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  What's your favourite slang expression?
Updated 23 December 2002, 11.22

Charlotte Church reckons "everything's gravy" in her personal life.

That's despite rumours about arguments with her parents and her boyfriend.

What would you have said instead?

What's your favourite slang expression at the moment?

opening quoteI use the expression 'crud' at the moment a lot for some reason! I don't use it for a particular thing I just say it whenever for whatever reason?! closing quote
Tim, 15, Huntingdon

opening quoteMy fav slang expression is 'wicked' because you constantly use it everyday of your life and instead of saying that's nice etc you just simply say wicked. It has lots of meanings in one. closing quote
Nausheen, 12, Harlesden

opening quoteWhen I like something I say buzzin' or boyakasha!!!!! closing quote
Gary, 13, Morecambe

opening quoteWhen someone says something intelligent I always say "well said Sherlock!" or "listen 2 Einstein ova there!" It drives my friends mad!!!! lol closing quote
Shelly, 13, London

opening quoteMY fave slang is "cosmic" and I say it when something is just totally "minteed". My crew also likes to say "wizard" which means out of this world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! closing quote
Chester, 13, Reading

opening quoteThe new slang sentence is 'get oot the way ya wee hecter!!' closing quote
Lauren, 11, Gourock

opening quoteWell since I live in the US, we don't use the word "fancy" So I use that word a lot! I also love to say wicked, neato, and holyfishclikes - that mean like "oh my" you point to something and say it! closing quote
Kaitlyn, 12, USA

opening quoteMy fave slang expression is "Sup wit chyou?!" closing quote
Blake, 10 Camden

opening quoteAt da moe "dosh" and "bling bling" r da slang words i like but i like "da" too as u can guess closing quote
Beth, 13, Essex

opening quoteAt my skool when something is like well cool it's "stanging" and when it's going wrong it's "rough" closing quote
Louise, 12, Chelmsford

opening quoteMy fave slang is summet like "it's slammin!" closing quote
Ellie, 14, Lancashire

opening quoteIt's probably from where I come from, but I say "sweet" a lot and it basically means cool/nice that kinda thing! closing quote
Michelle, 13, Detroit, USA

opening quoteWhen I see someone doing something nasty I always say "That's so Voldie!" - what it actually means is "That's so Voldemort!" That's my new expression for something really evil. closing quote
Leia, 14, Scartho

opening quote"Dude" is my fave if u don't know someone's name. closing quote
Adam, 10, Redditch

opening quoteMine would have to be "wicked", "sound" or "icey". closing quote
Ewan, 13, Scotland

opening quoteMy fave words just now are "blew a freakie" - meaning they went mad! closing quote
Ellie, 13, Scotland

opening quoteMy ones are "blick", "buff", "spark" and "butters" closing quote
Anika, 10, London

opening quoteMy slang words are 1: "innit!?" (a question!) and 2: "ras!" (which means cool at our school!) closing quote
Michelle, 11, Huddersfield

opening quoteMy fav slang word tends to differ over a period of 2 - 3 weeks. At the moment, "Blingin" is my fav word! closing quote
Jo, 13, Gravesend

opening quoteMy favourite comment is "I love Jenny" because I am going out with her closing quote
Jed, 13, Bristol

opening quoteWell, as the "mental girls" we have our own slang! Our two catchprashes are "Donkey Brains" (when someone is being really dumb/annoying) and "El Freako, dimange" (said di-mon-jey, when someone has done something exceptionally weird!). They are the best slang in the world! We have started to say "go fly nuns" as well. Even we aren't sure what it means! closing quote
Laura and Sim, 13, Southampton

opening quoteI have loads of slang words which I love to say but my fav wud have to b "totally skunnered" - I dunno y but it sounds ded funky!!!!!!!! closing quote
Lyndsay, 14, Glasgow

opening quoteMe and my friends say things that are really good are either "wicked", "pure class", "coolio" or "coolest of the cools!" And things that are unfair are "well out of order!" closing quote
Bert, 14, Kent

opening quoteI think that slang expressions aren't really worth the time and effort all - it is is broken up English which really doesn't help us. I know a girl and whenever she wants to say something it always begins with "freakin" - meaning what? closing quote
Casey, 12, Kilburn

opening quote"Bog" is just the best word, It can mean anything!!! It's my fave word. closing quote
Radojka, 13, Leicester

opening quoteMy favourite slang expression is "mingin" when I don't like something. closing quote
Sarah, 15, Grimsby

opening quote"Quality" and "class" are my current words of the moment. closing quote
Steve, 15, Warrington

opening quoteWhen I really like something I say it's "kewl" or "buzzin!" closing quote
Jez, 12, Wokingham

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