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  What inventions would make your life easier?
Updated 02 August 2002, 15.03
If you could make something new that would make your life easier, what would it be?

Perhaps a machine that takes your dog for a walk, or a robot that does your homework for you?

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opening quoteI think a robotic mum would be good because you could turn her off when you want!closing quote
Becky, 12, Hartlepool

opening quoteI would like a car run off either wind, solar power or some other resource besides gasoline or coal, because I think it will lead to people living healthier and richer lives and we can save the coal and fuel for future needs!closing quote
Addie, 13, Illinois, USA

opening quoteI'd like a robot that does your homework and goes to school instead of youself going to school. It also does the cleaning, shopping and cooking.closing quote
Rachel, 9, London

opening quoteI'd like a coat with a fitted TV and radio in and a sensor to see where the fit boys hang around!closing quote
Charlotte, 12, Cumbria

opening quoteI would have a hat like inspector gadget so I could do my room and my homework at the same time.closing quote
Jacko, 12, London

opening quoteI think what would make life easier is a cd player that can turn the song into a video hologram!! smart EYE!closing quote
Sioned, 11, Bangor

opening quoteA robot helper that could help the disabled, just like guide dogs. The robot could direct the blind care and look after the sick.closing quote
Benito, 11, Kirkby

opening quoteI would have a reminder helmet for all sizes to wear at night so I won't forget a thing for the rest of the day.closing quote
Riten, 10, Stanmore

opening quoteI would invention a 5-place Transporter which lets you go to 5 places. Just press a button with a number and walk into the transporter window and in 2 seconds you will go to the place you chose. I think this is a good invention.closing quote
Daniel, 13, Lostwithel

opening quoteI would invent a robot dog called Interpup. On his belly would be a screen and you could play games or surf the web. You could teach him to speak and sing by telling him through the speaker!closing quote
Lauren, 10, Oxford

opening quoteI'd like a car that you would just say where you want to go to, and it would take you there, no fuss, no crashes!closing quote
Charlie, 11, Aboyne

opening quoteMy invention would be a calculator that shrinks when a teacher sees it so then I could secretly cheat at tests.closing quote
Chris, 9, Mobberely

opening quoteI would like a robot that hands out free food to the poor and victims of poverty and war.closing quote
Matthew, 9, Downton

opening quoteI would make a robot that tidies your room and has a TV in the middle like a telly tubby with sky on it and a computer.closing quote
Phillip, 12, Holmes Chapel

opening quoteI'd like a T.V that when you left the room it would automatically record what you had missed, and by pressing a button on the remote show it to you when you have finished watching the programme. And all the programs you watch are saved and by pressing another button, it will show a list of programs that you have watched. And then you can choose what program you want to watch again. That would be good!!!closing quote
Emily, 11, London

opening quoteI would make a working robot, that looks, sounds, smells and acts like me. It would do all of the things I tell it to do and every question it is asked it will get correct so I will not have to work at all and if you do not want it anymore (not that you will want to stop it) you can take the batteries out!closing quote
Emily, 11, Birmingham

opening quoteI would want a machine that would make it sunny and warm all the time so I wouldn't have to walk the dog in the rain!closing quote
Hannah, 11, Brighton

opening quoteI would like a little remote control with a mute button on it, so when my sisters are doing my head in I can just point the control at them and they will loose their voices! Peace at last!!closing quote
Shelly, 13, London

opening quoteI would build a device that could blow up all the pop bands I don't like and shoot 'em out of the charts. Hehe.closing quote
Rachel, 13, Grantham

opening quoteI'd invent a robot that could take you anywhere in the world you wanted to go. That would be cool.closing quote
Iinishuwalum, 14, Hanslow

opening quoteA time machine would be top of my list, so I could relive the best moments of my life - and get all the answers to my homework!!closing quote
Nicola, 14, Hinderwell

opening quoteI wouldn't mind a robot that could do my homework!closing quote
Martin,15, Glasgow

opening quoteI would have a personal transporter like on Star Trek so I don't have to sit on the bus for 30 minutes every day and night going to school.closing quote
Pete, 14, Zell am See, Austria

opening quoteCars that didn't pollute the atmosphere and governments to stop spending the world and people's money on weapons and spend them on poor countries, hospitals and ways to stop us ruining the planet.closing quote
Rosie, 12, Sheffield

opening quoteI'd like a skateboard that you could fold up and put in your school bag - but it would still be the best skateboard you could get and look really cool.closing quote
Richard, 11, Newton Abbot

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