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  Why are girls bullied more than boys?
Updated 10 December 2002, 15.41

The latest bit of research reckons that girls are being bullied more than boys.

Why would this be the case?

And what's your experience of who gets picked on the most?

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opening quoteI was being bullied my parents came into the school and the school did nothing and I ended up being completely isolated from my class because everyone said I was the bully! So telling a teacher isn't always the answer. closing quote
Beckie, 14, Sussex

opening quoteGirls are way worse especially when they judge you on who you are, what you look like and what you wear. But the worse is when they were your best friends as they know all your secrets and threaten to tell!!!!!closing quote
Louise, 12, Cookstown, Co.Tyrone

opening quoteI was picked on in the infants school by a girl in my year. The girl who bullied me was popular. Once when she was really mean she got all the girls in the school to chase me round the field and when they caught me they called me names. I told the teachers and they said they would watch her. She carried on and the teachers didn't do anything so I went to the headmistres and she stopped it. When we went in to junior school she started again. I did the same thing again but she told the teachers that I was picking on her. One day though her dad got a new job and she moved away. :(closing quote
Lizzie, 10, Wirral

opening quoteI got bullied in year four by two other girls. It wasn't physical but they used words.closing quote
Katherine, 11, Surrey

opening quoteI was bullied at a local youth club but the leaders didn't really take any notice!!!! I ignored the bullies and now we are friends. They now talk to me and no smart comments are made any more. My mum said she would say something but I said no, if she went up that would give them more reasons to bully me. Now the matter is sorted.closing quote
Alexandra, 12, Belfast

opening quoteSome girls get bullied because the bully is jealous of them. I have experienced this symptom.closing quote
Charlie, 16, Essex

opening quoteI was bullied by a boy in my form and it went to the x-treme that he jumped me with a gang and my doctor thought I had a fractured skull!! SO I DISSAGREE (SLIGHTLY!)closing quote
George, 11, Bolton

opening quoteI think verbal bullying is MUCH worse than if you get hit 'cos it can go on for a long time and no one notices, sometimes you don't notice that the thinges people are telling to you are not true.This happened to me! After about four years. I stood up to the bully. I am now in secondary school and she is in a different school. I have been happy for one year, but I am now even happier!!!!!!closing quote
Alice, 11, Folkestone

opening quoteI think that girls get bullied more than boys coz girls seem to know how to hurt each other's feelings. Girls can be very nasty and bitchy if they want to be over what you look and dress like.closing quote
Maisy, 13, Halifax

opening quoteThere is a girl in my school who bullied me and other people. But I stood up to her and I said "stop bullying me". I think it is wrong to bully other people.closing quote
Helen, 9, Llangollen

opening quoteI think boys bully more because they have nothing to talk about to their mates. They can't even bully very well. These boys have been calling after me, for a year now it's just tired. It realy gets on my nerves.closing quote
Jane, 11, Wells

opening quoteI don't think girls bully more then boys, they bitch . The things that boys don't bother about, annoy girls. I think girls are kinder, but also much nastier!closing quote
Clare, 13, Essex

opening quoteGirls are WAY more nasty than boys. Girls can name every little thing that's wrong with your hair, clothes etc. People don't like this so they get their own back on girls by bullying them!!closing quote
Diana, 9, County Mayo

opening quoteI was bullied by a group of boys for a long time, boys never get bullied becuase they are the bullies.closing quote
Leigh, 9, Swansea

opening quoteI think girls get picked on more because they care about if they are bone thin, or have perfect hair or perfect teeth and shape. I don't think any of that matters in a person, it's who you are on the inside that counts. I feel more comfortable around boys for that reason. After all, I look like Hermione from Harry Potter!closing quote
Patricia, 13

opening quoteWhen I started my new school I was picked on and the other girls would not let me join in and they whispered about me behind my back.closing quote
Charlie, 7, Isle of Man

opening quoteIn my experience 'bullying' between girls is much worse than between boys. Boys usually have a punch-up and that's the end of it, while girls can argue and torment for months.closing quote
Clare, 16, Woking

opening quoteGirls have more to bully you about. You've got to be in fashion, wear the right make-up, like the right music, hang round with the right people not to be picked on but even then you will still get picked on for no reason sometimes. They bully when they can get away with it.closing quote
Amy, 14, Swansea

opening quoteGirls have more to bully you about. You've got to be in fashion, wear the right make-up, like the right music, hang round with the right people not to be picked on but even then you will still get picked on for no reason sometimes. They bully when they can get away with it.closing quote
Amy, 14, Swansea

opening quoteGirls and boys bully. Girls sometimes hit you and make mean remarks and tell lies about you. Boys do the same thing but they hit you more.closing quote
Sabira, 11, Slough

opening quoteI think it might be because girls are pressured more to be "perfect". Like if one girl was five pounds overweight then she would be called fat but if a guy was no one would notice. Plus girls are more devious than guys.closing quote
Christa, 13, Canada

opening quoteBoys only seem to pick on others if the other person has done something wrong, but on the other hand, girls just judge on appearance and bully you if your different, although boys can do the same....closing quote
Jade, 13, Market Harbourgh

opening quoteMost girls are more bitchy than most boys and they have the worst atitudes. They judge on your appearance rather than your personality.closing quote
Gemma, 13, Wales

opening quoteGirls are way more horrible than boys. They always judge your clothes and pick on you.closing quote
Satish, 13, Manchester

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