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  Should we go to war with Iraq?
Updated 24 February 2003, 14.57

Many people think that a war with Iraq is coming.

Tony Blair and George Bush think Saddam has nuclear weapons, which he may use against Britain or America.

Mr Blair and President Bush believe Iraq is a major security threat, but it is important to remember there's no evidence at this stage that Saddam has any weapons capable of reaching as far as the UK.

Do you think we should go to war to stop him? Is he a 'future threat' to be stopped now?

Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments pages on other subjects on the main Chat index.

opening quoteI don't want to go to war, but I think that it is the only way to disarm all terrorists, not just Saddam Hussein. It isn't fair though that one person's evilness has to effect the whole world.closing quote
Julia, 11, Essex

opening quoteAdults sit and preach to us about World Wars 1 and 2 and how stupid they were, and how pointless they are, and yet Tony Blair and George Bush are ready to do it all over again. Hypocrites or what? How is it fair that two men get to decide the fate of millions of people!closing quote
Sammy, 14, Wakefield

opening quoteIf Tony Blair and George Bush succeed in getting rid of Saddam's nuclear and biological weapons, I want them to get rid of the US, the UK, Russia, China, India and other nuclear powers' weapons. Even poor contries like Pakistan and North Korea have nuclear weapons. Why is only Iraq being singled out?closing quote
Seiki, 12, Japan

opening quoteI really have mixed fealings about going to war with Iraq. Part of me is saying we should go to war with them before they do anything drastic. But yet another part of me is saying that we shouldn't go to war with Iraq becuase if Sadaam Husan really has nuclear weapons its not a great idea to go to war because wouldn't he just use them on the US and UK then? closing quote
Lizzie, 13, New York

opening quotePlease, no war! We need to make peace! If Bush has got a problem with Hussein's regime, then they should talk about it! War is terrible!closing quote
Alice, 13, Edinburgh

opening quoteI think war is wrong, because two wrongs don't make a right and what about the people who didn't do anything wrong but still might be killed. It is unfair on the childen, sometimes families are spilt up and might never see each other again. If you ever go to war before you go think what you would feel if nobody was there for you!!closing quote
Alice, 10, Dursley

opening quoteWe are human beings and are meant to be civilised creatures, why go to war? After all, everyone has equal rights.closing quote
Sophie, 10, Gosport

opening quoteWe should not go to war because people in Iraq are dying anyway without the war and why can't we just arrest Saddam Hussain. Why do we have to fight and I am scared of attacks!closing quote
Laura, 9, Liverpool

opening quoteI feel 50/50 about this. Part of me feels that war is the only answer and if we didn't start it they would but I also don't agree with fighting and killing. This is not about who is the best fighter! All it's doing is puting us in danger and thats scary.closing quote
Sian, 12, Coulson

opening quoteI don't think we should go to war with Iraq because it goes by the old rule, if we do nothing to them then they'll do nothing to us and vice versa.closing quote
Katy, 13, Glasgow

opening quoteWE CAN'T GO TO WAR! If we do then lots of people and children could die. We could die and so many more innocent people will be wounded. The war has divided Europe and I think if we do go to war it could spark of more wars with countries who don't believe in it. I say NO to war!!!closing quote
Louise, 10, Belfast

opening quoteI think going to war with Iraq is pointless. I also think that if we do go to war, thousands of innocent people's lives will be taken. But if the UN weapon inspecters do find weapons of mass destruction, I think we should get rid of Saddam Hussain, but I don't think war is the solution.closing quote
Charlie, 12, Wareham

opening quoteI think war is the worst way to settle things and it is pointless. People should be able to sort things out without fighting.closing quote
Stephanie, 12, Wareham

opening quoteI think war is wrong because innocent people will lose their lives. There could be other ways to settle this problem. The US and UK should listen to everything the UN says. If we really have to go to war it has to be for all the right reasons.closing quote
Bethany, 13, Wareham

opening quoteTony Blair should listen to what we've got to say. I don't think we should go to war because it's us who are gonna be affected. Our generation will have to live with the consequences not HIS!closing quote
Ally, 13, Chorlton

opening quoteWe should go to war with Iraq because if we do not stop them now, who knows what may happen next?closing quote
William, 15, Newcastle

