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  Have you had text spam?
Updated 10 December 2002, 15.41

Warning, warning! You're being targeted by text spam.

It's official - dodgy advertisers are deliberately trying to con you into phoning premium rate lines.

Have you received text spam? What did you do about it?

opening quoteI paid 23 on one phone call because of a message I recieved telling me I had won a prize.closing quote
Helen, 15, Bristol

opening quoteI have a bar on premium calls from mobile, but answered ads in magazine asking if I wanted information on various things, jokes etc. They text info to you and charge 1.60 each time. My network provider doesn't bar incoming premium text messages, so beware! My mum went ballistic when my mobile bill came in for 70 for one month - all information texts.closing quote
Lindsay, 14, Kilmarnock

opening quoteI've recieved one saying "some1 fancies u, ring the number given 2 find out who it is". I didn't ring but I've received the txt several times. Why are people doing this and wastin our money in the process.closing quote
Lisa, 16, Carlow, Ireland

opening quoteI have had a txt spam and they are really annoying. I take my phone 2 skool, its always going off.closing quote
Laura, 12, Lichfield

opening quoteNo one I know has ever had one, so that's lucky but at the end of the day if I don't know the person that sent the message to me then I just don't reply back, that's the safest way!closing quote
Hollie, 13, Aberdeen

opening quoteMy parents bought me a mobile so I can keep in touch with them but am sick of getting messages about winning prizes even though I've never given out my number to any companies. Now I only switch it on when I go out. When I got the first message I was going to ring it to see what I had won but my dad told me how much it would cost so I didn't bother, I wonder if anyone has actually recieved a decent prize.closing quote
James, 10, Wigan

opening quoteOnce, I made the huge mistake of sending of for a txt joke. The company I txt-d now send me one every day and every time I receive one I have to pay a pound!closing quote
Jay, 11, Hillingdon

opening quoteI wanted a mobile but I'm glad I don't have one now!closing quote
James, 11, Richmond

opening quoteI never had, but my brother did once, he signed up for this joke thing, the jokes came once a day and cost a pound. AND they were really bad. He ended up getting a new phone because they wouldn't stop!closing quote
Hannah, 12, Milton Keynes

opening quoteI haven't given my mobile number to any companies, yet I still got one saying I'd won 500 and one from a dating agency!closing quote
Jolie, 12, Kent

opening quoteI got one saying 'you're hot' I thought it was gross so I deleted it but then I got a call from an '0901....' number, luckily I missed the call but i wouldn't have answered it anyway.closing quote
Bobbi, 14, Manchester

opening quoteI've been lucky so far, but my m8 fell for a text spam and it cost him three pounds before he cancelled the call!closing quote
Steph, 12, Glasgow

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