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  Are fireworks too dangerous?
Updated 17 October 2002, 09.15

Cheap fireworks called "air bombs" are being banned because they cause lots of accidents every year.

Do you think that fireworks are too dangerous for kids to use, or is the government over-reacting?

Do you think fireworks should only be used at organised displays and be banned for sale in shops?

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opening quoteI think they should be banned and only to be used in displays, far too many people are getting injured and nobody really pays any attention to the warnings so I think that's the only solution.closing quote
Amber, 11, London

opening quoteI think that it is going too far !!! Why was that child playing with fireworks in the first place? It was his own fault!closing quote
Alex, 11, Meare

opening quoteI think that fireworks are really fun to watch and they shouldn't be banned, but fireworks shouldn't be sold to teenagers without an adult. It isn't fair that because some people are stupid with fireworks, other people can't use them!closing quote
Edith, 11, Cardiff

opening quoteWe do like watching fireworks but my dog and cat don't, they are really scared. They should just have proper, organised displays so no one else can buy them and they wouldnt be letting them off all the time.closing quote
Bradley & Josh, 11, Doncaster

opening quoteI think everyone knows the dangers of fireworks but they mess about with them anyway to look cool in front of their mates, I just think it's a shame a few silly people who mess around with them on purpose have to spoil it for everyone else! It's always the innocent people which get hurt, I think they should educate younger children on the dangers of fireworks so they know from an early age.closing quote
Annmarie, 16, Basingstoke

opening quoteFireworks aren't dangerous, the people using them are. A firework is basically a stick of dynamite or any other explosive. You wouldn't go back to an unexploded stick of dynamite would you?closing quote
Simon, 15, Wrexham

opening quoteI'm not stupid enough to use them, so I'm in no danger, but people who use them are basicly saying 'Kill me now'!closing quote
Hannah, 12, Milton Keynes

opening quoteIt's ridiculous ! No fire works should be banned just because some thoughtless kids misused them they should only be sold to people below 18 ! And Tom shouldn't have taken the top off the fire work ! Thats plain common sense- they'll try to bane everyone's birthday next !closing quote
Amanda, 11, Scunthorpe

opening quoteJust becauseone some people are stupid enough to take the top off a firework when it won't light, their gonna ban fireworks for everyone! What's the point of having a family firework night if you havent got any fireworks?closing quote
Lucy, 12, Blackwater

opening quoteYou shouldn't be able to buy fireworks over the counter but council run fire displays should not be banned. It is my birthday on bonfire night and I wouldn't like to spend it in Hospital because a cheap firework had hit me.closing quote
Nicola, 13, Thorne

opening quoteYou can't stop people from doing stupid things - if it wasn't fireworks it would be something else. Why should the stupidity of a few spoil the enjoyment of others?closing quote
Ian, 13, Dartford

opening quoteFireworks are tremendous fun and for them to be banned because some irresponsible teenagers have messed with them is stupid. Why should we miss-out?closing quote
Georgina, 11, Farnham Common

opening quoteI like fireworks at home like any kid, but if banning them means kids don't get hurt, I'm all for it. People haven't listened to numerous warnings before, they're not going to start now.closing quote
Anchal, 15, Bexleyheath

opening quoteI think ALL fireworks should be banned from the public. Only used by proper organised events. I'm fed up of my cat being terrorised and hearing horror stories about animals being tied to fireworks! I hate them!closing quote
Laura, 13, Southampton

opening quoteDo you know how many people get injured or killed on bonfire night? It's ignorance and lack of safety skills that's hurting them. If fireworks have to happen then they should be arranged and presented by professionals not children. A personality test should be given to those wishing to purchase them so we don't have people who think its funny to tie lit fireworks to cats/dogs tails getting hold of them!closing quote
Catherine, 16, Barnsley

opening quoteFire crackers should be banned for teenagers, and only sold to people who have proof they're going to have an organised display and keep animals and children out of the way. Cats have had fireworks tied to their tails, and that is horrendous!closing quote
Nicole, 14, USA

opening quoteIn a lot of countries they've already banned all fireworks except professionally-organised displays like in big parks or public places. I think this going a bit far, but I do think that fireworks should not be given to children and should be harder to get your hands on. Happy Fireworks Night!closing quote
Charlotte, 12, Bournemouth

opening quoteFireworks are only dangerous in the wrong handsclosing quote
Shelly, 13, London

opening quoteI do think cheap and nasty fireworks should be banned.There is a danger to children!closing quote
Jessica, 10 Seaford

opening quoteI think it's going too far. They'll try to ban christmas next!closing quote
Tim, 13, Kendal

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