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  Why are girls doing better at school?
Updated 10 September 2002, 16.48

Girls are officially the school brainboxes after GCSE results showed they beat boys in nearly all of the subjects.

So why are boys getting left behind?

Come on boys tell us what you think is going on. Do you lads find school boring or is it cool to be lazy?

Girls do you think you work harder or do you think boys just don't have the brains?

Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments pages on other subjects on the main Chat index.

opening quoteGirls have nothing better to do, so they work. I think they're like robots. Well, robots may be brainy but boys have independent minds. We think for ourselves. closing quote
David, 14, Glasgow

opening quoteBoys are clever but they don't want to look like boffins so they don't try hard whereas girls don't care as much about the social consequences and so they try harder.closing quote
James, 12, Sandridge

opening quoteIt's quite simple, the neuron balance inside the crestular sector in the females' brain produces a far greater ratio of nerve signals. DUH!!!!closing quote
Matt, 14, St Albans

opening quoteExcuse me Paul,12, Littlehampton, boys are probably under less pressure than girls. I've just got my results and for all the people who called me a boff....hehehe who's laughing now. Males have had it easy through life, they've got all the best jobs but now us girls are coming and taking over!!! GIRLS RULE!!!closing quote
Catherine, 16, Barnsley

opening quoteGirls are given more help than boys when they are young. They can also concentrate for longer and they take exams and their future more seriously and at a younger age than boys. I also think that because girls have been doing better for so long the boys have lost their motivation.closing quote
Sarah, 14, Reading

opening quoteI think girls do better at school because they listen more to the teachers and don't get into as many fights.closing quote
Suzanna, 11, Surrey

opening quoteI don't think the lads are doing bad in my year. But this is how it is, the boys always goof off in class and they think it's funny when a teacher asks them for their homework assignment and they don't have it. Then they get detention and enjoy saying, "oh yeah, I didn't want to do the homework so I got like my 80th detention in a row". That's how it is, really. But I bet if guys worked hard, they would do better! And I also think that it's unfair the way that boys with good grades are treated. The ones who are star students and who read and do all their homework are made fun of.closing quote
Trish, 13

opening quoteI think that girls are doing better because they are more enthusiastic towards their studies and work.closing quote
Amy, 12, Lichfield

opening quoteIt's cos us lads just wanna mess bout with r m8s.closing quote
Scott, 15, Belfast

opening quoteEveryone is unique and made with different talents. If you want to do well and have a good job, then you have to put the effort into studying for exams. Boffs and geeks don't exist - they are just stupid!closing quote
Eleanor, 12, Stratford Upon Avon

opening quoteI got my GCSE results today too, they are not too bad I guess?! But yeah I reckon girls can do better because they work harder, in the class and at home too, unlike boys, they often just mess around in the class and hope to do well.closing quote
Susan, 16, Brighton

opening quoteI think it's because girls have a higher concentration level than boys. I think boys are good at studying too though!closing quote
Becky, 12, Birmingham

opening quoteThe simple reason is, girls are more clever than boys, :) ! Seriously though, I think girls care more about schoolwork than most boys do.closing quote
Ceri, 14, Monmouth

opening quoteGirls study more because they want to end up with a decent job, while boys think a good job will appear from nowhere, I don't really care though cos at the end of the day it'll them who end up with rubbish jobs.closing quote
Grace, 10, Southampton

opening quoteBoys are just as clever as girls. But boys are under a lot of pressure to do well in exams and still have a good reputation. If boys work hard they are classed as boffins and geeks with is really unfair.closing quote
Paul, 12, Littlehampton

opening quoteWhat can I say, us girls are just naturally clever!closing quote
Emma, 15, Linlithgow

opening quoteI think it's coz most boys only want to do well in subjects they like. If they don't like it, they don't try, they put enough effort into these subjects so they scrape a pass. Subjects boys enjoy are ones they're generally better at anyway so in these subjects the marks are higher. Girls seem to put equal effort into everything whether they enjoy it or not.closing quote
Zoe, 15

opening quoteGirls aren't smarter than boys, they just concentrate more and it isn't just a laddish thing, it is what everybody does!closing quote
Emily, 11, Birmingham

opening quoteBoys just like mucking around and aren't really that bothered about schoolwork but us girls don't worry about our reputation and revise but we DON'T spend all our time buried in books.closing quote
Freya, 11, Bristol

opening quoteBoys think it is uncool to work hard while girls don't. But a lot of boys work hard too!.closing quote
Hollie, 12, Cambs

opening quoteBoy's are just as amart as girls. It just depends on if they study hard enough.closing quote
Addie, 12, Illinois, USA

opening quoteGirls are better at school but boys are better at sports.closing quote
Rosemary, 11, London

opening quoteMy brother got his results and he got 4 As and the rest Bs so not all boys are stupid.closing quote
Christian, 13, London

opening quoteI want to say to Stuart, 14, Newquay that just because girls actually CARE about their future and not just what their friends think of them it does not mean that they are sad!!!closing quote
Kriti, 12, Essex

opening quoteI think that girls are doing better than boys because they study harder and the boys muck about more.closing quote
Tom, 14, London

