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  How would you improve our site?
Updated 23 October 2002, 12.48

22 October 2001 saw Newsround's website get a complete overhaul.

Loads of new sections, way more stories and a daily comments page :)

Are you happy with the site, what would you do to improve it?

On the other hand, what would you dump, what parts of the site bore you and you never go near?

Let us know all your ideas for jazzing up your fave kids news website.

  You can also fill in our online survey about the site by clicking here

Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments pages on other subjects on the main Chat index.

opening quoteI think that the Newsround site is the only one that combines the best games, news quizzes and so much more. It is by far the best site on the web.closing quote
Clare, 15, Southport

opening quoteI think you should be allowed to play music on here with the top 40 charts. And you should have more pictures of stuff!closing quote
Adam, 12, Harlow

opening quoteMovies, CDs reviews and news on upcoming things. And more questions and answers with Celebrities!closing quote
Hollie, 13, Aberdeen

opening quoteI think you should have a service where you send out an e-mail when you update a particular area (like the Harry Potter area) so that fans don't miss any news about their fave subjects!!!closing quote
Natalie, 14, Leicestershire

opening quoteYour website doesn't need improving. no matter what you do to it, it will always be the best site on the net :)closing quote
Shelly, 13, London

opening quoteHow come you never talk about us in Northern Ireland? I thought we were part of the UK too! closing quote
Emma, 7, Belfast

opening quoteI'd luv to know more about the team. Also, there needs to be more updates on LOTR stuff.closing quote
Olivia, 15, Manchester

opening quoteThe website could be improved by having posters of movies or popstars on the site that could be printed off.closing quote
Roberto, 15, Edmonton

opening quoteJust want to say THANKS for such a brilliant site! I have made sooooooo many GOOD friends here through LotR and HP. THANK YOU!closing quote
Jenny, 15, Scotland

opening quoteHave a page where we can submit problems and things, and have more Lord of the Rings news! Also how about advice on jobs for when we're older! closing quote
Emma, Epsom

opening quoteI think it's great already, but it would be good if there was more stuff about LOTR, as much about that as there is about HP. And I also think we should be able to send in pictures on the message boards.closing quote
Josh, 12, Leiston

opening quoteA board for people who DON'T like Harry Potter. Since Harry Potter, everyone's been going mad, including Newsround. Ever thought about the people who don't like it? And have a careers board, where people can tell other people about the sort of career they're thinking of taking up.closing quote
Charlotte, 12

opening quoteWe were supposed to find news stories on the internet at school, and I went straight on to Newsround. Now my teacher thinks it's a great site for news stories!!!closing quote
Garima, 10, Leicester

opening quoteI think a problem page would be good where other children around the same age could help them out. We could all be little agony aunts and uncles.closing quote
Lynsey, 15, Scotland

opening quoteI think live web chats with sports/music stars would be good. And you should feature more of an assortment. Like in sports you should have more about F1, tennis and rugby. Don't just feature the best like Man United and Arsenal and Michael Schumacher. Feature things about division one teams and other drivers like Kimi Raikkonen and smaller teams.closing quote
Sarah, 14, Aldershot

opening quoteI'd really like a section where we can put our fan art on!closing quote
Amy, 15, Surrey

opening quoteThis website is my fave website and there is nothing you need to do to make it better!!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!closing quote
Melanie, 13, Dumfries

opening quoteI have only just seen the site a week ago and I think it's brill!! Although, I do understand if you have reasons for this but I think it would be better if you explained the news more. I also think you should do more quizzes for people who enjoy school like art and English. Stuff like that as well as game type ones. I appreciate your time in listening to my idea and a thumbs up from me!!!closing quote
Angharad, 11, Guildford

opening quoteI think that your site is very well laid out but the only thing that I would put on it is a bit for the older kids, maybe a page all about being a journalist for their career.closing quote
Charlotte, 12, Worthing

opening quoteMore movie and music updates. Also, it would be good if the news pages would have a bit more info.closing quote
Sarah, 13, Ireland

opening quotePlease include more news from Scotland because I'd like to know what's going on around me.closing quote
Kelly, 14, Edinburgh

opening quoteI think the website should have more games, votes and more new reports. I also think there should be more about childrens' news.closing quote
Laura, 10, Nuneaton

opening quoteWe need a totally animal rights board and a sound off type chat room, moderated of course! And more animal stuff! And DO NOT DUMP THE ANIMAL BOARD! PLEASE!closing quote
Steph, 13, Liverpool

opening quoteIt would be nice if the website had some official clubs and more competitions and more stories about Mary-Kate and Ashley because I hardly hear about them. More news and more competitions to meet celebs or popstars and more games.closing quote
Ramandeep, 10, Derby

opening quoteI think your message boards are great and I go on them everyday, but I think you could get some more, maybe one for vegetarians!closing quote
Sibyl, 11, Stockport

opening quoteMore Harry Potter stuff please!closing quote
Kristin, 10, London

opening quoteI think you could make a part where you can be a member and you could chat and share views with other members about the top stories.closing quote
Phoebe, 12, Bucks