opening quoteI agree that war is a terrible thing, but there isn't much choice left. The UN has used the tools at their disposal (negotiation, political pressure, economic sanctions, one war already) to convince Saddam to play nice. None of it has worked yet, and very likely won't work in the future. He has also shown that he is not afraid of war when he invaded Kuwait. He attacks his own people with chemical weapons, too. It may be better for everyone if he is gone. It is sad that people will die for that to happen, but think of how many more will die if he is left alone.closing quote
Tony, 15, Georgia

opening quoteI don't think we should go to war with Iraq! Right now I am so mad at President Bush I could scream. Why is he doing this to his country? He is making us look like war and power hungry lions just dying to kill someone. I understand his reasons for going into Iraq, like Saddam not being right in the head and all, but there are other ways. I know Iraq doesn't want to talk but Bush please consider your country, your people, your soliders.closing quote
Mariel, 12, Detroit

opening quoteI think we should go to war with Iraq. Saddam IS dangerous, no matter what some people will say to avoid war. If he DOES have chem/bio weapons he may use them if we don't do anything to stop him. I've read some of the other responses, and I don't like war one bit, but Saddam hasn't disarmed, he's not even close to it. And also, even if Saddam has bio/chem weapons he couldn't use them against us because we're too far away.closing quote
Bridget, 14, Virginia

opening quoteI think that Britain and America shouldn't go to war with Iraq, but they should definately kick out Saddam, because he is such an evil man. He doesn't even deserve to be called a man, he is a monster. Is there not another way that America and Britain can kick him out, other than having a war?closing quote
Zaynab, 14, Stockport

opening quoteAmerica wants to be the good guys, the heroes and save the world. But by announcing war on Iraq they are destroying the world, not saving it. They should look for a compromise and not just rush in with threats. A real hero would try to avoid war.closing quote
Becky, 13, Letchworth

opening quoteI don't think there should be a war in Iraq, as thousands of innocent people will die and they have not done anything wrong except for the fact that they have a dictator who is Saddam Hussein. I think that George Bush just wants to go to war and kill lots of people and Tony Blair is just as bad.closing quote
Michaela, 15, Glasgow

opening quoteI think it is a silly thing to have a war. It is like history.closing quote
Roxanne, 8, Banbridge

opening quoteWe should go to war because if we don't they will think we are easy to beat and they will keep on messing with us. We need to show them that we're not scared and we will fight back or they will do whatever they like with the USA.closing quote
Joey, 15, Texas, USA

opening quoteNO ONE WANTS WAR. Bush is for this war only because he said he will get who ever was in charge of 11 September and he has not been able to. Now he is making himself look powerful by doing this. If he goes to war he will be just as bad as the terrorists. Haven't you realised after two world wars - war is wrong. So Bush put your stupid macho ego to one side and sort this out without violence. Listen to your people, the UN and the rest of the world. Only you and Tony Blair want war. If there is war you and him will be saved, it is us people that will not, STOP BEING SO SELFISH!closing quote
Becky, 15, Essex

opening quoteAmerica and Britain are trying to get Iraq to give up any nuclear weapons that they might have BUT America has nuclear weapons and no one has said anything about this. If Iraq can't have them then why should any other country be allowed? If we went to war it would just show how arrogant we really are in this world!closing quote
Michelle, 14, Chippenham

opening quoteThere is no point in going to war. The US is going for a pre-emptive strike against Iraq, while doing nothing against North Korea. Above all, the only country which has used a nuclear weapon is America. What is the guarantee that America will not use nuclear and chemical weapons against Iraq in a war?closing quote
Ali, 12, Lahore, Pakistan

opening quoteThe whole thing is just stupid because countries like Iraq and America don't talk, they just want to kill each other. It's just killing people.closing quote
Meiling, 14, Taiwan

opening quoteI think we shouldn't go to war with Iraq because we would mainly be killing innocent people who haven't done anything to affect us.closing quote
Blaise, 9, Twickenham

opening quotePractically every country capable of having nuclear weapons has them. If Iraq can not have them, neither should the UK or America be able to have them! We must stop following America. They just want war and don't care about the suffering that will be imposed on Iraqis. Did you know the UK actually sold weapons to Iraq some years ago!closing quote
Claire, 13, Essex

opening quoteI think we should go to war with Iraq because as soon as it is over and done with, we can get back to our lives. Getting rid of the who wants to bomb all of us is better than letting him try.closing quote
Josh, 10, Wigan

opening quoteI think that going to war with Iraq is pointless. People are only going to get hurt or killed and it isn't really 'gonna' solve anything, only who has the best weapons. I don't see why they dont just talk about it! It's all a bit 'bonkers' . Why does everything come back to violence?closing quote
Louise, 12, Basildon

