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  Hear'Say split: are you sad or glad?
Updated 21 October 2002, 18.06

The first of the current load of bands and pop stars made by TV, Hear'Say, have split up.

After 19 months, and a record breaking debut single, they say they are fed up of having to prove themselves. But were you fed up of them already?

Or are you going to miss their pure and simple pop?

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opening quoteI loved them at the start. Since Johnny joined they went down the drain. So I'm not really suprised.closing quote
Fliss, 11, Wembley

opening quoteGoodbye Hear'Say. They were a rubbish band who couldn't even sing. Get some people who can sing in Fame Academy.closing quote
Emma, 12, Blackburn

opening quoteI think that they should have stopped when Kym had left; she had the best voice out of them all. If you ask me they didn`t turn out as good as Liberty X and their songs are really good at the moment. I liked Hear'Say when they came out but when Kym left it all went a bit pear-shaped and I really felt sorry for the new boy that they put in. He only had one song.closing quote
Katy, 13, Stamford

opening quoteI'm not surprise at all! I think that once Kym left they had lost it. If you ask me they were no good in the first place!closing quote
Lydia, 12, Northants

opening quoteManufactured or not Hear'Say was my favourite band. I'll be sad to see them leave the pop music scene as a group but I'm looking forward to their successful solo careers!closing quote
Krissa, 14, Canterbury

opening quoteThis is what happens when you put a band together of normal people. Usually it doesn't work! (Take that hint Fame Academy, Pop Idol, Pop Stars, Model Behaviour!)closing quote
Ros, 11, Leckhampton

opening quoteWhat? You call that singing?? I don't really care if they split or not but it's one less irritating band to be played on the radio.closing quote
Anne, 13, Wirral

opening quoteI think they've had their moment of fame, and maybe they would have lasted longer if the public got to vote who got in the band, just look at Pop Idol and how well Will and Gareth are doing.closing quote
Laura, 14, Hampshire

opening quoteI will not miss Hear'Say at all sorry! But ever since they won Pop Stars they have been shoved in our faces far too much and it is getting stupid. I always thought they wouldn't last long because the craze dies down. If they hadn't been pushed that much they may have lasted. But in my heart I always knew Liberty X were a better band. GO LIBERTY X!closing quote
Emma, 16, Middlesex

opening quoteI am really sad about Hear'Say splitting. They were the craze at my school at the beginning. Everyone wanted to know their dance and words. I was really sad they ran out of fashion especially when Liberty X took their fame but I will always hope for the best for all of them for the future.closing quote
Emily, 10, Bournemouth

opening quoteI liked them when they were first made but recently I just gave up on them, they were so boring. They should have tried harder.closing quote
Chaz, 12, Hampshire

opening quoteIt proves that you need talent, even if it's very little to succeed. These pop groups who mime and dance will not go down in history. Bands who make real music will!closing quote
Clare, 13, Essex

opening quoteHear'Say have gone, at last! They were talentless worms, cheesier than Darius's ponytail and goatee. But I hope their story and the Pop Idol story will show TV show hopefuls: Don't win, be 1st runner up! It worked for Liberty X and Gareth didn't it?closing quote
Laura, 13, Southampton

opening quoteI love Hear'Say and don't know why people had such a big grudge against them! I don't believe that the audition replacement for Kym was a fix & I will always know that nobody will ever be as good as them. Good luck Hear'Say! Lovin' you was easy.closing quote
Holly, 13, Huddersfield

opening quoteI think manufactured bands are rubbish, what ever happened to groups being made by mates together? There should be more of them!closing quote
Rachel, 13, Midsomer Norton

opening quoteI didn't really like Hear'Say but other people did. If I was them I would carry on singing and show the public that I was strong and I was going to do what I wanted to do.closing quote
Beth, 12, Framlingham

opening quoteI think Hear'Say are old news, they have had their time in the spotlight and should make way for better bands.closing quote
Harry, 14, Portishead

opening quoteHear'Say were a legend and will never be forgotten and still have fans behind them. My love goes out to every fan coz I know how it feels. I've been crying since I heard and even at school I never stopped. Hear'Say and their fans are always and forever. We still love you Hear'Say. You didn't deserve any bad press!closing quote
Candice, 14, Hartlepool

opening quoteI never did like them because I thought they weren't very good together. I know that some people do like them and that is their choice.closing quote
Lindsey, 15, Swindon

opening quotePut it this way: "Hear'Say who?" They died out and I can't stand their music, Liberty X are better, but I don't really like them either.closing quote
Emma, 14,
opening quoteHear'Say were a manufactured band who were never going to make it. They weren't music, they were a craze, they ran out like every other craze does. closing quote
George, 14, Crewe

opening quoteI love Hear'Say and I am so sad that they will be no more. I was meant to see them tonight. The press wanted them to fail all along. HEARSAY4 EVA closing quote
Matt, 15, Blakeney

opening quoteLiberty X, I feel have always been the more talented and stronger group. It doesn't surprise me Hear'Say haven't stayed around long. But I'm sure they will be missed. closing quote
Lara, 14, London

opening quoteIt just goes to show that you can't make a band the way Hear'Say was made. The whole TV series was a competition so the people in it were competitive and it's no surprise they didn't get on. I think for a band to work it has to be natural, it's all just so manufactured...ergh... closing quote
Rhiannon, 14, Cardiff

opening quoteI'M SO GLAD THAT THEY HAVE BROKEN UP!!! If they really loved their fans like they said they did they would actually sing for them. closing quote
Calum, 13, Twinholm

opening quoteI am Hear'Say's No.1 fan and I love them. I'll miss you Hear'Say! xxx closing quote
Mimi, 13, London

opening quoteI wasn't a huge fan of them. But I am upset that they have decided split up just because the press will not give them a chance. They deserved a fair chance like everyone else to show that they had what it takes. closing quote
Turkan, 15, Stevenage

opening quoteI hated their music and their style, but I feel sorry that they have ended in such a way. It's funny to think how Liberty X were crying when they didn't get into Hear'Say - look where they are now! closing quote
Sofia, 14, London

opening quoteThey had their chance and they blew it, they were so desperate for publicity the fixed the auditions for a new member. I'm surprised they lasted this long. closing quote
Stephanie, 14, London

opening quoteThey were quite good but no one gave them a chance I will miss them. Oohh well at least we'll have the new Pop Stars band, if they are any good. closing quote
Mary, 16, Cardiff

opening quoteI'm not going to miss them. I think this shows that it was only the publicity of the show and not the band that were selling the records. It's the bands that write their own songs, play their own instruments and are original that are able to stay in the music industry, not ones that are just a fashion and will pass. closing quote
Emily, 15, Kent

opening quoteI think they were as good as anyone else! It's just magazines and TV didn't give them a chance - they hated them from the start! closing quote
Tim, 12, Kendal

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