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  What are you scared of?
Updated 14 August 2002, 09.53

If spiders send a shiver down your spine then you better give the new film Eight-Legged Freaks a miss this month.

But it's not just eight-legged fiends that frighten you, there are loads of other things people have phobias about from birds to Wellingtons!

We want to know what you are scared of. Do you wimp out near water, get jelly legs at the site of jumbo jets or are you just too cool to be scared?

We are no longer taking e-mails on this topic. Please scroll down to read what you had to say...

opening quoteI'm scared of bees and wasps because when they buzz, it sends a chill up my spine, but also cos when I was young a wasp was trying to sting me and my dad tried to shoo it off but it bit him and he got an infection.closing quote
Reem, 12, Enfield

opening quoteI'm scared of spiders and being in a dark room by myself. I'm also totally scared of museums! Well, not the actual museum, but dummies! It's horrible how they look so real, as though they're about to jump out at you!!! closing quote
Hannah, 12, Lancaster

opening quoteI'm not really scared of anything but I know someone who's scared of rhubarb! Weirdo! closing quote
Allie, 15, Springfield

opening quoteI hate injection needles... injections creep me out. I run out of surgery to get away from them! closing quote
Kacey, 15

opening quoteI really don't like seeing blood and flesh on shows like Casualty and Holby City. closing quote
Ana, 12, Great Yeldham

opening quoteI'm dead scared of ghosts. I know it's strange but when I'm alone I always hear breathing that isn't mine! I'm starting to think my house is haunted! closing quote
Sarah, 10, Armagh

opening quoteI HATE those freaky dolls and statues, where their eyes look alive. I once saw this statue at a restaurant where it was all white, apart from the eyes which were black, and you could see them moving, and it totally freaked me out. closing quote
Kim, 12, Reading

opening quoteI am really scared of flying. When I went to Canada my sister was teasing me and it wasn't one bit fair! closing quote
Sarah, 13, Ards

opening quoteMy worst fear is exams. Whenever I have an exam I start shaking + crying because even the thought of them makes me shiver! closing quote
Harv, 16

opening quoteI know this sounds silly but I really don't like Oompa Loompas, you know those little orange men from Charlie and The Chocolate Factory! They just creep me out! closing quote
Katie, 14, Walton-on-Thames

opening quoteThis is a weird phobia as I live by the sea but I am scared of jellyfish, even if they are the ones that don't sting you. If I see one or one of my mates have seen one I refuse to go into the sea again that day! I also do a surf club and if there are jellyfish in the sea I won't join in! closing quote
Beckie, 11, Cornwall

opening quoteI just can't stand spiders even when I think of them I start to feel sick and it feels like they're crawling up my back closing quote
Chelsea, 12, Essex

opening quoteMy main phobia is of the dentist and I've had it since I was about 7! My phobia was so bad that people pretending to make the noise of the drill reduced me to tears. But I'm receiving hypnotherapy and it's getting better closing quote
Anon, 15, England

opening quoteSpiders, definitely. I'm also still scared of the dark, I thought I'd grow out of it but although I'm not as bad as I was when I was little, I hate being in the house on my own at night, and being outside in the dark unless I'm with loads of friends or my Mum! closing quote
Catherine, 15, Wirral

opening quoteI really don't like porcelain dolls, their pale faces really make me shiver. closing quote
Ceri, 14, Monmouth

opening quoteI get really nervous about touching people's hands and I just can't stand feet closing quote
Charlotte, 11, Stevenage

opening quoteI am totally scared of oranges, whenever I'm shopping with my Mum and she goes past them they make me shiver and go all weird!!!!! closing quote
Phoebe, Cardiff

opening quoteI have an irrational fear of caterpillars. They're just so creepy!! Writing this gives me the shivers already. closing quote
Lianne, 13, Canada

opening quoteI am soooo scared of spiders and the dark. I have a fairly big house and walking through it at night is like walking through a haunted house. I hate spiders because of what they look like, they have too many legs and I hate the way they move. closing quote
Jaime, 13, Sebastopol

opening quoteI'm deathly afraid of sharks, especially Great Whites. We live near a beach and whenever I go swimming I always get scared a shark is going to bite my leg off. closing quote
Charzz, 14, Melbourne

opening quoteI hate spiders, and the skin on stuff like custards and soups. Just thinking about them makes me want to be sick! closing quote
Natalie, 14, Leics

opening quoteI am scared of sharks. Ever since I watched Jaws, I will not go in the beach water. I'm getting better now but am still a little bit scared. closing quote
Hollie, 12, Cambs

opening quoteMy phobia is a strange one. I have this fear of talking at school! At home I am fine but talking at school is really scary!closing quote
Jennifer, 14, Dundee

opening quoteI have a serious phobia of something. I'm too scared to say it out loud, but they call my fear "emetophobia", a fear of vomiting.closing quote
Emma, 13, Chichester

opening quoteI hate slugs and snails, oh and worms! Not that they don't do good work for the soil but they are totally disgusting. I don't mind spiders anymore because I went to an animal park with my school and the man said that we were going to hold the most placid spider ever and then at the end he said you've just held one of the most poisonous tarantula's ever! And I've held a Boa Constrictor. So I'm ok with Snakes and Spiders. closing quote
Jessica, 12, London

opening quoteI'm scared of heights. When I went up Blackpool tower I wouldn't dare go near the edge. It just makes me feel sick!closing quote
Danielle, 14, Lancs

opening quoteI am absolutely petrified of snakes they scare me to death because some are poisonous and others are deadly squeezers I just hate them.closing quote
Kimberley, 12, Shropshire

opening quoteMy best friend is very ill, she has cancer. I know she's dying, but I just can't come to terms with it. I fear she'll die before I get the chance to give her the goodbye she deserves.closing quote
Anon, 13, London

opening quoteI used to be afraid of sharks but when I got bitten by a Mako shark on vacation I became curious and decided to find out more about them and now they're my fave animals! closing quote
Tara, 14, Glasgow

opening quoteI'm scared that JK Rowling might die before she finish's Harry Potter. closing quote
Hannah, 12, Milton Keynes

opening quoteDaddy Long Legs and how easily they can lose a leg and how they dart about. closing quote
Frances, 15, Newton Abbot

opening quoteI'm scared of tons of things (lol). Not really, but I hate clowns (I always have), spider, any sort of creepy crawlies and recently, I've become scared of flying, but that doesn't help seeing as I'm going to Florida for a fortnight next year! I used to love flying, but after all the accidents and everything that's happened (oh, and after watching Final Destination), it's put me off. closing quote
Michelle, 16, Liverpool

opening quoteI am scared of clowns they are disgusting and look really frightening with their big lips and horrible big boots.closing quote
Izzy, 11, Dundee

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