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  Richard Harris: Your thoughts
Updated 28 October 2002, 15.53
Richard Harris
Richard Harris, the actor who plays Albus Dumbledore in the Harry Potter films, has died aged 72.

He had been fighting Hodgkin's Disease for some months and died peacefully in hospital on Friday evening.

But he wasn't just famous for Harry Potter and has always been thought of as one of Irelands' greatest actors.

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opening quoteThank you Richard for your contribution to the world of entertainment. You became each character but always kept a little piece of yourself inside, a unique talent to have. I will miss you and in the words of Chris Columbus, we may find a new Dumbledore but we will never find another Richard Harris.closing quote
Catherine, 16, Barnsley

opening quoteRichard Harris was an excellent actor and brought all the characters he played to life. Many will remember him as Dumbledore in Harry Potter, I will remember as the "Bull Mc Cabe" in "The Field". I have to study that play in school and Richard Harris made the Bull come to life. Eveyone in Ireland are missing him. HE was IRISH, he never forget that, he was a true actor.closing quote
Donna, 15, Ireland

opening quoteAfter I found out that he'd passed away, I went straight for the video shelf to grab Harry Potter to remember the one true Dumbledore. Then I thought, Richard Harris hasn't really left us - everytime we watch PS or CoS, or even read the books, he's there in our minds. As long as we can think that, he will rest happily knowing that his life will never be forgotten. "To the most experienced mind, death is the next greatest adventure" closing quote
Sarah-Jane, Victoria, Australia

opening quoteHe will be missed by me and my friends greatly. We thought he was cool and he is the only true Dumbledore in our hearts. closing quote
Lavender, 12 , Glasgow

opening quoteWe think Richard Harris was a marvellous man, his contribution 2 Harry Potter was amazing, we personally think there couldn't have been a better man to play Dumbledore. Regards and deepest sympathy to the cast and his family xxx closing quote
Rachel and Ceri, 12 and 14, Wales

opening quoteI'm really sorry about his death. No one could play the part of Dumbledore like him. Rest in peace richard are the best. We will never forget you.closing quote
Wickedgirl, 14, Germany

opening quoteIt was a great shock for me when I got the news that Richard Harris died. I remember an interview of "Gladiator" where he said that he always claimed every film to be his last one - but couldn't resist a good script. I am glad that he decided to give us with Harry Potter two more great movies. For me there will be no other Dumbledore and my prayers are with his family. closing quote
Angela, Cologne

opening quoteI was in complete shock when I saw the news last night about Richard and he will be greatly missed. When I saw him on the film of HP I thought: Wow! He was the exact copy of Dumbledore in my mind when I was reading the book. We'll miss you Richard closing quote
Zara, 13, Glasgow, Scotland

opening quoteI'm so upset about this news. At first I thought that surely it wasn't true, it just couldn't have been. Now I know this is true I just can't imagine any other actor playing Professor Dumbledore. He suited this part best. I know that next parts won't be the same without him.closing quote
Magda, 16, Poland

opening quoteHe will be sadly missed. He was a great Dumbledore. But the worst is not that the Harry Potter movies will have another Dumbledore. I think the worst is that a real person is now dead!closing quote
Susie, 16, Sweden

opening quoteI think Richard Harris was a great person, and a fascinating actor. I think they'll never find a better person to play Professor Albus Dumbledore. No one can possess the warmth of Dumbledore as well as Richard Harris. We will miss him.closing quote
Katrina, 12, Canada

opening quoteHe will forever be THE Headmaster Dumbledore of Hogwarts. He was THE greatest British actor and he will be sadly missed.closing quote
Doris, 16, California, USA

opening quoteI was shocked to hear of the death of Richard Harris. He was brilliant at playing Dumbledore. He was exactly as I pictured Dumbledore from the books, if not even better. Another actor taking his place would just not be the same but if the films were to continue then there would have to be a Dumbledore. My sympathies go out to those who knew him. He will be well remembered! closing quote
Charlene, 16, Swansea

opening quoteEven though Richard Harris was an excellent actor, we should also remember him for himself and his perseverance towards the end of his life. I think he showed incredible strength and courage to battle with his condition for so long, and he did not let it stand in his way, he is still an inspiration! closing quote
Sophie, 14, Norwich

opening quoteR.I.P Richard Harris. Gone but not forgotten. Harry Potter fans will always remember him as the man who brought Dumbledore to life. closing quote
Daphne, 14, USA

opening quoteHe was a great actor, and he played Albus Dumbledore as a great character. He will be in our hearts forever, not just because of his role in Harry Potter movies, it is because he was a great character in life. We sure are going to miss him ... but he will be in our hearts foreverclosing quote
Mariella, El Salvador, Central America

opening quoteI think that this news is so sad. Nobody will ever be able to replace the wonderful Dumbledore actor!closing quote
Aimee, 13, Kentucky, USA

opening quoteHe was much more than Dumbledore but that is how he'll be remembered. To me he is the only Dumbledore so I may not see the third film! closing quote
Ashleigh, 14, Cleveland

