, 14, Scotland

opening quoteNo, I'm not proud of my country because I feel that it has followed America. It shouldn't go to war with Iraq because it should do what it thinks, not what America tells us to do!!!!closing quote
Fiona, 11, Sittingbourne

opening quoteI'm Scottish and proud of it!!closing quote
Sarah, 13, Scotland

opening quoteI'm from New Zealand and I'm proud of it. I get a lotta stick for it over here but I don't care. I love my country and no one can change that.closing quote
Leah, 13, Reading

opening quoteI like my country but I have now found out that they are just really interested in war and popularity. I think they should try and sort out problems by talking like real adults instead of showing off their power and weapons.closing quote
Daisy, 13, Manchester

opening quoteEven though in the UK, we aren't that great at sport, I am still proud of our country's efforts.closing quote
Rach, 13, Birmingham

opening quoteI'm very proud to be British, the UK is fab and there is nothing to be ashamed about.closing quote
Michele, 12, Plymouth

opening quoteI'm proud to be welsh :D I've got jeans with Welsh dragons on, Welsh rugby shirts I wear all the time and a Welsh flag on my wall. I don't really care about the British thing but I'm very patriotic to Wales! Why wouldn't I be? We have our own language, flag, anthem and culture!closing quote
Rhiannon, 14, Cardiff

opening quoteI'm Spanish and have recently moved to Belfast. I'm proud of being Spanish, but I don't say so, because Spain is a Catholic country, the Northern Ireland violence affects me a great deal. The first person I told that I was Spanish threw a brick through our window!closing quote
Carmen, 14, Belfast

opening quoteI'm from Scotland and I am proud of that, I don't care about being British at all. My own country matters.closing quote
Sarah, 13, Houston

opening quoteYes, I am proud of my country and I am proud to be British too!closing quote
Karen, 16, Wokingham

opening quoteI am Scottish and proud of it. I don't like to be called British because when other people think British, they think England.closing quote
Stephen, 12, Cumbernauld

opening quoteI'm very proud of my country because we have lots of good things in England and good footballers!closing quote
Lydia, 12, Northants

opening quoteI'm Welsh and proud of it. I'm not bothered about being British, being European is more important to me.closing quote
Gavin, 13, Cardiff

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