opening quoteI think that there should be more competitions for people to enter. I also think that there should be more stuff in the music and animals sections.closing quote
Karen, 14, London

opening quoteIt would be nice if it has a page for girls with problems, games and lots more competition.closing quote
Hayley, 13, Plymouth

opening quoteYou make me sick is a horrid game. Especially at the end!closing quote
Ben, 10, Leigh-on-Sea

opening quoteNewsround website is wicked! I think that there should be more on different types of music and it should be more organised!closing quote
Abigail, 11, Peterborough

opening quoteI don't think the Newsround site could be made better. It's great just as it is.closing quote
Amy, 9, London

opening quoteI've never come on the website before and I think it's brilliant and really colourful. It will definitely make more people watch the show. I think the website could improve by being able to tell you why someone should be a Press Packer.closing quote
Sian, 11, Sale

opening quotePut some new games on and make a new section with stuff like animal rights, human rights and stuff like that! It would help us understand others' hardship.closing quote
Laura, 13, Southampton

opening quoteMore info pages!closing quote
Ewan, 13, Scotland

opening quoteI think your website is perfect, I don't think you need to change anything.closing quote
Katie, 9, Worthing

opening quoteIt's a brilliant site! Please don't dump anything but why don't you put up some downloadable wallpapers and screensavers? Or put up some more games!closing quote
Emily, 10, Wickford

opening quoteDump the sports page.closing quote
Michael, 12, Hartlepool

opening quoteI would put an area on the message boards where e-budz could chat privately, and exchange email addresses.closing quote
Lucy, 12, Markfield

opening quoteI totally agree with Anton!! We want more news!!!!! And music to the site would make it even better!!!closing quote
Sara, 12, Barking

opening quoteUse correct spellings, less exclamation marks, be less patronising.closing quote
Mark, 15

opening quoteI think you should make it more interactive and maybe have live chats, games where you can play other newsround fans, moderatered chat rooms. Penpals, e-pals, stuff that will make us happy!closing quote
Charlietta, 12, Cheshire

opening quotePut more games on the site!!!closing quote
Ellie, 13, London

opening quoteIt would be great to have some downloads from screensavers to desktop wallpapers!closing quote
Luke, 14, Birmingham

opening quoteNewsround's website is great as it is, so please don't dump anything! It would be nice if there was more things about the presenters and also when we are sending our comments, it would be cool if we got to chat with the other people who send comments!closing quote
Amber, 13, London

opening quoteBring back the football game you had during the World Cup.closing quote
Abbas, 10

opening quoteI think that there should be more Harry Potter stuff on the site! I am always on the site trying to find ways to be less impatient whilst waiting for the next book and film! There is just not enough of Harry around!!closing quote
Kat, 13, Cumbria

opening quoteI think there should be quicker updates! Expand the site (I know people wouldn't agree with me) but more news is more fun I say! And competitions! Exciting ones! Add music to the site would be a good thing also! Basically just expand the site!!!closing quote
Anton, 14, London

opening quoteI think the site is wicked, don't drop anything. Maybe add a few cool things. But news around the clock and fun things are just great. We don't need more on the site. Newsround is one of my favourite sites.closing quote
Claire, 10, Merton Park

opening quoteI think you should put a religion message board! That way people can learn about all sorts of religions! I also think there should be a peace and love message board so people that think they are the only person in the world that wants peace, love and no war will not feel alone anymore. And a message board that you can get advise for problems about growing up or bullying so you can tell someone about what you're going through, not feel alone and get help from somebody that cannot tell because they do not know who you are and you do not know who they are!closing quote
Emily, 11

opening quoteI never go on the Sci/Tech section, as I find that boring, but other than that, your site rocks! closing quote
Ceri, 14, Monmouth

opening quoteThe Newsround website is just great! I love how you update it every day. I especially like the votes section. I think there should be a few more games to play though! Besides all that, it's great!closing quote
Dalia, 10, Leeds

opening quoteMore stories about good music bands such as Feeder! Get rid of the Buffy and Animal boards. Also, get a fashion board!closing quote
Rachael, 13, Scotland

opening's great but I think that the main problem is there are not enough Press Pack comps as they are really good. It's 100% great but could 101%!closing quote
Lucy, 12, Northants

opening quoteWe think that the website should have more things for teenagers. It should have more features about music instead of everything about Harry Potter and LOTR and we want some new games!closing quote
Jade & Dan, 13 & 11, Leeds

opening quoteI think Newsround is great! It is the best site I know.closing quote
Vishali, 8, Leicester

opening quoteI would improve it by putting more voting and games on here. Plus a few more competitions. I would also do a chatroom, but guarded with moderators!closing quote
Lydia, 12, Northants

opening quoteI don't think I could improve your site because it's the best already.closing quote
Charlotte, 13, Cumbria

opening quoteIt would be nice if Mel and Max were longer and appeared more often. There should also be a mini site for Newsround Lite.closing quote
Hannah, 12, Milton Keynes

opening quoteI would like to see more stories about girls' pro football as I play for a club. I would have said a Buffy board, but you guys just gave us one. Thank you Newsround. Let's have some wallpapers of the presenters too.closing quote
Maddie, 15, Rhyll

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