opening quoteRichard Harris was a well known actor here in Sweden and I think that everybody will miss him very much. He was the perfect actor for Dumbledore. closing quote
Jonathan, 14, Sweden

opening quoteHe will be sadly missed. He breathed life into Dumbledore. 'Death is the next adventure'.closing quote
Connor, 15, Bromborough

opening quoteIt's sad that he died but it wouldn't be right if someone took his place and the movie won't be the same without him.closing quote
Jackie, 12, Toronto, Canada

opening quoteI would just like to say that to me Richard will always be the original and the best Dumbledore and no one will be able to play him as well. My thoughts and sympathy goes out to his family and friends. I will always remember you as the great actor that you were.closing quote
Malikah, 15, Leicester

opening quoteRichard Harris was more than Dumbledore, he was an actor with immense talent. I'm sure for many years to come, his memory will live on with his fantasttic acting work which he has given us over the years.closing quote
Lara, 14, London

opening quoteShocked, sad, I didn't know what to think when I learnt Richard Harris's death last night. I just couldn't believe it. And to think he still wanted to play while he was ill... We owe him a lot of respect. He was a wonderful actor not only in HP but in his whole career. I'll miss him.closing quote
Kim, 16, Brussels

opening quoteIt's really sad that we have to say goodbye to one of Britain's greatest actors. To think, he told Chris Columbus not to dare recasting him after he found out that he had Hogkin's. At least he isn't suffering anymore. I think they should dedicate Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets to him.closing quote
Charlie, 14, Southampton

opening quoteHe was such a brilliant actor, one of the best that Ireland and the world has ever seen. He will be dearly missed by everyoneclosing quote
Brid, 13, Dublin

opening quoteI think that Richard Harris played Dumbledore absolutely perfectly, he was exactly how I imagined him in the book. He was a brilliant actor and a brilliant person. I was very upset when I found out that he'd died. I don't think anyone else could play Dumbledore as well as he did. Harry Potter 3 just won't be the same without Richard Harris, Chris Columbus will have a hard time trying to replace him, no one could be a better Dumbledore than Richard Harris!closing quote
Claire, 14, London

opening quoteI couldn't believe it when I heard it. It's just terrible. He was briliant and the best Dumbeldore I could ever imagine!closing quote
Astrid, 15, Belgium

opening quoteSuch a wonderful actor who could do magical things on the screen. I felt really, really, really sad when I heard of his passing away.closing quote
Nobu, Japan

opening quoteIt was such a big shock to me. Nobody could have played Dumbledore better than him. My thoughts go to his family but even though he is gone, his memory will live inside Hogwarts forever.closing quote
Stephanie, 14, East Kilbride

opening quoteRest In Peace Richard - I'll miss u as Dumbledore, but u were very ill. U're the best Dumbledore a HP fan could eva ask 4.closing quote
Jenny, 15,

opening quoteI'm really sad to hear this news but everyone has to die sometime. I hope they find a suitable replacement for Dumbeldore but u can't beat the best !!!closing quote
Kat, 13, Edinburgh

opening quoteIt's really sad because after the Harry Potter films even children know who he is as well as adults, and lots of people will want to know who the next Dumbledore is going to be. He was an amazing actor and all Harry Potter fans will miss him.closing quote
Gemma, 13, Maidenhead

opening quoteI was so shocked when I heard it on your homepage and couldn't believe that he had died. He was a fantastic actor and was brilliant in the Harry Potter movies. @>;-- this is a rose to his family and friends.closing quote
Rebecca, 11, Liverpool

opening quoteWe've lost a fantastic actor. I want to thank Richard Harris for bringing Dumbledore to life in the first 2 Harry Potter films. You will be missed.closing quote
Sarah, 15, Grimsby

opening quoteI never thought he'd die. I think that it's going to be weird watching Chamber Of Secrets because he's there in the film but he's dead.closing quote
Harriet, 12, Basingstoke

opening quoteIt's sad because last night Danny, Emma, and Rupert were on a TV show called Extra. Danny said "He's a fighter" and Emma said "If I could cast a spell it would be for Richard Harris to get better" We'll miss him.closing quote
Samantha, 13, USA

opening quoteHe was a very brilliant actor. He suited the role of Dumbeldore well, he will be hard to replace. Rest In Peace Richard, we will never forget you.closing quote
Emily, 10, Wickford

opening quoteWe will always remember you Richard!!! So sad. He was a great actor. At least we know he died peacefully and is in heaven watching down on us.It won't be the same. closing quote
Patrick, 12, Michigan, USA

opening quoteI'm really sad to hear about Richard Harris. I thought he was wonderful as Dumbledore. Harry Potter won't be the same without him. He was a great actor.closing quote
Juliana, 14, New Zealand

opening quoteI was really sad. He was a very good Dumbledore. He died so fast. I really don't want them to replace Dumbledore. But their gonna have to.closing quote
Kaitlyn, 12, Crystal Lake

opening quoteI am really upset about the loss of Richard Harris. He was such a great Dumbledore. My heart goes out to his family and friends. closing quote
Abbey, 13, US

opening quoteI couldn't believe it when I heard. It's so sad - he'd been fighting it so well. He was a brilliant actor, and will be sorely missed. closing quote
Maria, 14, Canberra, Australia

