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  Are kids too fat - and why?
Updated 19 September 2002, 17.11
An overweight child
More and more of you are overweight, and according to experts, this will cause serious physical and mental problems in later life.

Do you think that your generation suffers more from obesity than your parents? If so, why?

Or do you think that there's no real problem, and that scientists are just making something out of nothing?

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opening quoteI'm not overweight but I'm not fit either there are lots of kids like that and they're not fat at all I think people are getting better at eating healthily now !!!!closing quote
Oliver, 12, Chiswick

opening quoteChildren are not 'fat' as a whole, it's more on the basis of children not socialising enough with friends; to play games (physically) because of the amount of children's television.closing quote
Gurdip, 16, Hackney

opening quoteI have grown up eating a balanced diet, and I'm going to keep it that way, so I don't start eating unhealthy, and become overweight.closing quote
Eleanor, 14, Birmingham

opening quoteIf someone is a little overweight, I don't see a problem. But when people are seriously and clinically obese it is just as dangerous a problem as anorexia/bulimia. People should live an active lifestyle and be healthy and happy...closing quote
Ailsa, 14, London

opening quoteI think people who are fat are just like normal people. I think people are stereotypical about large people because one of my closest friends is the right weight for his height.closing quote
Matty ,12, Cheshire

opening quote I must admit children are getting fatter. I am overweight and find it really hard as I'm always pressured by my parents and family to get thin, although I do now know that I should lose weight not for society, but for my health. There are things like heart problems and breathing difficulties that overweight people can have if they are not careful. Some of my cousins lost a lot of weight together. I think it is be easier if you have support and someone to lose weight with, so that you know that someone else is going through what you are. closing quote
Hebah, 15, London

opening quoteI admit it. I'm fat. But I eat a pretty healthy diet. And I have to walk 3 miles a day then iI almost always go on 2km runs everyday and go to karate 3 times a week. I think for me it's just plain hereditary because both my parents were chubby kids, even though they exercised a lot. closing quote
Christa, 13, Canada

opening quoteLately we have been observing this subject at school. I think that the cause for this is adverts. When i'm sitting down watching TV, I see the adverts and want the thing I see. I think all schools should stick to a healthy diets and do games! closing quote
Georgia, 11, Northampton

opening quoteI just wanted to say most of my friends consider themselves to be fat, even though they are really skinny and weigh about seven stone. Even as a bulimia sufferer I think children are getting fatter because there are so many new sweets that are high in fat. And (on a different subject) I think children are starting to also develop bulimia more because of the models and singers on tv. closing quote
Sophie, 13, London

opening quoteI think that kids who are a bit fatter then other kids are aware of it and it doesn't help when kids say look at you you're fat. That just makes them depressed which makes them eat more so they get bigger.closing quote
Fiona, 14, Middlesex

opening quoteNobody is "naturally obese". Everyone can make the effort to keep fit...I do dancing and trampolining. Eating healthily helps too, it's your body and you can't abuse it too much because there are serious consequences.closing quote
Camilla, 13, Sussex

opening quoteThere is no point saying that we eat too much sweets and chocolate, what about what goes into other foods? There are so many additives, preservatives, e numbers and much more rubbish in foods nowadays, it's no wonder children are overweight! If the quality of the food went up there would be a drastic change in bodyweight. closing quote
Laura, 12, Willand

opening quoteWhy should it matter what we look like? It is the constant pressure by society that is making children believe that if they're not skinny and beautiful then they are worthless. Today we all concentrate far too much on what's on the outside and forget that no matter how overweight a person may be, they still have feelings, opinions and value. Combined with peer pressure it's ridiculous statements like this that will drive more children into anorexia, bulimia and self-hatred.closing quote
Brooke, 16, Cambridge

opening quoteI think people should try new sports, I tried it and it works but remember you have to eat healthy too!closing quote
Natalie, 13, York

opening quoteMy school used to serve chips and pizza every day but now we have got a new caterer who try to promote kids eating healthily. So now we have healthy food in our school. I think eating healthy in school is a good idea but maybe a little nicer tasting healthy food would be nice!closing quote
Kriti, 12, Essex

opening quoteI don't think it's a mega problem. There aren't that many fat people in my school and just because you eat lots doesn't mean you get fat - I eat loads but if I'm anything, I'm too skinny! Some people are just made with extra bulk and it's not their fault!closing quote
Freya, 11, Bristol

opening quoteI am overweight and I don't know what to do about it, I think to help this situation the government needs to setup groups to people like me.closing quote
Lauren, 14, London

opening quoteI'm writing about the item on Tuesdays show about kids getting to fat and scientists saying that because they are fat, it will lead to less of them having friends and jobs and getting good grades because they will be bullied. What a load of rubbish I am overweight for a girl my age but I have friend and do great at school. The government say not to discriminate against people of a different race or religion so why should people discriminate against people who are fat. Anyway even if kids are discriminated against then they should already know as I do that these kids are just idiots and are usually very small minded if they can't see through what people look like then they must all be racists as well as making fun of fat people.closing quote
Natalie, 15, Southampton