opening quoteOf course we shouldn't go to war with Iraq, that would be stupid! Tony Blair and President Bush should keep their noses out and let Iraq get on with whatever they are doing, by challenging Iraq, we are putting ourselves in a lot of danger.closing quote
Jo, 15, Poole

opening quoteI feel the real goal to attack Iraq is to gain control of their oil reserves. They sit on 10% of the world's oil. I also feel that not one life should be lost for all this greed.closing quote
Charles, 16, California, USA

opening quoteNo, I think we shouldn't go to war with Iraq. They said they would let us in to see what weapons they had, and they wouldn't have said this if they had a nuclear bomb or other weapons! closing quote
Chloe, 12, Liverpool

opening quoteWar with Iraq is a bad choice that should be avoided. If we start fighting, it is likely that a nuclear weapon will be launched. I don't want to see a nuclear war in my lifetime. I think this attack is something we should have done a long time ago when Iraq didn't have so many weapons. closing quote
Ben, 13, Charleston USA

opening quoteI have mixed opinions. I think going to war with them is America's problem, and why should our British soldiers be killed, also risking World War 3. However going into Iraq and seizing the bombs is a solution too, in a way stopping terrorism, as it proves to other terrorists what will be done and what America and Britain are capable of. closing quote
Lance, 15, Pitsea

opening quoteDescisive action must be taken now. Blair should fully back Bush's stike on Iraq. It is a thorn in the West's side which could expand rapidly into a dangerous enemy. We have the opportunity laid before us to remove the threat, yet people are hesitant to act. Before September 11th becomes less vivid in our minds, we should rid the world of Saddam Hussein. closing quote
Sam, 13, Northwich

opening quoteI think going to war with Iraq would be a needless waste of lives and resources. Sure Saddam's not a great guy, but I think we should either nose out, or try harder to negotiate.closing quote
Jason, 13, USA

opening quoteIf the US and UK go to war, it may be just another way of provoking Iraq to use their weapons against us. If we go to war, many innocent people will die too. Isn't that supposed to be the whole reason for stopping Saddam, so why are we just doing the same? If this turns into a big war where people end up dying, Bush and Blair will have to remember that they might be the ones to blame. America just wants power and sees Iraq as a threat to their power. America know that Iraq has oil, which they want. Are America just fighting Iraq cos of their weapons? Or is it coz they really want Iraq's oil and complete superior power and control? I think that's what we really need to think about! The real reason's Bush wants Iraq. For us? Or for his SELFISH wants? closing quote
Rouge, 14, London

opening quoteI don't think anyone understands why we are going in. It's because of the threat of Iraq having chemical and nuclear weapons. There is proof of this and by going in we are likely to stop a another disaster like 11 September. War is bad but no one is asking that! It's for the best and you need to balance things against allowing people to have freedom and the risk of death. I think they are doing the right thing though the UN should join in! They just don't want to get involved but they don't see that once they start on the US or the UK they the other members of the UN are next. WAKE UP EUROPE AND JAPAN!!!!closing quote
James, 16, Essex

opening quoteI don't think that we should go to war because we have always been taught to talk things over instead of fighting so why can't they?!closing quote
Jess, 13, Bristol

opening quoteBritish history involves a lot of war and we are supposed to learn from it. It's the wrong answer to choose and Blair should listen to what his people want, not just him, following Bush like a little puppy dog. I might agree with him....if I knew he was gonna be on the frontline fighting with the air force and army. These people are dads, uncles, brothers and sons who shouldn't be forced into pointless war. closing quote
Cathy, 12, Lincoln

opening quoteWe need to take out Saddam and his men. Otherwise it could be the end of the world as we know it. The UK and US has proof that he has dangerous chemicals, we need to take out Saddam before he has a chance of using them, it is not so much a war against Iraq, it is a war against Saddam!closing quote
Lauren, 13, Houghton

opening quoteIf we go to war, not just our country, but America and Iraq will be in great danger. Innocent young men will die by being forced into battle which is a waste of a life. Also little children would die, and why?? Because of the immature people of the world, the United Kingdom included which disgusts me!closing quote
Hen, 12, Newmarket

opening quoteThe 'war against terror' is a joke. If the Americans are fighting against countries that cause terror, shouldn't they be fighting against themselves? Even I am scared that there will be a war, shouldn't this be the kind of terror that they should try to fight?closing quote
Farid, 15, London

