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  Would you pay more for fair trade chocolate?
Updated 10 December 2002, 15.45

A chain of supermarkets has said that all the chocolate that it sells will now be "fair trade." This means that the people who grow the cocoa beans will be given a decent wage.

But it might also mean that it costs a bit more for you to buy.

Would you pay that little bit more make sure people weren't being exploited, or aren't you that bothered?

opening quoteI would pay loads more - it helps people who make the chocolate for us! I have tried fair trade chocolate, it tastes really nice! If you ever see a chocolate bar called "Divine" try it! It is fair trade! closing quote
Emily, 12, Wootton Bassett

opening quoteChocolate costs too much anyway. It's supermarkets exploiting these people, and our own farmers! I don't know if I'd pay more, because how much will go to the supermarkets first? closing quote
Kat, 15, Surrey

opening quoteChocolate's nice, but it's not essential! Why should people be exploited because of it? By the way, there is also Fair Trade coffee, tea, and a whole range of other stuff! It tastes just as nice, it's only a little bit more expensive, but it helps save people's lives! I think it's well worth a bit extra money. closing quote
Emma, 11, Reading

opening quoteA few pennies extra is nothing compared to how the people who grow beans suffer. It's our duty to help and this is an easy way to do it. closing quote
Morgan, 14, Daventry

opening quoteI think paying a larger price for chocolate is okay, as long as the people who grow the cocoa beans get fair wages. closing quote
Jayne, 13, USA

opening quoteEveryone says they will, but they don't bother. You see, it's nowhere to be found! People aren't going to traipse around just to buy fair trade when they can pick a Mars bar or whatever straight of the shelf! They need more to be sold in more places! closing quote
Janey, 15, Hounslow

opening quoteI would if I could find any! No shops seem to sell it! I want to help people but how can I if they don't sell fair trade stuff? closing quote
Laura, 13, Southampton

opening quoteYeah, paying a little more for chocolate is nothing compared to the way that people are being exploited over the world. closing quote
Louise, 13, Leicester

opening quoteIt wouldn't really bother me...chocolate seems to be going up in price at the moment anyway. But if it helps people who grow the cocoa beans to get a better wage then I wouldn't mind. closing quote
Jenny, 15, Surrey

opening quoteI'd definitely pay more because then at least you feel like you've done something good to help the people who are slaves instead of contributing to the problem. closing quote
Kirsty, 13, Manchester

opening quoteChocolate used to be around 27p, and now it's risen to 35p+ , It's too much as it is for us to pay anymore! closing quote
Luke, 14, Birmingham

opening quoteI would pay more, but I haven't seen many Fair Trade products, just stuff like tea. Companies need to make more of an effort to produce more Fair Trade items quickly. closing quote
AK, 14, London

opening quoteI'd definitely pay a bit more- why should anyone be exploited just for chocolate? closing quote
Siobhan, 13, London

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