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  Are you fed up waiting for Harry Potter?
Updated 21 August 2002, 14.46

Harry Potter book five might not be out till autumn 2003, according to people who know JK Rowling.

The book was never actually officially promised to us for this year.

But are you getting fed up of the wait? Or do you think it's fine for JK to take as long as she needs - so she can make it as good as possible?

We are no longer taking e-mails on this topic. Please scroll down to read what you had to say...

opening quoteI think she has writing block. It has never taken her this long to write a HP book. Not many good authors take three years to write a sequel.closing quote
Steve, 14, Sunderland

opening quoteThe more time she takes over it the better the 5th book will be. All this fuss about being too old for it when it comes - look at all the adults who love it! Anyone who can't be bothered to wait for the next book can't really be a true Harry Potter fan.closing quote
Catherine, 12, Glasgow

opening quoteIt's getting quite boring waiting but there are lots of other good books to read out there like Artemis Fowl 2.closing quote
Alex, 10, Bromyard

opening quoteI understand that it is very difficult to write a good book and get it published in a really short amount of time, but I really feel that if everyone has to wait any longer they are going to lose interest in the books.closing quote
Karalena, 13, Elmhurst

opening quoteI think the only reason Book five is releasing so late is because of all the pressure put on JK. Think about it, the whole world is waiting for this book and if it's not good, it would be a world-wide disappointment. I think JKR should take all the time she needs. closing quote
Eve, 13, Phoenix, USA

opening quoteI'm not IMPATIENT. She does need time, it takes a long time to right such a book! So it's better to wait and read a really interesting book then read a hurried, rushed book. Anyway don't be impatient, imagine how you would feel having to write only one more book for the Harry Potter sequence and you have to try and fit the whole story. There are so many unanswered questions. So please can people leave her alone!!!!!!!!!!closing quote
Magda, 12, London

opening quoteYES - I AM FED UP WITH WAITING!!!!! But I suppose the longer it takes to write this new book, the better it'll be. If JK Rowling took 6 months to write it, it wouldn't be very good. So the longer we wait the better treat we get. Imagine waiting 6 months for this slim, 100 page rubbishy book when we can wait two years and get something even better than the Goblet of Fire. And you gotta admit, that book WAS good! closing quote
Julie, 14, Manchester

opening quoteEveryone just needs to calm down a bit!! We can all wait a little longer for what is definitely going to be the best book in the world, right? Everyone's getting so stressed!!! If the first four books really aren't satisfying you then write your own fifth book or something! That would be way more fun than moaning!!!closing quote
Emilie, 16, Sheffield

opening quoteThe more we wait, the more exited we'll get and then we will enjoy the book more. Anyway we do not want to stress her!closing quote
Zara, 10, Lincoln

opening quoteI don't think this is fair for either the readers or JK Rowling. It's no point rushing her but we are bored. The fourth book came out in 2000 and we assumed the fifth book would come this year. Now we have to wait another year. The boredom will kill me.closing quote
Tanim, 14, London

opening quoteI don't think it's right everyone annoying JK Rowling. If she says it's gonna be the best book then it is.closing quote
Rosie, 12, Peterborough

opening quoteI think it's ok that the book isnt out 'till 2003, this must mean that JK is writing a realy good book, and we'll enjoy it more if we wait. In the meantime, we can just read the first 4 over and over again!closing quote
Gemma, 13, Liverpool

opening quoteI know it's a little disappointing that the book might not come out this year but the longer we wait and be patient, the better the book will be. I mean if you think about it, if JK rushed the book, it will be absolute rubbish and there's only seven books of Harry Potter so if she made this book longer than we will get to read more!closing quote
Amber, 13, London

opening quoteI think JK must have writer's block!!!!!!closing quote
Lucy, 13, London

opening quoteI only know the name of the next book, THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX EVERYONE! If the next book is rubbish it's because she was rushed into finishing it. And it's supposed to be longer than the Goblet of Fire so think how long that would take you!closing quote
Hannah, 13, Bristol

opening quoteJK can take all the time she needs cos I'm starting to read other books and I'm still a massive HP fan.closing quote
Sara, 11, Barking

opening quoteShe's probably too busy counting her money to do any writing this year!closing quote
Mark, 11, Cranleigh

