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  Is the net better than books?
Updated 21 October 2002, 18.07
Kids know more about the web than books
A recent survey has shown that kids like you know more about the net than traditional paper books.

Which do you think is better - the internet, or books?

Do you think there is just much more info to be found online?

Or is there nothing you prefer than curling up in front of the fire with a good book?

Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments pages on other subjects on the main Chat index.

opening quoteI would have to say that I'm an avid fan of both! I spend loads of time reading, but mostly just for fun. I can, on the other hand, use the Net for homework, research, online games, surfing, etc. They both rrrrrule!closing quote
Chantelle, 12, Torquay

opening quoteI'm afraid I'm gonna hav 2 disagree wiv the ppl hu sed the web is betta. Yes, OK it's fun and brilliant 4 homework and such but if we neva read books we wouldn't know about HP or LOTR coz they wouldn't hav bin written and I'm afraid 2 say the world wouldn't b that gr8 a place!closing quote
Emzi, 13, London

opening quoteThe web is good if you need to access information quickly and it is useful for homework and revision as well. On the other hand, books can't crash or accidently get deleted and there is something special about getting that book you really really wanted and settling down with it (with a nice cuppa tea!) when you have some peace and quiet. After all, a good author can take you places without you having to move from the comfort of your chair...closing quote
Julie, 14, Manchester

opening quoteNo way is the net better than books! The net is very good but books give you your own imagination which the internet can't. I would rather give up the internet than books any day!closing quote
Soraya, 14, St Albans

opening quoteI'm a net freak and a bookworm! In a book you can disconnect with the real world, get lost in a book and on the net you can connect with the whole world, I've met people from all over, its fun!closing quote
Eve, 15, Lincolnshire

opening quoteI think the net would be awesome if you want to find reference for something, but you can bring a book with you to do some light reading, unlike a computer. Also, it hurts my eyes if I stare at the computer screen for too long!!closing quote
Addie, 13, Illinois, USA

opening quoteThe net is a very efficient tool. It is an interactive way to learn and a place to find good resources, it motivates young teenagers to search for their homework. closing quote
Will, 14, Oxford

opening quoteI love the net, but there's something special about buying a book that you wanted, or recieving one at Christmas etc. We have interactive white boards in some rooms at my school, but there's still something special about books! closing quote
Clare, 13, Essex

opening quoteI think that both of them are wicked. Books because they take you into your little own world, like the Harry Potter books, and the net because you can find out some realy good info, like about how to get a part in the next Harry Potter movie! closing quote
Zagam, 12, Manchester

opening quoteI agree with Emma,15,Newcastle! Books rule! You dont have pictures to tell you how to imagine something, you can do it yourself! It's much more fun that way! Books can do what no machines can, and probably never will. For example, time travel and they can take you to other dimensions! They are somwhere to go when you just want to escape the real world! The internet can't do that! closing quote
Dani, 13, Leicestershire

opening quoteI think the internet is better than books because you can learn more things from the web, and the web is updated more! Plus the internet has lots more pictures and things to do! closing quote
Kasie, 13, Bristol

opening quoteThe web is sooooooo much more fun. It may not be good for you but you get to chat to your friends loads, you can play games, do research, get pictures of things you like. It is just such a brilliant invention, I use it for about 2hrs a night and more on the weekends. closing quote
Ria, 14, Staines

opening quoteBooks and the Internet are as good as each other. I mean the Internet has its advantages but doesn't have the same fun as finding a good book in the shop, or reading the back and wondering what's inside. Plus you can't take the Internet with you on the bus or on a picnic...there's no where to plug it in! closing quote
Fiona, 14, Birmingham

opening quoteThe net has more information and more fun and games than any book will ever have. Also you can't interact with other people through a book but on the net you can meet new friends through the message board and chat rooms. closing quote
Lauren, 13, Enfield

opening quoteI think books still have the slight edge. For example, in classrooms or for reading in bed, books are superior. Unless you have in interactive whiteboard, you can't really use computers in regular lesson, and I wouldn't like to sit with a laptop on my knee when doing some casual reading. closing quote
Steve, 15, Warrington

opening quotePeople argue that you can find everything on the net, but you can find just as much in books! Maybe the net is better for information but it's harder to tell whether its actually true. As for entertainment, books win by miles! You just can't beat a good book that can transport you through time or even worlds. There is so much you learn from books without even realising it. closing quote
Rhiannon, 14, Cardiff

opening quoteThe web rules in some ways. It's great to do homework on and to get info, but books are always there for you because some people haven't got pcs and internet capabilty. A good book is one of the only things they have to do. closing quote
KL, 11, Devon

opening quoteI think that the web and reading are both good, but I do prefer reading as you can use your imagination more. closing quote
Sophie, 14, Gateshead

opening quoteI love to read books, but I love to use the web too. Really they are both good. The web is good for getting info for homework, yet books are good to sit and read when you have some quiet time.closing quote
Katrinia-Louise, 11, Devon

opening quoteThe internet is far more interactive where as books are just dull!closing quote
Luke, 14, Birmingham

opening quoteBooks are way better than the net because books don't give you a headache. You also can't read the Lord of the Rings on the internet!closing quote
Emma, 15, Newcastle

opening quoteThe net is definitely better! It has everything you can get from a book and loads more! Why bother with books?closing quote
Nick, 10, Lancaster

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