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  Should we go to war with Iraq?
Updated 25 September 2002, 14.34

These are comments submitted by readers of the CBBC Newsround website.

opening quoteI think we shouldn't go to war with Iraq because we would mainly be killing innocent people who haven't done anything to affect us.closing quote
Blaise, 9, Twickenham

opening quotePractically every country capable of having nuclear weapons has them. If Iraq can not have them, neither should the UK or America be able to have them! We must stop following America. They just want war and don't care about the suffering that will be imposed on Iraqis.closing quote
Claire, 13, Essex

opening quoteI think we should go to war with Iraq because as soon as it is over and done with, we can get back to our lives. Getting rid of the who wants to bomb all of us is better than letting him try.closing quote
Josh, 10, Wigan

opening quoteOf course we shouldn't go to war with Iraq, that would be stupid! Tony Blair and President Bush should keep their noses out and let Iraq get on with whatever they are doing, by challenging Iraq, we are putting ourselves in a lot of danger.closing quote
Jo, 15, Poole

opening quoteI feel the real goal to attack Iraq is to gain control of their oil reserves. They sit on 10% of the world's oil. I also feel that not one life should be lost for all this greed.closing quote
Charles, 16, California, USA

opening quoteNo, I think we shouldn't go to war with Iraq. They said they would let us in to see what weapons they had, and they wouldn't have said this if they had a nuclear bomb or other weapons! closing quote
Chloe, 12, Liverpool

opening quoteI have mixed opinions. I think going to war with them is America's problem, and why should our British soldiers be killed, also risking World War 3. However going into Iraq and seizing the bombs is a solution too, in a way stopping terrorism, as it proves to other terrorists what will be done and what America and Britain are capable of. closing quote
Lance, 15, Pitsea

opening quoteI don't think that we should go to war because we have always been taught to talk things over instead of fighting so why can't they?!closing quote
Jess, 13, Bristol

opening quoteWe need to take out Saddam and his men. Otherwise it could be the end of the world as we know it. The UK and US has proof that he has dangerous chemicals, we need to take out Saddam before he has a chance of using them, it is not so much a war against Iraq, it is a war against Saddam!closing quote
Lauren, 13, Houghton

opening quoteI don't think a war is a good idea because if Saddam retaliated he could use nuclear weapons. Also it would take a lot of money and time to rebuild Iraq if Saddam was removed.closing quote
Rufus, 13, York

opening quoteWhenever or whatever it's over - war is always wrong. There are no winners in war. closing quote
Jade, 14, Altrincham

opening quoteAmerica should not go to war with Iraq but Iraq should let the UN weapons' inspectors in.closing quote
Owen, 9, Gloucester

opening quoteI don't think we should. Americans are saying the killing of thousands in the trade centre was awful (which is was) but if we go to war, we're gonna be doing the same thing, killing innocent people. War is a terrible thing and I don't just see why the world can't get along.closing quote
Jen, 13, Farnborough

opening quoteI think America and England should only attack when they know Saddam has a nuclear weapon or until he poses a serious threat.closing quote
Antony, 11, Liverpool

opening quoteTwo wrongs don't make a right. If we attack them innocent people will be killed. If we attack we're just as bad as anyone else.closing quote
Richard, 12, Buckingham

opening quoteI think we should attack Iraq. But I don't want any innocent people to die.closing quote
Holly, 11, Romsey

opening quoteI think there's always another solution besides war. Does the president of the US think about the men, women and children which may be killed in ground raids. I do not approve of Iraq's methods in any way. But does blood really need to be shed. Every soldier is somebody's father, somebody's husband or somebody's son.closing quote
Craig, 16, Chichester

opening quoteWhat happened to the war on terrorism! They can't find Bin Laden so they get bored and try to get somebody else! Iraq hasn't done anything yet, we shouldn't start fights, we should finish them!closing quote
James, 12, Ettrick

opening quoteSaddam Hussein poses a huge threat to the world. The fact that he won't let the UN inspect his stores of weapons is very worrying. I think that we should try to avoid war, but sometimes force has to be used.closing quote
Siobhan, 15, Brighton


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