opening quoteI don't think we should go to war with any country. It seems that if we do go to war it'll be the third world war. War doesn't solve anything. They used to do that along time ago because they didn't have brains. It's the year 2002, now we have gotten smarter except on how to deal with other people from other parts of the world. Wasn't the UN created for "peacemaking" NOT peace breaking?!closing quote
Kim, 12, New York City, USA

opening quoteI don't think a war is a good idea because if Saddam retaliated he could use nuclear weapons. Also it would take a lot of money and time to rebuild Iraq if Saddam was removed.closing quote
Rufus, 13, York

opening quoteI think it is stupid that we have to go to war. It is going to cause so many innocent lives but I still don't agree about Iraq having bombs of mass destruction. The bombs should be wiped out, but not by going to war because Iraq could use these bombs in the war.closing quote
Emma, 13, Castlederg

opening quoteWhenever or whatever it's over - war is always wrong. There are no winners in war. closing quote
Jade, 14, Altrincham

opening quoteI thought people and rulers wanted peace in the world, war isn't peace, it's killing! But at the same time we also want this world to be a safe place and war may be the only opportunity in this case. So I have mixed feelings about it.closing quote
Hollie, 13, Aberdeen

opening quoteAmerica should not go to war with Iraq but Iraq should let the UN weapons' inspectors in.closing quote
Owen, 9, Gloucester

opening quoteNo! I don't think we should go to war! So many people get hurt because they will fight back. Fighting is no way to sort this out, there ARE other ways.closing quote
Maddie, 13, Chigwell

opening quoteI don't think we should. Americans are saying the killing of thousands in the trade centre was awful (which is was) but if we go to war, we're gonna be doing the same thing, killing innocent people. War is a terrible thing and I don't just see why the world can't get along.closing quote
Jen, 13, Farnborough

opening quoteNO! I don't think we should go to war. The reason being is because war does nothin', we have seen that war doesn't solve anything' in the past and we should learn from those mistakes. The only thing it does is kill.closing quote
Daniella, 12, Kenton

opening quoteI think America and England should only attack when they know Saddam has a nuclear weapon or until he poses a serious threat.closing quote
Antony, 11, Liverpool

opening quoteI don't think we should ever go to war. Ever! Didn't we have lots of wars going on a long time ago already. Why did they even bother creating the UN? Wasn't it made to keep peace between the countries?!?!closing quote
Kayla, 12

opening quoteAlthough war is terrible and scary, I think we should go to war. Saddam Hussain has made it perfectly clear he's not prepared to negotiate, he's got or probably soon will have nuclear weapons that threaten the entire world. America shouldn't have to go this alone, September 11 is a perfect example of terror the world may soon face if we just ignore the situation. It wasn't just an attack on America it was an attack on the whole world, it affected everyone in their own ways. I believe Iraq could soon turn into a major world threat and something has to be done now.closing quote
Marie, 15, Durham

opening quoteNo, no, no. War is so evil, people get hurt. Why can't everybody just relax and stop being so "Oooh, you're mean so we're gonna fight you" about it?closing quote
Camilla, 13, Sussex

opening quoteSaddam Hussein is not a good person and he should be got rid of, but if we start a war with them, they will fight back.closing quote
Beth, 13, Gloucester

opening quoteI think that it is not a good idea to go to war without allies. I know we've got America on our side but that's not enough.closing quote
Andrew, 9, Belfast

opening quoteWhat is the use of fighting? Only talking is the answer. We are taught that at the age of eight not to fight but to talk out problems yet our very own prime minister does just that. I think these comments should be sent to him.closing quote
Lisa, 13, Manchester

opening quoteI think war is a stupid thing. Why can't two adults solve their problems instead of fighting. If America and Iraq, put aside their differences, they would see the love in this world.closing quote
Fasa, 13, London

opening quoteI don't think we should go to war. If they have a terrible leader, yes we should get rid of him, but like in Afghanistan (over 8,000 people are suspected to be killed by allied bombing) it is always the innocent people that suffer.closing quote
Clare, 13, Essex

opening quoteI wish that there was no war because it's not fair and the children haven't really lived yet and they want to be alone they want their families. Please don't go to war!!closing quote
Louise, 13, Essex

opening quoteHaven't we learnt already what damage war can do? I'm not too fond of what Bush and Blair are up to, bombing solves nothing.closing quote
Paul, 13, Sheffield

