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  Who's your-pin up for 2003?
Updated 23 December 2002, 11.24

We all love to have a good ogle at our fave fit celebs. It comes as no surprise that Kylie has topped the calendar sales charts, followed closely by a certain Mr Beckham.

But who's your number one pin-up? Who would you most like to have on your wall for every day of 2003?

Perhaps you're a fan of Orlando Bloom, or maybe the Sugababes are your sweeties?

opening quoteMy pin-up would be Duncan from Blue because he is sooooo cute! closing quote
Abbie, 11, Musselburgh

opening quoteI want either Orlando Bloom, Tom Felton or Duncan from Blue for Christmas! Or even better, all 3! they are all soooooooooo fit! closing quote
Becca, 13, Nottingham

opening quotePearce Brosnan is so good looking, I reckon that he is the best looking James Bond ever! closing quote
Josey, 11, Great Hallingbury

opening quoteS Club r my pin-ups cos they totally ROCK! closing quote
Laura, 14, Teesside

opening quoteTom Felton!! Totally! he's such a hottie! closing quote
Jamie, 13, USA

opening quoteJames Elliot Bourne from BUSTED rocks my world!! He is sooo hot and talented! I am in love with him and his guitar! closing quote
April-Ellie, 14, Durham

opening quoteOoh where to start? Well Sean Biggerstaff, Orlando Bloom, Stevie Gerrard but my ultimate favourite person and pin up for 2003 has got to be Michael Owen! closing quote
Helen, 14, Liverpool

opening quoteI think Lemar from fame academy is soo buff, he's so sexy! and I think that Jennifer Lopez is pretty, so my top 3 are: 1)Lemar *fame academy* 2)Ludacris 3)um..have 2 think..will smith :P, c'mon u know it! :P closing quote
Karen, 12, Richmond

opening quoteKenzie from Blazin' Squad is so cute! Strider is really fit too! closing quote
Chloe, 14, London

opening quoteElijah Wood - he is really hot'n'cute. closing quote
Lotti,12, Aberystwyth

opening quoteDaniel Radcliffe is the coolest! closing quote
Kathy, 15, Manila, Philippines

opening quoteDaniel Radcliffe is so gorgeous! Plus he's sweet and sincere and I love it when he smiles and laughs! He's my fave celeb and my pin-up for 2003! closing quote
Nora, 13, Canterbury

opening quoteAnyone from Westlife, cause there all so nice looking, Tom Felton is also very fit, and this probably doesn't count, but I wouldn't find a pic of Prince Harry. closing quote
Brigid, 14, Lake Bluff

opening quoteMy vote is on Rupert Grint! He is the cutest guy in the world!! closing quote
Erica, 13, Scottsdale

opening quoteI really admire Orlando, Dom, Billy, Elijah and Sean. They formed an incredible relationship with each other and the rest of the cast and I can really relate to that with my friends. They always are up for having a great time and they are all adorable. closing quote
Hannah, 16, Philadelphia

opening quoteDon't y'all have eyes?! It's totally my Orlando Bloom! He's got the best bod! I mean, who else do you know who can ride horseback and shoot arrows at the same time?! VOTE FOR ORLANDO! He's so so SEXY! closing quote
Kate, 14, Canterbury

opening quoteOoh, definitely Orlando Bloom!! And I love No Doubt!! closing quote
Anna, 13, Orlando, Florida, USA

opening quoteDaniel Radcliffe He's on my computer's Screensaver right now and I'm planning to get posters and a calendar with his pic on them! closing quote
Nancy, 12, USA

opening quoteI have Prince William all over my wall. He is the best-looking male in the entire world!! I love him so much. He seems like he has a really nice personality too. closing quote
Sari, 14, Wokingham

opening quoteTom Felton is a complete H-O-T-T-I-E, HOTTIE! closing quote
Lauren, 12.5, Massachusetts

opening quoteI personally think Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy) is HOT!! C'mon u know you agree :P closing quote
Sarah, 15, London

opening quoteMy fave is Duncan from Blue and then Orlando Bloom. They are both SOOOO fit! Robbie Williams doesn't look half bad either. closing quote
Ellie, 14, London

opening quoteDeryck sum 41 is so cute! closing quote
Elis, 12, Crostons

opening quoteRyan Peake, the guitarist from Nickelback, he rocks my world! closing quote
Amberley Williams, 16, Blackwood

opening quoteSean Biggerstaff and Orlando Bloom! They're gorgeous. But I actually have more pictures of Kurt Cobain (Nirvana) on my wall, not coz he's good looking but coz he was a genius. closing quote

opening quoteMy top three: 3. Tom Felton, 2. Rupert Grint, 1.Daniel Radcliffe. As you can see, I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan!! closing quote
Stephanie, 14, Scotland

opening quoteDaniel Radcliffe definitely, he's so fit closing quote
Danielle, 14, Ilford

