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  Have you been a victim of crime?
Updated 03 March 2003, 09.46
Anonymous boy watching crime
A quarter of you have been the victim of crime in the last year, a shocking survey's shown. Are you one of them?

We want to hear your stories. Maybe someone attacked you for no reason, or perhaps you were robbed on the street. Tell us your story - and how it made you feel.

And lots of you say you're too afraid to report crimes. What do you think think? Is it right or wrong to grass people up?

opening quoteI got followed once when I was on my bike. I didn't think anything was wrong, but when I got off to go into a shop they took it! I never saw it again. closing quote
Mike, 12, Chichester

opening quoteAt school we have just finished being taught Self Defence in P.E. - which I think is great! We have single sex classes, and since many attackers see females as being more vunerable, the teachers thought it was important we knew the basics. We got taught some really interesting stuff - as well as the basic punches, kicks, and blocks, we got taught vunerably spots, how to free your arm (if someone's holding it) and your neck (if they throttle you). We also learnt you should yell 'Fire' if you're being attacked because more people will come outside. closing quote
Jenah, 14, New Zealand

opening quoteI was in a shop and I had five pounds in my pocket. I bought a sweet and when I payed a boy was looking up from my shoulder. When I left he followed me out, grabbed my shirt and said to give him his money.Just then a man across the street shouted at him and he ran off. It was close. closing quote
Mahamed, 11, Hornsey

opening quoteIn march I was waiting at a bus stop in the crowded town.Three girls came up to the bus stop, waiting. They saw my phone and tried to take it from me, threatening to hurt me if I didn't give it to them. I held my own and they couldn't get it, but I was still very afraid and upset. closing quote
Vicki, 14, St Albans

opening quoteMe and my friend were attacked by four 16- year-olds back in March. We were beaten and one of them even had a knife. The funny thing is it happened at a park in broad daylight right outside my house. We reported them to the police and they have been taken care of. I still live in fear of it happening again.closing quote
Sammy, 13, Northampton

opening quoteI think people think they are cool if they go round nicking people's money. I know one girl who is in my school and she goes round hitting people she thinks are sad.closing quote
Nadine, 13, Cardiff

opening quoteA boy came up to me and my friends first asking for money. We told him we hadn't any but insisted he could hear some in my friend's pocket. My friend then gave him about 40p. We thought he would go away, but he didn't. He kept persisting and I called him a rude name and I was being "cheeky" to him. Me and my friends walked off and he followed us until we were cornered in a shop doorway, he said I was being "cheeky" and he started swearing at us. He then said he was going to stab me. At this moment me and my friends walked as fast as we could away from him. I was terrified. I reported it to the police but we still see him around. That's why it's pointless reporting it cause they won't catch him.closing quote
Lauren, 13, Luton

opening quoteEarlier in the summer hols me and 2 friends were robbed and I was assaulted. We called the police and the 3 girls who did have all been charged. I was in a group in a public place and it still happened. Don't suffer in silence tell someone and get the people who done it taught a lesson. And I know I'm always nervous when I'm on my own cos you never think it will happen 2 u!!!closing quote
Nikki, 14, West Lothian

opening quoteWhen I was at a disco at my school I was pulled out of the crowd I was dancing with and had my money nicked. Even though I'm glad I hadn't taken my mobile, just in case, I'm still finding it hard to trust certain people with my things.closing quote
Anna, 12, Stirling

opening quoteI think that people should definitely report crimes, but to be totally honest, I don't think that the police do enough! We were burgled, and the police just didn't really bother, I think that they want big cases, but when people take things of sentimental value, to us it is a big case!closing quote
Jade, 13, Leicestershire

opening quoteI had just crossed the traffic lights to get to school when this weird man grabbed my arm and swore at me. When I ran away he shouted "Run Rabbit" after me. I was really shocked and told my mum, who told my teacher who told the police.closing quote
LR, 10, Oxford

opening quoteWhen I was camping, someone came in the night and stole our camera. We were really upset, because it had some great pictures on it.closing quote
Mick, 9, Stamford

opening quoteAt the mall, these guys cornered me and asked for my cellphone, I just told them I didn't have one (I did) but then they hit me!closing quote
Danala, 13, San Antonio, USA

opening quoteSort of. Me and my mate were walking back to our road and this bloke was following us. We turned round to go back and he turned around too. Then he started running after us, so we just legged it! I hate going round there now!closing quote
Laura, 13, Southampton

opening quoteI would probably only report a crime if it involved someone getting hurt or otherwise I wouldn't really bother.closing quote
Ruth, 13, London

opening quoteThis summer I was just walking along the street when someone I recognised from another school came up to me. He looked really angry and told me to give him my money. I felt terrible but I did it. I was too scared to stop it. At least he didn't hurt me - that would have been horrible. When I went home later on I didn't tell anyone, not even my mum, and I know that boy has done it to other people. It was really hard to know what to do. closing quote
Callum, 10, Inverness

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