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  What do you think about Northern Ireland?
Updated 15 October 2002, 10.03

There's been a big setback in the search for peace in Northern Ireland.

A special government called the Northern Ireland Assembly is being suspended and Northern Ireland will be governed from London.

It happened after one of the main political parties Sinn Fein was accused of spying for the terrorist group the IRA.

Should the assembly have been suspended? How do you see the future for Northern Ireland?

Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments pages on other subjects on the main Chat index.

opening quoteI hope there is peace soon and I hope that they can work together.closing quote
Rebecca, 12, Birmingham

opening quoteI want to disagree with kathleen from DERRY! Ok, the government may be a pain but England's only being nosey because we care!closing quote
Jess, 14, Swansea

opening quoteI'm not familiar with the N Ireland violence, but I think whatever it is you guys are facing, you should be pleased that the rest of UK is interested. They could just ignore it and leave you to killing each other!closing quote
Sharra, 14, Las Vegas, USA

opening quoteIt's just sad because all the people want is peace!closing quote
Luke, 14, Birmingham

opening quoteI want the union kept and want Northern Ireland UK to be controlled at Westminster. A united Ireland would be disasterous. closing quote
Simon, 14, Dungannon

opening quoteNorthern Ireland is over the edge! All I hear about is people fighting! All your hear is "the catholics and the protestants fight!"closing quote
Sindah, 13, Southampton

opening quoteI used to live in Portadown where there can be a lot of fighting because of the Garvacy Road, which is Catholic and they don't like the Protestants marching down that road. What is the point in fighting over a road?closing quote
Jamie, 13, Armagh

opening quoteIf George W Bush is trying to crack down on terrorism why has the IRA not been investigated.closing quote
Fred, 13, Cheltenham

opening quoteIreland is not all that bad but it wants to be united. What is wrong with that? Not all parts of Northern Ireland are like that.closing quote
Christine, 13, Northern Ireland

opening quoteEven though I live in Dublin I've grown up around all this voilence, when the peace treaty was signed I thought it was the violence was ended but it hasn't stopped. I don't think that they should be governed from London. I agree with Sinn Fein, I want a united Ireland.closing quote
Brid, 13, Dublin

opening quoteYou can't say what Sinn Fein 'did' was a disgrace. The so-called raid what a total shambles, they only searched part of the building and even then don't have strong evidence that Sinn Fein are spying for IRA.
The violence is getting out of hand, nobody wants to fight and now because of this new information, which I believe to be unreliable, has completely ruined the peace process and everything's back to square one.
closing quote
Teresa, 14, Northern Ireland

opening quoteAt this rate, we'll never reach peace! I'm really annoyed that we are being goverened by london, nobody here belongs to london, we belong to Ireland!closing quote
Emma, 12, Belfast

opening quoteI don't understand very much about it, it's all super-complicated and I think it started waaay back with vengeful attitudes.closing quote
Katherine, 14, Devon

opening quoteI wish that everyone would stop fighting and getting mad at each other! Stop acting like five-year-olds!!!closing quote
Sarah, 15, Grimsby

opening quoteFirst it's Derry not Londonderry! Secondly the British Goverment have nothing to do with Northern Ireland, they don't know what's going on over here!closing quote
Kathleen, 14, Derry

opening quoteI live in Cork and Nothern Ireland is on the news all the time. What Sinn Fein did was wrong. Not many people in Ireland can forgive them.closing quote
Siobhan, 13, Cork

opening quoteI live in Northern Ireland and I'm sick of all the rubbish going on. But we're not ALL fighting.closing quote
Laura, 11, Northern Ireland

opening quoteI think some people don't understand that terrorists do what they do because it's somthing they believe. The whole of Northen Ireland will never be happy but the government does make things worse.closing quote
Bekki, 13, Gunni

opening quoteI used to live in Belfast too, I also had to move because of the violence. Me, my mum and my dad along with my little sister live in a house with my gran and grandad. My aunts and uncles still live there and I worry about their lives every day. I can't wait to see all my family together and happy at Christmas.closing quote
Jenna, 11, Liverpool

opening quoteI don't like it at all, I think it takes Great Britain's pride away, they shouldn't be part of us!closing quote
Lydia, 12, Northants

opening quoteI used to live in Belfast and recently we had to move to Swansea because of the violence. I love it in Wales because no one is fighting, no one is killing, there is just peace. I would like to visit my old home one day but if the bombings carry on, it might not be there when I get there...closing quote
Jeana, 12, Swansea

opening quoteOh god! It's so sad that Belfast is so violent coz I went to Londonderry and it was lovely. This is all about people being racist about people's religion. I thought Southampton was bad, but we don't go around bombing each other! I wish Northern Ireland terrorists would GET A GRIP!closing quote
Laura, 13, Southampton

opening quoteIt is a complete and utter disgrace that the Northern Ireland Assembly was suspended. Let Sinn fein get on with their job and stop wasting people's time and causing a set back.closing quote
Tez, 14, Paisley

opening quoteI'm so sick of hearing about Northern Ireland, they've got their own government now and they still keep arguing. They should be made to get on with it and stop squabbling!closing quote
John, 9, Durham

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