opening quoteI found out this evening that Richard Harris passed away. When I heard it on a television show the first time, I was like, "no way, it has to be a hoax". Half an hour later, there was another story and I just couldn't believe it. He was a brilliant actor who has acheived many things in life. It's just sad! :( He inspired many people, old and young, especially with his role in Harry Potter. Kids all around the world could look up to him because he WAS Dumbledore. closing quote
Avishka, 14, Ontario, Canada

opening quoteEven though he had a wild life, he was a Celtic soul with the ideal last part as Dumbledore. May he be as magical a being where he is now as he is on screen in COS. Lots of love to his family and the film ppl who will miss him. closing quote
Dansfab, 15, Gillingham

opening quoteI think it's really upsetting. He was really good and I'm sure everyone will miss him. Harry Potter movies wont be the same without him. closing quote
Tim, 15, Huntingdon

opening quoteI can't believe he's gone. He was an amazing actor and I know he'll be missed. closing quote
Leigh, 13, Bowden, Scotland

opening quoteHe was a great actor, I was really sad to hear that he died.closing quote
Shabaan, 12, Bradford

opening quoteRichard Harris will forever be in our hearts and we will miss him dearly. His legacy will go assured!closing quote
Nina, 13, Los Angeles, USA

opening quoteI was a big fan of his. He was brilliant in Harry Potter and in a lot of other films. My deepest condolences go out to his family, and his on-set family of Harry Potter. May God rest his soul.closing quote
Trisha, 13

opening quoteI was very sad when I heard the news and they will never find anyone to play Dumbledore that is as good as himclosing quote
James, 13, London

opening quoteI am deeply saddened by this and my thoughts are with his family. He was a great actor and is a credit to the UK. I'm sure everyone will remember him as the joyful man he was closing quote
Ruth, 14, Manchester

opening quoteI can't believe it. He was such a great actor, why did he have to die? I cried for 30 min. They can't just replace him because he was the great and wise Dumbledore. I feel so sorry for all of his family and all of his fans - they have lost someone very great. Love you Richard and will never forget about you! closing quote
Dana, 12, USA

opening quoteI can't believe he has died, it's really upsetting. It feels like Dumbledore has actually died. He was a amazing actor, amazing. ;o( closing quote
Hannah, 14, Manchster

opening quoteHe was great in the Harry Potter films. It's really sad, I'm sure he will be well remebered with the release of The Chamber of Secrets. closing quote
Imran, 13, London

opening quoteWe will miss our Dumbledore. It will be hard to watch the film knowing that he is gone. But it will be an awesome memorial to a great actor. closing quote
Ron, 14, Hertford

opening quoteHe was down to earth. He's a fantastic actor. He never got carried away by fame. These are all rare and its very rare to find it in the one person. He's had a long life and used it well. It's hard to come to terms with, it shows that even the BEST people die someday. closing quote
Amanda, 13, Fife

opening quoteI can't believe that he died. He was an extremly talented actor and will be sorely missed. It seems that we keep losing all the talent and no one ever steps in and takes their place. Richard Harris has left his mark on the world and will forever be remembered. closing quote
Robin, Princeton

opening quoteEvery time I watch HP now I'm probobly going to cry because there will never be another actor as great as he was. I'm crying right now and it's just really really sad.closing quote
Karen, 13, Wichita, USA

opening quoteI can't believe what's happened. I thought he was going to pull through. I'm shocked. closing quote
Kylie, 16, Swansea

opening quoteHe was a fantastic actor who will be greatly missed, my thoughts and prayers go out to his family and all who knew him, rest peacefully. closing quote
Kate, London

opening quoteIt's really sad news. He played a brilliant Dumbledore. Thanks to him for playing the part so brilliantly. closing quote
Helen, 14, North Yorkshire

opening quoteHe was a brilliant actor and I'm sure than none of us will ever forget him. closing quote
Sarah, 13, Ireland

opening quoteI am so sorry to hear this tragic news about Richard Harris.He was a superb actor and I am sure that everyone will miss him dearly. closing quote
Caitlan, 10, Southampton

opening quoteIt is a shame, but he lived a good life starring in the Harry Potter films closing quote
Luke, 14, Birmingham

opening quoteNow that's one sad news. I was watching Die Hard 2 and then it was the break for the news...then they told that he died! I was so sad! I mean he didn't even get to see the fame light of Chamber of Secrets! or the offical release! closing quote
Anton, 14, Middlesex

opening quoteWhen I read the story I was like, oh no and I think the Harry Potter films cannot go on without him. He was a great and skilled actor and will be dearly missed! Rest In Peace Richard Harris! closing quote
Upset Potter Fan, 11, England

opening quoteI think it is a shame. He was a gr8 Dumbledore and I can't think of any one who could replace him. I think that he will be sorely missed! closing quote
Becky, 13, Birmingham

opening quoteI don't think he's really gone. In our imaginations he'll live on forever. closing quote
Vivi, 13, Scotland

opening quoteIt's so sad, he was such a brilliant actor.closing quote
Ben, 11, Southampton

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