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  Is the new 12A film rating a good idea?
Updated 10 September 2002, 16.50

If you're 11 or under you could soon be watching 12-rated films as long as you have an adult with you.

What do you think about this? Are you pleased you'll have more choice of films to see, or is being out with your parents the last thing you'd want?!

Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments pages on other subjects on the main Chat index.

opening quoteI've noticed that most people who disagree with the new rating for Spiderman are 12 or over! Don't you think that younger kids should be able to watch the film if their parents think they can handle it? But I think that children like, under 8 shouldn't be able to see the film as it would probably be too scary for them.closing quote
Nikki, 11, Cheshire

opening quoteI think it is a bad idea, the certificates are there for a reason and that reason is that the film is not sutiable for a person younger than 12, can't anyone except that. If the child wants to watch the film then their parents should get it when it comes out on video.closing quote
Hollie, 12, Aberdeen

opening quoteI don't see much point but the worst thing is that us 12 to 14-year-olds will no longer be able to go to the cinema with our mates without annoying little kids mucking about and making lots of noise. This is so unfair!!!!closing quote
Kat, 12, Edinburgh

opening quoteI think that it's a bad idea because it completely downgrades the meaning of a 15 and PG. Where is the point? 12s are 12s for a reason. This should not be seen as discriminating under-12s it just means that the movies contain mature storylines that young children can't understand.closing quote
Francesca, 13, Chelmsford

opening quoteI think they should scrap it now as if you're short they'll ask you why you're not with a parent and they won't believe you're 12 and they'll kick you out. And if you're tall then if it gets busy you'll be asked to move as some 7 or 8 year old can't see, then you'll be right at the back and it'll be crammed with adults so you won't be able to see!closing quote
Richard, 12, Hereford

opening quoteThis is a terrible idea because now the 12 films will be full of younger children and it will wreck the films for us. Going to a 12 is a way to escape younger brothers and sisters and now that¿s gone!closing quote
Will, 13, Godalming

opening quoteI don't think its a good idea. I didn't get to see 12 films when I was 11. Are they going to now have 15A?? Surely it's only fair that 14-year-olds should get to see 15's with an adult if 11-year-olds can see 12's with an adult??closing quote
Jen, 13, Farnborough

opening quoteI think it's a good idea but I would have liked it more if they had brought it out a couple of years ago!closing quote
Melissa, 11, Heswall

opening quote12's were made 12's for a reason. I thought that was what PG was for. So that kids could go and see suitable films with adults or if they were old enough with their friends. When I was 10 I wouldn't have understood 12 films so it will be bad news that kids under 12 can see it because it will just make them grow up quicker than they should.closing quote
Gillian, 14, Dromore

opening quoteI think it is quite a good idea because it is up to your parents if you can go. If they don¿t want you to go you can't.closing quote
Caroline, 11, Hornchurch

opening quoteI think it is a stupid idea! This means that a 5-year-old can see a 12 movie now and it deprives us 12-year-olds of the cinema!!closing quote
Elizabeth, 12, Epsom

opening quoteErm, Sarah from Grimsby? You said that 12-year-olds shouldn't complain - WHY NOT?! One of the best things about turning 12 was getting to see the films that people said we shouldn't see! If they're going to do this stupid 12A thing then why not get rid of the 12 and just have PG up to the age of 15?closing quote
Louise, 12, Essex

opening quoteI think it's really great, that us under 11 kids get to watch 12 movies with an adult.closing quote
Hafajul, 11, West Midlands

opening quoteIt's pointless. They put the 12 rating there for a reason, and now they're changing it. Older films that are 12 and the new films that are 12A will have the same content, so the 12A's are not suitable for under 12's.closing quote
Katharine, 12, Oxford

opening quoteIt's so unfair, I had to wait why can't others? I agree with James from London you will have little kids with parents. Anyway if it's a 12A that's the same as a PG. Plus your parent's will go with you even if your over 12 and bring along you brothers and sisters.closing quote
Martha, 13, Wolverhampton

opening quoteI think it is a bad idea because if it wasn't suitable for under 12's a few weeks ago why should it be now? I had to wait until I was 12 to see Titanic which I wanted to see when I was 10. I think they ought to introduce 15A and 18A to make it fairer.closing quote
Becky, 13, Hertfordshire

opening quoteDoes this mean they will bring out a 15a? When I was 11 I did not get to see a 12 movie, so why should they give the youth the advantage now?closing quote
Liam, 14, Rugby

opening quoteThis is a great idea! But I wish it came a year earlier! Because I only turned 12 a few months ago.closing quote
James, 12, Ettrick

