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  Which Popstars band will be Xmas No 1?
Updated 23 December 2002, 11.22

The Popstars: Rivals songs are out this month - and they're already being played on the radio.

But what do you reckon about all the hype - which band is really going to make it to No 1 at Christmas, if any?!

opening quoteI'm not really sure who will - I think it would be very funny if neither did .... I don't think the contestants are as good as the people from Pop Idol - none of them are anything up to Will Young. closing quote
Aimie, 14, Bristol

opening quoteI want all the men to win because they are great! The girls are good as well. I only want the boys to win because one of them lives in Ashford like me! closing quote
Luke, 12, Ashford

opening quoteI really hope the boy band get to no 1 because they are all very talented and they deserve it!!! JAMIE SHAW IS CUTE!!!!! closing quote
Sammi, 13, Hull

opening quoteI love all the boys and they will definitely get to no.1 there song is much better. In the end they will all come out on top! closing quote
Sara, 13, Bedfordshire

opening quoteI think it will be the boys as most of them are cute (except Keith) and they can actually sing. The girls would do it if they put Aimee back in and Javine and took Nicola and Cheryl out! closing quote
Amy, 11, Inverness

opening quoteI really hope neither of them do, I think it's big-headed of the producers to think they will. Unfortunately, young children will buy their records, and the boys will get to number one. Chris shoulda been in the boyband instead of Jamie, and Mikey shoulda been too. I prefer Rancid and Green Day myself though. closing quote
Emily, 16, Solihull

opening quoteI can't stand either of the two bands. I hope S Club Juniors get Xmas no 1 with Puppy Love. closing quote
Cam, 11, London

opening quoteI think neither of the bands should go to #1, as they haven't worked as hard as other musicians to get their 'fame'. They will only get to #1 (if they do) because of the show, not really for their talent. I say good luck to them but they are gonna be out before you can say Hear¿Say. closing quote
Carly, 14, Kent

opening quotePersonally I think they were best when they were all 10 - they sang those songs brilliantly when there were twice as many of them! closing quote
Sophie, 10, France

opening quoteI want Girls Aloud 2 win because all of them have really strong voices. I wish Javine was in it though. closing quote
Victoria, 11, Glasgow

opening quoteI would like the girls to win as this will bring back GIRL POWER! Come on the girls! closing quote
Dina, 12, Cambridge

opening quoteI think that the new boy band one true voice will be this year's number one because they are new and will be a big hit with the girls, so I'm rooting for them. closing quote
Nikita, 14, Guernsey

opening quoteI think that both bands are totally useless.(the boys band may have been better if Chris was in it) I would be very happy if neither the boys or the girls got number 1! closing quote
Alice, 13, Market Harborough

opening quoteGIRLS! I did want the boys, but then Jamie started going round saying how great the boys were and how they had the number 1 in the bag. It really annoyed me and now I support the girls! closing quote
Laura, 13, Southampton

opening quoteI don't think either of them will get to number one. I've got a feeling blue will be number 1 for x-mas closing quote
Shelly, 13, London

opening quoteI want the boys to get to Christmas no.1, because they are a really talented bunch, and they deserve it. closing quote
Laura, 15, Rotherham

opening quoteThe girls, cause they are the best and better then the boys closing quote
Karen, 16, Wokingham

opening quoteI think the girls should be, although because of the controversial phone vote I think the boys will be number 1. closing quote
Richard, 13, Telford

opening quoteI don't think that any of them will be number 1, because I think that both groups are completely talentless closing quote
Ash, 13, Telford

opening quoteThe boys will win without a doubt. They are very talented and they are very sexy !! But I don't really like their name! closing quote
Jackie, 13, Balbeggie

opening quoteI think the boys will win because they all buff and i like their single love you boys and good luck- merry x-mas closing quote
Heidi, 16, Dagenham

opening quoteI want the boys to win - their song is great and they're gorgeous too! closing quote
Jenny, 10, Manchester

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