opening quoteWe shouldn't keep badgering JK cause she's the one who brought us dear old Harry and his enchanting world in the first place! Patience is a virtue people! It'll probably be worth it because if book 5 turns out to be 3,000 pages long, then it's just more Harry Potter to read, right?closing quote
Stephanie, 13, Washington DC, USA

opening quoteI was disappointed when it was delayed the first time - but the only reason for that was because I EXPECTED it to come out July 2001. There isn't a deadline. I'm now waiting for it patiently. closing quote
Greta, 13, London

opening quoteI read the first book very soon after it came out but at this rate, by the time the last one comes out I will be to old to enjoy it in the same way as I do at the moment. With one book a year, I grew up with the characters, now I'll feel too old. I suppose that if the book is good enough it will make up for it but everyone made such a big thing about her already knowing what she was going to write, isn't 3 years a little too long just to write something up in neat? closing quote
Sarah, 14, Lancashire

opening quoteI am really looking forward to JK Rowling's new book. Even if it takes a while - it must be good if it's taking so long.closing quote
Lyndsey, 12, Huddersfield

opening quoteI think JK has made us wait way too long. It didn't take her this long to write the Goblet of Fire and book five isn't going to be as long. Although she is a brilliant writer I cant see why shes taken over two years when usually she manages to do it in one.Very few authors take this long when writing a part of a series, Order of the phoenix has been overdue since last november and personally waiting a year was too much for me. Two is ridiculous. I sincerly hope its out before autumn 2003.closing quote
Chris, 15, Orpington

opening quoteI think everybody should forget about Harry Potter until it comes out!!! 'Cause the world isn't about Harry Potter - there are other things to worry about than the book and film and JK Rowling!!! closing quote
Gillian, 11, Glasgow

opening quotePeople forget that JKR is a REAL person not some writing-machine whose only purpose is to give us fantastic books. JKR is Harry Potter's #1 fan and she probably just wants it to be perfect, she's a great author, great person, and has given us all great books. The least we can do is give the poor girl a break. closing quote
Kathleen, 13, Doncaster

opening quoteI admit, I am a little impatient, but you know, J.K. had a lot going on the past year, getting married etc. I'm sure she's rushing to get that book ready for us! closing quote
Trisha, 13,

opening quoteI think the more pressure people put on JK about the book, the longer it will take her to finish it! If people just left her alone, she wouldn't feel as though she has to rush it. Also, if JK rushes the book, because of pressure, it may not be as good as the books she has written before it.closing quote
Suzanne, 13, Harlow

opening quoteIf you really liked Harry Potter you wouldn't mind waiting. After all if it takes her this long to write the book then it's bound to be good.If you are a true Harry Potter fan then you would lay off J.K.Rowling and let her get on with it.closing quote
Jessica, 12, Bury

opening quoteI admit I'm getting pretty stressed about it, but I'd rather wait and it be good, than get it now and it not be 100% brilliant.closing quote
Jen, 13, Farnborough

opening quoteI don't like Harry Potter so I am glad it's not coming out soon.closing quote
Christian, 12, London

opening quoteTo tell u the truth I don't really care about the books! I just wait for the movies to come out!closing quote
Karen, 16, Lancashire

opening quoteI think JK can take as long as she wants to write her next book, so that this one will be just as fab as the others. But I am geting a little bit bored as I am looking forward to reading it!!closing quote
Natalie, 14, Brandon in Suffolk

opening quoteI would rather have a great fifth book in 2003, than a not-so-good book in 2002 because the author was hurried into writing it! JK, take all the time you need! The real fans will wait for the great fifth part!closing quote
Astrid, 12, Belgium

opening quoteIt gets annoying, the waiting, but in the end, the longer we wait, the better the book will be.closing quote
Hannah, 12, Milton Keynes

opening quoteI don't think that she should take this long just to finish book 5. She shouldn't rush or write in a hurry but she shouldn't be slack either. It feels as if the whole world is waiting in this book and its taking forever. I suppose she is under pressure but what job or responsibility doesn't have its ups and downs? I think that she should speed up because this wait is almost unbearable.closing quote
Michelle, 14, London

opening quoteU need to leave JK alone. It's not right to keep hassling her. I want the next book to be as good as the last. I hope so. She's the best!closing quote
Patrick, 11, Carrickfergus

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