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  Do you support the fire strikes?
Updated 10 December 2002, 15.42

The first of a promised series of firefighter strikes is underway and everybody seems to have an opinion.

Are the strikes too dangerous to be allowed? Do firefighters deserve to be paid more or are they being greedy?

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opening quoteThe Government say they can't afford to put up firefighters wages by 40%, yet they've given themselves two 40% pay rises. Maybe the Government should stop thinking about themselves and start thinking about the needs of other people.closing quote
alan, 14, Glasgow

opening quoteFirefighters shouldn't go on strike, they are just being selfish. What's the point of putting people's lives at risk just for a bit more cash.closing quote
Will, 12, Leeds

opening quoteI think they deserve more money but they don't have to go on strike! Everyone's life is in danger when they are at work, now they are on strike it's double the danger. I understand the reasons to go on strike. Please comeback to work, that is to all of the firemen!!!!closing quote
Kirsten, 11, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

opening quoteIf MPs can give themselves 40% pay rise two weeks after coming in to office, why aren't firefighters worth 8.50 an hour. My dad's a firefighter and he loves his job but he is being forced to strike for fair pay.closing quote
Harriet, 12, W-ton

opening quoteThey well deserve it. Some teachers get more than them and they don't even risk their lives for it.closing quote
Kirsty, 12, Southport

opening quoteThey well deserve it. Some teachers get more than them and they don't even risk their lives for it.closing quote
Kirsty, 12, Southport

opening quoteI think they deserve more money. They shouldn't just be taken for granted. They risk their lives to save others! Just think what it would be like without them!closing quote
Caroline, 13

opening quoteI totally agree with the firefighters!! It isn't fair that football players get paid 20000 or more a week where as a firefighter gets that in maybe two or three years! Also these firefighters have been running in and out of burning and collapsing buildings and the money the get just ain't enough!!!!! POWER 2 DA FIRE FIGHTERS!!!!closing quote
Lyndsay, 14, Glasgow

opening quoteI can't believe that people think that they are being greedy! They save people's lives everyday of the week and they are still not getting enough pay for everything that they do.closing quote
Kathleen, 14, Derry

opening quoteMy dad's a fireman and I do think they deserve more money because they risk their lives to save others and no offence to Beckham but he just kicks a ball round and gets about half a million a week!closing quote
Siobhan, 13, Newcastle upon Tyne

opening quoteI think they should have their pay rise. They work hard to save lives and I reckon the strike might make the government know how serious their jobs are.closing quote
Faye, 16, Llandudno

opening quoteThe firefighters risk their lives everyday to save us, they should be getting paid more. Footballers get paid LOADS for kicking a ball around, which one is more important? Firefighters deserve better pay, and if this is the only way to get it, then good luck to them! I'm supporting them all the way!!!closing quote
Sarah, 16, Middlesex

opening quoteI think the firefighters strike is totally necessary as they don't just save other people's lives, they risk their own to do it. My dad is a firefighter and loves his job. I don't think the fireman want to strike, they just want fair pay.closing quote
Linzi, 13, Bolton

opening quoteI agree with the fire fighters because they go around risking their lives to save us yet they get paid peanuts so I say go for it.closing quote
Michael, 12, Telford

opening quoteI think they probably do deserve a little more money, but striking like this is not the right way to try and get it. Hundreds of people's lives are being put at risk all over the country because of them.closing quote
Annabel, 11, Amersham

opening quoteI think firefighters are right. They are not getting enough money, because David Beckham gets 80,000 per week. All he does is kick a ball around for 90 minutes when firefighters risk their lives everytime they go out. Give the firefighters their money!closing quote
Joshua, 12, Telford

opening quoteIt is wrong to strike, they need to save lives!closing quote
Karen, 13, Walworth

opening quoteI believe that firefighters deserve much more money than they already get. My dad is a firefighter and I know that they risk their own lives everyday to save other people. They have to work for five years just to get their pay up to 21,500 a year. When was the last time that the government had to go on strike to get a pay rise?closing quote
Richard, 14, Garforth

opening quoteI think the firefighters are just being greedy. My dad works for the council and he doesn't get what the firefighters get right now.closing quote
Darren, 13, Swansea

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