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  Are you scared about the US sniper?
Updated 25 October 2002, 18.47

The US sniper who has killed ten people and wounded three has given police a warning about children's safety.

Tell us what you about this story.

We particularly want to hear from you if you live in the area targetted by the sniper.

Please include your e-mail address if you're happy for us to contact you. We promise we won't pass on your address to anyone else. Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments pages on other subjects on the main Chat index.

opening quoteI live in Baltimore, USA, which is a city pretty close to were the attacks were happening. When I got to my first period class in school today our teacher told us that they caught the sniper, we all cherred. It's such a relief to know that the sniper isn't out there anymore. They are taking the snipers to the Court house in Baltimore, where I live, they have so many policemen down there it was scary. closing quote
Anne, 15, Baltimore, USA

opening quoteYeah I'm scared, especially since I live in the US and he could come to any state and start killing. I am so glad I don't live in Washington, but I hope everyone who lives there is OK and doesn't get killed. I hope no maniac starts killing in the city I live in, because I'd be even more frightened.closing quote
Nicole, 14, Memphis, USA

opening quoteNot living in America makes it seems less realistic to me. But I can see why the Americans are scared, I would be too if I lived there. But as well as seeing scariness in this issue it also makes me realise how sad and sick people actually are.closing quote
Hollie, 13, Aberdeen

opening quoteI am scared but we have to deal with it. My cousin lives in Virginia and we are really close. I think we can sleep now though as I hope the two men arrested are the snipers.closing quote
Erin, 12, Illinois, USA

opening quoteI think this terrible assasin is just a lunatic! Hasn't America been through enough with the 11 September?closing quote
Sukhraj, 13, Birmingham

opening quoteI think it must be terrible for people who live in the areas that these shootings have taken place, it must be hard for the families who lost these people. How could anyone threaten children just for money!? For anything infact?!
I'm also concerned that some crack pot in the UK will start doing it.
closing quote
Helen, 13, Southampton

opening quoteI am very terrified of the sniper attacks because after 11 Sept, it has gotten me more worried that the US might face even more terrorist attacks.closing quote
Addie, 13, Illinois, USA

opening quoteI am so scared. I live in the US and I was just in Washington. My cousin lives there and have been told to stay away from windows and all of her activites are closed. They are constantly watching the streets for white vans. I can't wait until they catch him or her who is responible for this act of terror.closing quote
Anna, 11, Milwaukee, USA

opening quoteI am very scared of this sniper. The American FBI and police are very smart, clever and strong. People are shocked and worried that he hasn't beeen caught yet. If this sniper can get away with these shootings, some even in broad daylight, then he can probably find a way to sneak onto a plane and fly somewhere else in America and start shooting there. But i trust that the police, FBI and CIA will put an end to this very soon. It is only a matter of time before he strikes again. God Bless America!closing quote
Elizabeth, 14, Boston, USA

opening quoteI live in the US. I don't live near Washington DC but it is really scary. I'm afraid he might come over here! I pray that it stops!closing quote
Lauri, 13, USA

opening quoteI live in the US, and the news on the sniper is everywhere. Even in school, people are talking about it. Once in Spanish class the teacher let us watch the TV when someone was shot. It's pretty scary, and I hope the sniper is caught soon.closing quote
Victoria, 16, New York, USA

opening quoteI live in America, and it's scary! You hear about it on the news all the time, but it's helped make me be more aware of my surroundings and stuff, cause this could happen anywhere,at any time.closing quote
Kayleigh, 14, Wethersfield, USA

opening quoteI think the sniper is terrifying. If you have relatives out there, as I do, you worry for their safety and you worry about where he will strike next.closing quote
Kim, 13, Abingdon

opening quoteI am quite scared of the US sniper but that is what he is trying to do, scare us. We should not let this stop the Americans' happiness. It just shows them that they should take more care in their day to day lives.closing quote
Jayne, 12, Wirral

opening quoteI don't live in America but my parents are going out there in a month and I am scared! It must be terrible for children after the terrorist attacks and now a serial sniper on the run shooting the innocent.closing quote
Emily, 10, Wickford

opening quoteI am worried, but I'm more sad for the victims' families. I mean, how can you carry on living somewhere, when you know that some guy could do that and get away with it?closing quote
Nat, 13, Milton Keynes

opening quoteEven if there was a sniper in the UK I would not be affected. Personally I do think that most Americans have over-reacted a little bit. The chances of being shot are miniscule. It must be very hard for the residents of the affected areas, but letting something like this affect your lives to such an amount of not even going outside, is ludicrous.closing quote
Luke, 13, Southend

opening quoteLook, I would be scared if I lived in the "sniper area" but I don't. I don't see why you think all America is terrified. I live in Nevada, a longgggg way from the shooting. I'm not scared so why are you?closing quote
Sharra, 14, Las Vegas, USA

opening quoteI think it's very worrying, even though I don't live there. It's not fair for the people who live there. Why do they have to live in hell because of one guy?closing quote
Leigh, 12, Grantham

opening quoteReally I am glad I don't live in America but some stupid person will start something like that in England but I feel really bad for the victims' families.closing quote
Bethany, 8, Leuven, Belgium

opening quoteMe and my family are going to Washington DC for a holiday next week to visit my friends. They are really scared, and so am I. I will try to enjoy myself, but it will be difficult not to worry about the sniper and what he has done to those poor people.closing quote
Bethany, 8, Leuven, Belgium

opening quoteI'm really scared. I have family in America and they are scared to death. They might end up coming over here to live if the sniper isn't caught.closing quote
Shelly, 13, London

opening quoteIf we had one in England I would be to scared to go out and see my mates. I would like to say that I am sorry for all of those Americans who know someone who has been killed, it must be really hard.closing quote
Anne-Marie, 13, London

opening quoteI am very scared about it, but I don't live in America so it's not so bad. But I am scared for all the people of America, and all the children who can't go to school.closing quote
Lorna, 11, Waterlooville

opening quoteEven though it is the US I'm worried some stupid idiot will start it up in the UK. I symphatise for the victims families and the victims themselves. May justice prevail!closing quote
Lucy, 12, Northants

opening quoteNo, I'm not scared because I don't live in the US! But if there was someone like that over here, then yeah, I'd be scared!closing quote
Michelle, 16, Merseyside

opening quoteI don't live in America, but my dad works for a news company and he's been sent out there to report on the story. I'm really scared for him.closing quote
Beth, 10, London

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