opening quoteTwo wrongs don't make a right. If we attack them innocent people will be killed. If we attack we're just as bad as anyone else.closing quote
Richard, 12, Buckingham

opening quoteWe think that an invasion in Iraq is the wrong way to handle the situation. If we bomb Iraq then they will bomb back and what is the point of creating a war and killing loads of innocent people for one or two stupid decisions. It will kill people from the UK and US while Bush and Blair are not harmed. They are not thinking of the consequences of their decision.closing quote
Jessica, 12, Needham

opening quoteIt's wrong to declare war on a country just because you don't agree with they way the country's being run. The UK has a huge supply of weapons and so it's hyper-critical to have a problem with Iraq doing the same. Besides, war rarely solves anything and it would be an invitation for them to attack us in return.closing quote
Rebecca, 15, Bodmin

opening quoteThe idea of war frightens me as it does to others. I don't want my family hurt. We should try and avoid war not only for our good but for the good of the world. For future generations to live in a peace-filled world.closing quote
Alison, 13, Hamilton

opening quoteI think we should attack Iraq. But I don't want any innocent people to die.closing quote
Holly, 11, Romsey

opening quoteWhen President Bush calls, Blair comes running. It seems to me that whatever Bush wants to do, Blair will always agree, without even asking the British public what they think is best.closing quote
Heather, 15, Aberdeenshire

opening quoteAmerica doesn't know if Iraq are going to attack, but if they start a war. Iraq will want to attack to protect themselves. This will cause bloodshed. If they sat down and discussed whatever problems they have with each other maybe they'll get somewhere. If they fight they will just hate each other more and more. And we are thinking about helping America! Surely if Tony cared about this country he wouldn't put us at risk as well. America needs to grow up and realise that violence is not the answer and Tony should realise that war is not wise.closing quote
Josh, 12, Purley

opening quoteI think war is a stupid idea. All that is gonna achieve is having thousands of new grave stones around in different countries. And thousands of kind people will die just for the sake of one or two deaths of evil people. What's the point in that?closing quote
Caroline, 12, Hornchurch

opening quoteDo they not think Iraq's going to attack back. And now Tony Blair's getting us involved. War is so stupid, just people from other countries killing each other. They should at least get approval from the UN, I don't see why they can't even try to become allies with Iraq, I know it sounds silly to think that could ever happen.closing quote
Kelly, 14

opening quoteI think there's always another solution besides war. Does the president of the US think about the men, women and children which may be killed in ground raids. I do not approve of Iraq's methods in any way. But does blood really need to be shed. Every soldier is somebody's father, somebody's husband or somebody's son.closing quote
Craig, 16, Chichester

opening quoteI think that Bush is just thinking of himself and he should stop trying to make things difficult.closing quote
Rhiannon, 10, Fareham

opening quoteWhat happened to the war on terrorism! They can't find Bin Laden so they get bored and try to get somebody else! Iraq hasn't done anything yet, we shouldn't start fights, we should finish them!closing quote
James, 12, Ettrick

opening quoteSaddam Hussein poses a huge threat to the world. The fact that he won't let the UN inspect his stores of weapons is very worrying. I think that we should try to avoid war, but sometimes force has to be used.closing quote
Siobhan, 15, Brighton

opening quoteI think going to war is a stupid thing to do. You just cause more hatred in the world, two wrongs don't make a right.closing quote
Brid, 13, Dublin

opening quoteI don't know what to think, but it scares me to think that this man we're bombing has weapons of mass destruction. Bombing him could prevent him from using these, but on the other hand it could just provoke him. If we bomb him and he decides to retaliate then we will be the first in line for a revenge attack. Why can't we just all agree? As Hagrid said, "What's comin' will come, an' we'll meet it when it does."closing quote
Emma, 13, Chichester

opening quoteIf Saddam DOES have nuclear weapons and we attack him, I hate to think what will happen. We need to get the UN weapons inspectors in before we do anything. I'm very anxious about what Blair wants to do.closing quote
Suzi, 16, Bristol

opening quoteI don't think it is a good idea. They could just talk it over, instead on killing people.closing quote
Louise, 12, Newbury Park

opening quoteWar is never an answer. It kills so many innocent people and animals, before the target is killed. If we go to war I will never forgive whoever made that decision. No war please.closing quote
Laura, 13, Southampton

opening quoteI think they should be mature about it, fighting and killing is stupid and doesn't get you anywhere.closing quote
Majid, 11, Sheffield

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