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  Does fame ruin your life?
Updated 23 December 2002, 11.17

Celebs are a moody bunch, throwing big hissyfits over the slightest thing.

Charlotte Church erupted into tears at the airport this week, refusing to go on tour saying, "it will be four weeks of hell".

Most kids would give anything to be famous, but do you think it's all it's cracked up to be?

Is there too much pressure being put on young stars? Or do you think they're drama queens who don't know how lucky they are.

opening quoteI'd give anything in the world to be famous. It's my main ambition- you'd be crazy to refuse to go on tour! closing quote
Hannah, 10, Harrogate

opening quoteFame doesn't ruin your life completley. Stars like Charlotte Church are just looking for attention and the only way to get it is by saying their life is ruined by being famous. closing quote
Natalia, 14, London

opening quoteSome stars just think that they rule everything. But there are other stars are really down to Earth and aren't total and complete airheads. closing quote
Jessica, 11, Memphis, TN, USA

opening quoteCelebrities choose to become famous and when they do choose they should realise how hard they're going to have to work-if they're not up to it then why should they complain when they're overloaded with work? closing quote
Georgia, 13, Kent

opening quoteWhen a celebrity becomes huge, like Charlotte Church, its obvious that everyone is going to know about their everyday life. Stars do have their privacy taken away, but that's the price of fame. closing quote
Julia, 14, USA

opening quoteI would love to be famous. It would be hard work but think of all the novelties, expensive cars, and big houses. closing quote
Richard, 13, Telford

opening quoteI would hate to be famous, I think that the pressure would be too much. I think it would be too hard to live a normal life closing quote
Ash, 13, Manchester

opening quoteI'd like to be a Bollywood actor, I just don't think that it's main stream enough for everyone to see. closing quote
Diptesh, 14, Telford

opening quoteI want to be famous and be in the Harry Potter movie but I hate it when people like Charlotte Church start acting as though she owns the world when she isn't realy famous at all. closing quote
Megan, 14, Barrow

opening quoteI don't think being famous ruins your life. I mean these celebs are so air headed, and they need to be keeping their feet on the ground if they are in the music buisness. closing quote
Nada, 13, London

opening quoteI don't understand why stars act so silly and pathetic. I mean why? They have everything! Lots of money, lots of respect and lots of people admire them! They should realise that when you're famous, you have to give up your privacy. But you do get a lot more in return. closing quote
Sarah, 15, Grimsby

opening quoteI'd hate to be famous - I'm far too private, and I'd hate everyone knowing everything about me! closing quote
Lois, 13, Leeds

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