opening quoteHayden Christensen forever! You're nuts if you DON'T just love him to pieces! Go Jedi! closing quote
Kat, 14, Ipswich

opening quoteDefinitely Rupert Grint!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is so sweet and funny! closing quote
Alice, 13, Askett

opening quoteWestlife definitely. They are totally gorgeous!!! closing quote
Sarah, 13, Scotland

opening quoteOh mine would have to be Rik Waller. I think you should never judge a book by its cover and he is such a lovely person inside. closing quote
Jenny, 15, Leicester

opening quoteI have more than one and they are the same every year... the Liverpool squad! closing quote
Kelly, 13, Yorkshire

opening quoteRupert Grint Rules 4 eva! closing quote
Nicola, 14, Hinderwell

opening quoteHellooooooo what an obvious question! It's Orlando Bloom, and there's no doubt about it. closing quote
Beth, 15, Worcester

opening quoteI think Orlando Bloom is the best looking guy in the world! But Billy Boyd has got one of the best personalities ever! I just cant decide who is better. i love them both! they are fab! closing quote
Megan, 11, Romford

opening quoteOoh CRISTIAN COULSON that hunky Tom Riddle! closing quote
Nareen, 13, Bedford

opening quoteOrlando Bloom kicks butt! closing quote
Vicky, 13, Teddington

opening quoteMy best pin up of the year has got to be the one, the only WILL YOUNG! closing quote
Liz, 12, Bristol

opening quoteWill Young, he's sooo lovely - he's really sweet and he's got gorgeous eyes. closing quote
Anna, 15, Wolverhampton

opening quoteDANEIL RADCLIFFE!! (Harry Potter) He's so cute! closing quote
Jenny, 15

opening quoteELIJAH WOOD! He is soooooooooooo cool and totally gorge! :) closing quote
Alice, 13, Market Harborough

opening quoteAlex Band from The Calling! He's so gorgeous and has the most amazing voice ever. And his accent is really hot too! An all round GOD! closing quote
Rosie, 13, Sheffield

opening quoteIt has to be all the boys from Blue as they are the fittest lads in the whole world! closing quote
Ceri, 14, Monmouth

opening quoteI love Daniel Radcliffe (the boy who plays Harry Potter) because he is so cute and really sweet. And of course - he plays the part of Harry Potter. closing quote
Crystal, 14, Hillingdon

opening quoteRachel Stevens is so fit closing quote
Si, 14, London

opening quoteI can't choose between Christina Aguilera, Holly Valance and Shakira, all of them are gorgeous! closing quote
Richard, 14, Belfast

opening quoteDamien Duff. He is sooo gorgeous closing quote
Brid, 13, Dublin

opening quoteKylie may be getting on a bit, but she's still 100% fit closing quote
Stevie, 16, Manchester

opening quoteDarius!!!!! He is my vote cause he's so fit! He can't be beaten. closing quote
Victoria, 11, Lanarkshire

opening quoteIt has got to be the one and only Will Young, he is soo gorgeous and all his posters are lush! closing quote
Lydia, 12, Northants

opening quoteDefinitely Dan Radcliffe. He has the sweetest smile ever! closing quote
Paula, 13, Scotland

opening quoteOrlando Bloom is gorgeous! He's the best by far! closing quote
Aya, Nottingham

opening quoteI think Peter Lovenkrands (Glasgow rangers player) is mine coz he is so gorgeous and he's a wicked footie player. closing quote
Lauren, 13, North London

opening quoteI think Ja Rule is soooo buff!!!! My walls r full of pics of him! closing quote
Jade, 14, Leeds

opening quoteCan I narrow it down to a top 5? OK, Orlando Bloom, Darius, Beckham, Hayden Christensen. But my number 1 (I got there eventually) has to be...MALACHI CUSH FROM FAME ACADEMY! I think he's gorgeous! closing quote
Laura, 13, Southampton

opening quoteYou may think I'm sad but my pin up has got to be the gorgeous Jay from S Club juniors! closing quote
Kirsty, 13, manchester

opening quoteMy pin up for 2003 has either gotta be Blue, Liberty X or the Sugababes. They've all really achieved this year and Blue are so fit! closing quote
Jessica, 11, Bristol

opening quoteI think all the people from Fame Academy are great, especially Lemar, David, and Sinead! closing quote
Lucie, 9, Chester

opening quoteHolly Valance can't be beaten! closing quote
Ash, 12, Telford

opening quoteOrlando Bloom is soooo fit and an amazing actor. closing quote
Hannah, 12, Gloucester

opening quoteMadhuri Dixit, he is a really big Bollywood actor. I think that these films need more sponsors so that they can make them to a better quality so more people will like them. closing quote
Diptesh, 13, Telford

opening quoteGareth Gates is my pin up of 2003 because he is so fit! closing quote
Karen, 16, Wokingham

opening quoteChristina Aguilera is soooo fit! She's my number one for sure! closing quote
Cliff, 13, Ealing

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