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  Do you cheat in computer games?
Updated 10 September 2002, 16.49

Are you a natural whizz at computer games, or do you rely on cheats to get you to the top levels?

Players caught cheating on popular online game Counter-Strike could soon get chucked off the servers for 24 hours thanks to a new anti-cheating system.

Is this a good idea? Do cheats ruin the fun, or is it cool to get a bit of help? Tell us what you think!

Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments pages on other subjects on the main Chat index.

opening quoteSometimes cheating can be fun but that is a personal opinion. To cheat online is taking the option away from the person you are playing with. So if you really want to cheat do that in single player, don't ruin people on the internets games. closing quote
Will, 13, Godalming

opening quoteI don't know how you can't cheat on a game! There's really no point is spending your money if you can't even get past the first level! closing quote
Paul, 13, Sheffield

opening quoteCheating is for those who are lacking any patience or skill. If ya can't do it persevere, no game is impossible.closing quote
LTA, 17, England Somewhere

opening quoteI cheat on Sims on holiday, coz if you're building a house and you run out of cash your Sim's gonna die! I used to skip levels on Tomb Raider but I don't now coz you need stuff on previous levels to finish and don't wanna skip everything then I don't get to play! closing quote
Laura, 13, Southampton

opening quoteThey're not cheats, they're ways of manipulating the game to your own advantage. closing quote
Jason, 14, Ipswich

opening quoteHow bad cheating is really depends on what kinda cheating it is, single-player cheats are ok, then you are only cheating yourself, but a cheat on an online game like Counter-Strike is ruining the fun for other people who play fair and rely on their skills. closing quote
Andrew, 14, Halesowen

opening quoteI cheat on the hard games. Usually I only start cheating if I've been doing it the normal way, and can't do it. closing quote
Sela, 11, Widnes

opening quoteI fell that you shouldn't use cheats like level skips and god mode unless you are really desperate, and that after you've completed the game it's alright to play again using fun cheats such as 'big heads' and the like. closing quote
Harry, 15, Wolverhampton

opening quoteCheating in multiplayer games gives too much of an advantage. It will be good once they finally get a system that blocks cheaters. closing quote
Barry, 16, Macarthur

opening quoteCheating on single player games is fine, but when you cheat against other people on the internet or on a network then people who cheat should be banned because it annoys people because you don't get the enjoyment out of the game.closing quote
Bob, 14, Gloucester

opening quoteI try my hardest to complete the game first, then I use cheats. Sometimes cheats make the game more fun. closing quote
Ric, 13, Whitby

opening quoteI think people who cheat are losers and are rubbish at games. I only cheat if I'm really stuck or I feel like having fun with strange cheats e.g. Big heads etc. Cheats destroy games because you see all a game has to offer within an hour. closing quote
Rob, 13, Hove

opening quoteI've always cheated!!! It's fun and you can always see what happens next!!! I love it!closing quote
Haley, 12, Sheffeild

opening quoteI never cheat. I do use walk through books for some games on things like N64 and PlayStation2. But they just tell you where to go, not cheats on how to do it. And the only way I'll use those is if I get stuck somewhere. What's the fun of playing the game if the cheat codes play it for you?closing quote
Calymne, 13, Brookfield

opening quoteIt is not really cheating it is just when you are stuck on a game you can get a hint of how to do it.closing quote
Luke, 14, Birmingham

opening quoteI only cheat after trying a level at least 3 times and then I only cheat because it is boring doing the same level!closing quote
Abby, 12, Staffs

opening quoteI luv cheating, I think it's the best way to win and it's really great. It is not cheating until you get caught! Happy cheating!closing quote
Omar, 14, New Malden

opening quoteOf course I cheat, I'm fed up spending 40 on a game I can't play. The last two games I bought, I'd already got the cheat codes off the internet before buying them, because I knew they'd be too hard.closing quote
Harry, 14, Inverness

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