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  Are kids the worst litter bugs?
Updated 01 November 2002, 19.59

The government's thinking about fining people for dropping litter. If you ask most adults, they'll probably tell you that kids are the worst offenders!

What do you think? Is this unfair, just another example of adults blaming kids for things they haven't done?

Or do you admit that you're not the most tidy group around?

Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments pages on other subjects on the main Chat index.

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opening quoteThe boys at my school always throw their litter on the floor, but the girls all put it in the bin, so I think the boys are the worst....EVER! closing quote
Victoria, 11, Glasgow

opening quoteLittering is a bad habit, but I must admit I always throw my litter on the ground and not the trash can! But I see many adults dropping litter. closing quote
Nicole, 15, Yeovil

opening quoteI put litter in the bin myself, but you can see why the adults blame us for it the whole time. I'm not taking their side or anything, but think about all the people who do litter and don't care about the consequences. Adults are making a wrong generalisation and implying that all children are the same and thats not true. closing quote
Louisa, 13, London

opening quoteThe cheek of adults! When I'm out I've seen more adults dropping litter than kids! Of course sometimes it is kids but it seems whenever adults do something wrong they blame it on us! closing quote
Kylie, 15, Kidwelly

opening quoteI put my litter in the bin if there is one available. But if there isn't one near I usually drop it if it is small. I know I shouldn't but I can't be bothered to carry round litter finding a bin!closing quote
Sophie, 13, Painswick

opening quoteKids neeed to be taught what litter could do. If they understand why you shouldn't, they might not.closing quote
Sophie, 10, France

opening quoteWhy do children always get the blame??? If kids didn't see adults drop litter in the first place then kids wouldn't do it.closing quote
Shelly, 13, London

opening quoteNO! Everyone is a litterbug, but, as usual, adults blame everything on us! That shows how hypocritical they are when they say "take responsibility for your own faults" PER-LEEEEAASE!closing quote
Georgia, 14, Newcastle

opening quoteHow can anyone tell? Most streets are so packed in Milan that sometimes litter just gets brushed out of your hands. Of course, that's Italy, I don't know about the UKclosing quote
Nina, 14, Milan, Italy

opening quoteI don't know about the rest of the UK but Southampton is a disgrace! In the main high street you have to dodge litter so much and the worst culprit is...EVERYONE! Everyone has to contribute to the environment and it's just as much adults as kids! I've seen Southampton City Council workers drop litter! They are the ones who are blaming kids! It's disgusting!closing quote
Laura, 13, Southampton

opening quoteYes we are the worst liter bugs. All the toys that children have, and how lazy most of them are, put together A LOT of litter.closing quote
Laura, 10, Yeovil

opening quoteI try to put litter in the bin, but I know lots of my friends sometimes don't, so maybe we are the worst.closing quote
Josh, 13, Bradford

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