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  Oil Spill: your comments
Updated 10 December 2002, 15.43

A huge tanker off the coast of Spain has split in two, spilling thousands of gallons of oil.

The environmental impact is enormous and it has got a lot of people fired up.

What do you think about this disaster? Vent your feelings here.

opening quoteI think it is sad that lots of the animals will be killed by the oil. It is not fair on them because they didn't do anything to deserve it.closing quote
Louise, 10, Bangor

opening quoteI think that oil should not be transported across the sea if disasters like this happen.closing quote
Megan, 10, Bangor

opening quoteIt is terrible, especially for the fisherman. Do the oil corporations care about wildlife or profits?closing quote
Joey, 12, Cardiff

opening quoteI think it is terrible that we don't prepare for disasters, so that when a disaster like this happens we have something to use to help the animals.closing quote
Gregory, 15, Stirling

opening quoteI think we need to realise how big a problem oil spills are. I can only think of rather small everyday uses we have for oil. We should also think of better ways to transport the fuel, after all animals are suffering at none of their own fault.closing quote
Ursula, 12, London

opening quoteI think it's quite sad. The people should not have to deal with a disaster like this. I know a person from La Caruna, one of the towns affected, it's quite sad.closing quote
Sean, 13, Ireland

opening quoteI feel sorry for the animals but everyway of transporting is dangerous!closing quote
Sam, 11, London

opening quoteI think that oil shouldn't be anywhere around the sea, if it does so much damage. They should think about the environment and all the living creatures in the sea.closing quote
Wahida, 12, Ilford

opening quoteI think what has happened is awful. I don't actually know how much the Spanish government is doing about this, but I think they should do more. When I saw what happened, I wanted to go straight over to Spain and help clear up. The sight of the animals covered in oil devastated me.closing quote
Katie, 12, Southend

opening quoteI think that we should be very careful when we send something like oil across the ocean and should make the boat's more safe.closing quote
Christine, 10 1/2, Wrexham

opening quoteI think it is stupid that we're not thinking of how our everyday resources affect the environment.closing quote
Cathy, 10, Sheffield

opening quoteI don't think transporting oil by sea is safe, because, like in the recent oil spill, it spreads through the water and kills seabirds and spoils the environment.closing quote
Cathy, 10, Sheffield

opening quoteI'm sick of this happening! Oil tankers should be more careful and have bigger safety measures so to make sure that this doesn't happen again.closing quote
Sibyl, 11, Stockport

opening quoteThe thing that is really bothering me is the poor birds and fishes. I think they should find new ways of transporting oil because were hearing too much of these stories.closing quote
Melanie, 13, Dumfries

opening quoteI think it is very upsetting the way the animals are dying as I write. But I guess we need oil for everyday purposes.closing quote
Olga, 12, Birmingham

opening quoteEvidence suggests that the oil clean up does more damage than the oil spill.closing quote
John, UK

opening quoteI think that oil is not carried properly in these ships. Wildlife is so important. And we are damaging it!!! They were here before us!!!!!closing quote
Emma, 13, Manchester

opening quoteI think we should start using solar power and electricity because when they ship the oil to places it spills and destroy wildlife like birds and fish.closing quote
Stacey, 14, Birmingham

opening quoteIt's disgusting! All the "intelligent political leaders" promise to do something but never do! This just shows how the world is suffering!closing quote
Laura, 13, Southampton

opening quoteI just wonder why it has to be transported on ships!closing quote
Sophie, 10, France

opening quoteI feel exceptionally sad, because all those wonderful living creatures died and got ill because some careless person didn't even bother to steer the boat properly. Oil is unimportant. What is the point of having airplanes for if they aren't going to use them for oil transfers? Don't animals matter, our fellow mammals, our birds who give us eggs, our fish who die just to give us food? If people died in this, I hope they are happy, for killing innocent fishes and sharks and whales.closing quote
Natasha, 11, Essex

opening quoteOil is not as important as the wildlife.closing quote
David, 14, Saltash

opening quoteWe should find a safer way of transporting oil around the globe.closing quote
Tom, 14, Saltash

opening quoteWhat I don't understand is why they can't use flying vehicles as they're safer.closing quote
David, 12, Bedford

opening quoteI think it's horrible. I got quite a shock because one of my friends lives in Spain but she doesn't live in the northern part.closing quote
Siobhan, 13, Newcastle upon Tyne

opening quoteI agree that using oil can do a lot of damage especially to the environment and the wildlife but then again we can't stop using oil. We use oil for everyday purposes, like driving and cooking.closing quote
Muhammad, 13, Hull

opening quoteI think it's awful, we should stop using oil, if it can do this much damage!closing quote
Iona, 12, Inverness

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