opening quoteLoads of people are saying the reason is that girls are smarter and more clever, that's not necessarily true, some boys are smart and get good grades, it's just it seems uncool to get A* grades or whatever every time!closing quote
Georgina, 12, Solihull

opening quoteBoys are too worried, about their rep, to do well in class. Girls like to look better and try harder. Boys don't try and they're lazy. I thought it's so tight because at a school in London the boys get more help than the girls, so the girls could be getting even higher grades, but the teachers are being told to spend more time on the boys education. If the boys don't want to try hard and learn then they should spend more time with the girls who do want to learn.closing quote
Sarah, 14, Aldershot

opening quoteI don't think it's all boys' fault that some of them get lower grades. Girls are generally easier to teach and don't mind how they learn whereas boys need to be taught in different ways to make it sink in. I think the teachers don't adapt to this difference so boys lose out.closing quote
Clare, 15, Stroud

opening quoteMore teachers are female, they spend more time with girls than boys so girls have an advantage.closing quote
Bill, 14 , Freashwater Bay

opening quoteI think that although girls may be generally better at school, boys are better than us at other things as well. We all have our own individual qualities!closing quote
Emma, 13, Chicester

opening quoteBoys seem to think it's uncool to work.closing quote
Claire, 10, Merton

opening quoteGirls are probably doing better, because girls are at the age where they are more mature and can handle more work then boys.closing quote
Brigid, 13, Lake Bluff

opening quoteBoys only use half of their brain whereas girls use the whole thing!closing quote
Sarah, 15, Grimsby

opening quoteI think girls do better at school because they realise if they don't work, they will get a rubbish job. Where as boys just think of football and skating!closing quote
Lydia, 12, Northants

opening quoteI think that girls really put their minds to their schoolwork more than boys because they always want to play sports. But don't get me wrong... That doesn't apply to every boy!closing quote
Christine, 13, London

opening quoteBoys are actually more clever than girls. A majority of boys don't try but the world's most important jobs are done by men NOT women.closing quote
Bert, 14, Inverbervie

opening quoteIt is not sad to spend all your time in books Stuart! If anything it's the boys who are sad to think that they don't need their exams and will just become great footballers which is very unlikely. Girls are more sensible than boys, that's why teachers warm to them! Boys could do as good as girls in their GCSEs it's just that a lot of them are too immature too even try. closing quote
Saffron, 13, Doncaster

opening quoteI think it's because girls take exams and stuff more seriously than boys but it doesn't mean to say that boys aren't clever. My brother got his results today and he got fantastic results, even though I'm a girl, I think I'll never do as good as him in my exams!closing quote
Amber, 13, London

opening quoteGirls are just born clever and boys are just dumb! Girls care about their marks while boys couldn't give a fig! Girls are more sociable, caring and patient than boys.closing quote
Louise, 12, Manchester

opening quoteI know that I still haven't done any of my GCSEs, yet I have learned that girls are doing better than boys not just in GCSEs but in other examinations too. This is because boys don't put enough effort in. Girls spend time planning out their work while all boys wanna do is play football, this is why boys are not doing too well in exams.closing quote
Sean, 13, Lurgan, N Ireland

opening quoteWe girls care more about our future, and we don't mind working hard even if we don't like it. We are very proud of ourselves and we really like being better than boys, they are so lazy!closing quote
Eethar, 14, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

opening quoteBoys have equal brains to girls but it is seen as uncool if they work hard at school!closing quote
Jennifer, 14, Leeds

opening quoteI think this is because lads would rather spend all day kicking a football than work. But they will be the ones who lose out as they will end up not being a footballer and as they didn't pay attention in school they will have bad jobs and girls will have good jobs!!!closing quote
Hannah, 12, Birmingham

opening quoteIt is very annoying when people complain every year about the results being made easy to get. People who want to do well revise. Those who don't suffer later. You decide your own fate. Simple. If you work hard, you get those results. And believe me, the exams don't get easier each year.closing quote
Louise, 16, Taunton

opening quoteBoys aren't dumber than girls, it's just that girls care too much. Many boys that I know knew that they would pass most subjects, so they just didn't bother revising because they knew they would do well enough. Girls on the other hand, are just too scared to fail. GCSE results aren't the most important exams ever, just because boys are slacking behind a bit, it doesn't mean that they are dumber.closing quote
Sarah, 13, Ireland

opening quoteBoys try really hard and I think that teachers just warm to girls more and give them more time.closing quote
Frances, 15, Newton Abbot

opening quoteGirls just have more time to study, the boys are playing football at school while the girls are in the extra study class!closing quote
Hannah, 12, Milton Keynes

opening quotePerhaps if boys, like Stuart, 14, Newquay, stopped insulting us girls, they would do better when taking exams. I really want to do well when I take my GCSE's and the only way they can do that it to work hard, unlike boys, who spend all their time on their computer and teasing girls. No offence to boys who do work hard, but boys with an attitude like Stewart ain't gonna get very far!closing quote
Julie, 14, Manchester

opening quoteCos girls rule!closing quote
Kim, 12, Reading

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