opening quoteI think it's a bad idea cos as soon as I turned 12 I was looking forward to watching a film without being kicked in the back by kids and children running up and down to the toilet. Now I'm gonna have to wait another 3 years for that peace again!closing quote
Clare, 12, Essex

opening quoteI'm 12 and I think it is really unfair and annoying that they have changed it. I had 2 wait so why don't they?closing quote
Chris, 12, High Wycombe

opening quoteI think it's a good idea, but I would like to see a PG system. PG, PG-12, PG-15, PG-18, it would be good because you could get into any film as long as you have a parent with you.closing quote
Chris, 13, Spalding

opening quoteI think it's a good idea because most people will be as mature when they're 10 or 11 as when they're 12. Though I agree with Louise that 12-year-olds should have some privileges.closing quote
Holly, 11, Brighton

opening quoteWHAT?! I don't see what they mean by NEW idea! Even before this 12A thing came along, most of the cinemas near me would still let you in if were with your parents - even if you looked about eight!closing quote
Cassandra, 15, Southend

opening quoteI so agree with Louise, 12, Aberdeen, if there's a 12A then people younger than 15 should be able to watch 15 films with an adult.closing quote
Nareen, 13, Bedford

opening quoteWell if you are mature, why not? I mean if you're parents think you are mature enough...closing quote
Lucy, 12, Northants

opening quoteThis is such a stupid idea. As far as I'm concerned, this issue has been brought up by cinemas wanting to play Spiderman to younger audiences, just so they can make more money. 11-year-olds have jumped at the idea cause it means they get to watch more adult films but the ratings have been put there for a reason and younger people shouldn't be exposed to adult themes. Not all parents are responsible either and they might spoil their kids or just not care! closing quote
Robert, 14, Dewsbury

opening quoteI wish there was a 12A when I was 12. Now 12-year-olds shouldn't complain, they're lucky! And of course there shouldn't be a 15A, we're mature enough to cope with adult material.closing quote
Sarah, 15, Grimsby

opening quoteIt's a good idea because as long as you can handle the films you can watch decent ones!closing quote
Amanda, 12, Thamesmead

opening quoteI think it's a good idea but maybe instead they could have like 8+ films?closing quote
Lucy, 10, Leamington Spa

opening quoteYou don't want to be going into a cinema at 12 with an adult, you want to go on your own. It might be a good idea for some kids but not for others!closing quote
Sara, 13, Bedfordshire

opening quoteThey should wait until they are 12 but most who are 11 will sneak into a 12.closing quote
Dave, 12, Chippenham

opening quoteI think it's terrible! If there is a 12A why not have a 15A? I've watched 15s at home on video so why should I have to wait for a 15 to come on video and if I have to wait why can't 11 and unders wait?!closing quote
Maria, 12, West Hougton

opening quoteIt's a brill idea!closing quote
Fiona, 10, Sittingborne

opening quote It's great because I get to see the films my brother talks about and I miss. closing quote
Shane, 11, London

opening quote NO WAY!! 12 year olds should have some privileges. If there's a 12A why isn't there a 15A? closing quote
Louise, 12, Aberdeen

opening quote I think it is a good idea. It is the parents' choice if the child is allowed to see a film or not. closing quote
David, 11, Dundee

opening quote I think it is a bad idea, we want our independence and not have to listen to little children and their parents telling them to watch the film. closing quote
James, 13, London

opening quote I think that it would be a terrible idea, because it means that they will cut things out of 12 movies which you would normally have so it wouldn't be much like a 12 movie. You would have to wait till you were 15 to go and see a decent movie. closing quote
Alexandra, 12, Bristol

opening quote I think it's a good idea because I don't think it really matters going to the cinema with my dad and plus that means I can watch films before they are released on video which is months after. closing quote
Fran, 11, Ugley

opening quote It's a really good idea. I will be able to watch the same films as my older brother. closing quote
James, 9, London

opening quote I think it's great. Many cool films are brought out under a certificate 12. I don't mind going with my parents because I get to see a great movie. As long as the language or violence isn't too bad then I'm happy! closing quote
Chris, 11, Weymouth

opening quote The 12A is a great idea, it gives younger children more of a choice in trying out different films. closing quote
Rachel, 10, Maidenhead

opening quote It's certainly a good idea. Under the current system, children under 12 cannot watch 12-rated movies even with parent allowance. closing quote
Steve, 14, Warrington

opening quote I don't think it's such a good idea, cause then my sister will watch the same movies as I. closing quote
Rebekka, 12, London

opening quote I think this is a great idea because my parents like similar films to me and I can now see a wider variety of films. closing quote
David, 11, Leamington Spa

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