opening quoteI hate this 'typical weight' phrase for our age. There is no typical weight, some people are short and stubby and have heavy organs, some are tall and skinny and body weights are light. These messages are too confusing; too skinny, too fat, too unfit,etc. closing quote
Clare, 13, Essex

opening quoteKids really enjoy eating fatty foods, so do I. I admit it. I try and keep healthy BECAUSE I have been told the consequences if I eat too much unhealthy stuff. So I think that the solution is to get parents to discipline their children more and to remind them of what will happen to them in the future if they keep on eating unhealthily.closing quote
Ben, 11, Manchester

opening quoteYour body shape is so much based on how your parents are and your bone structure. Some people just have higher metabolisms than others. Just because your a bit plumper than someone else doesn't necessarily mean you're not healthier!closing quote
Becki, 14, Bradford

opening quoteI think that the younger generation never get to see how chocolate bars or sweets affect you. We have developed a reaction where we think "oh it's only one chocolate bar, it won't do me any harm" but it does, and the younger generation are not being told the health risks to being overweight. Children are piling on the pounds and don't know how to cope with it, it is becoming widely acceptable to be overweight, I think the government needs to set up clubs or groups where children can learn to cope with fat and can get advice with burning of those calories.closing quote
Amy, 14, Birmingham

opening quoteI think that some kids are far too fat! We do more lazy things than grown ups do. Like play games, eating hotdogs and lots of choccy!closing quote
Jade, 10, Musbury

opening quoteI think that a lot of us do that, but not all of us. Personally I do a lot of sports, I try to not to eat junk food and I am actually under my estimated weight. So we are not all that fat. But still we should try to keep fit.closing quote
Alexandra, 13, London

opening quoteI think that so many people being overweight is a bad thing and I think that people should mind what they eat. So, for example, instead of having a packet of crisps for lunch, eat a piece of fruit instead. And it's because so many people are eating fatty junk foods like crisps that more young people are dying from heart disease and other illnesses. closing quote
Andy, 11, Birmingham

opening quoteI was disgusted by the report. To label 'fat' children as loners, unsuccessful and unhealthy is appalling! This sort of thing makes children believe that being thin is all that matters. Dawn French, Lisa Riley, Rik Waller and Pauline Quirk are all famous and 'fat.' There's more to life then being skinny. closing quote
Jenny, 14, London

opening quoteI agree as I am overweight. And I think more should be done. Like schools cutting down on chips and fatty foods and giving more healthy food. There should be more activities to do that you actually like.closing quote
Sonya, 12, Cambridge

opening quoteYoung people have no incentive or encouragement to stay healthy by eating healthy and taking plenty of exercise. Bribery is not the way to encourage them though. Talks are given but they just bore their listeners. Young people need to be pushed in more positive ways to become and stay more healthy. Otherwise, we are just going to become fatter and have more health problems in the future. Do we really want that for future generations too?closing quote
Louise, 14, Edinburgh

opening quoteI think that parents are the people to blame. They let their children become overweight when they're young.closing quote
Richard, 15, Guildford

opening quoteChildren today are fatter today due to the variety of food available. Parents should encourage children to eat healthier and do more exercise.closing quote
Hanane, 14, Maldon

opening quoteWe don't do enough exercise, its all TV and computer games. We should get out more! I do two hours of exercise each week at school and one hour of dance out of school each week.closing quote
Chaz, 12, Hampshire

opening quoteI think there's no problem in being fat at all. It's been scientifically proven that you can have a healthy heart while still being fat. I myself am 6 ft 1" and 18 stone, so I know what it's like to be fat. If kids didn't have such a deep prejudice against fat people then there wouldn't be all the bullying you hear about at school. I think everyone should just open their eyes a bit and see people for who they really are.closing quote
James, 16, Ipswich

opening quoteI think that kids aren't getting fatter. There is too much worry. I see hardly any fat kids around town and in school. Though I do agree that kids are eating too much junk food. I myself don't eat vegetables or fruit at all and I am a vegetarian. I eat loads of junk food and I'm very skinny. closing quote
Jennifer, 12, Gloucester

opening quoteSchool dinners don't help. All the time we have chips and burgers, there should be a healthier option. Also it's not how heavy you are it's how much fat you have because I am nine stone but I am not fat.closing quote
Juliet, 15, Norwich

opening quoteI don't know where these people get their information from but out of all the children in my school there are only a few that I would call overweight! Certainly not as many as people are saying. I don't believe more children are overweight, telling them they are will cause more eating disorders!closing quote
Clare, 15, Woking

opening quotePeople are getting fatter and it's bad that people can't help themselves from eating junk. Kids are partly getting fat cause of fast food cafes with free toys. I see kids who are about 6 and they're fatter then me!closing quote
Hannah, 12, Cornwall

opening quoteI think that we watch TV and play computer games loads more than our parents, so maybe we are a bit fatter. But that also means we're better at technical things, which I think matter more these days. closing quote
Rob, 14, Leeds

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