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  Should kids get fingerprinted?
Updated 25 July 2002, 18.14

Thousands of you have had your fingerprints taken at school so that you can borrow books from the library.

But what do you think about it? Have you had your fingerprints taken at your school? Did your parents know? Did you feel like a criminal?

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opening quoteI think that it is stupid because it makes you feel like a criminal when you haven't done anything wrong. I think it will make people rebel against the system as well so they can see what is done about it. It's unfair and more adults steal books than children anyway!closing quote
Emily, 14, Leeds

opening quoteI think fingerprinting is a good idea because schools and public libraries will save hundreds of pounds each year on replacing new books that have been stolen but you may feel a bit like a criminal.closing quote
Kimberley, 12, Shrewsbury

opening quoteI think its a wicked idea! You can loose a library card but you can't loose your fingerprint! Unless you have your fingers chopped off for some reason.closing quote
Kelli, 14, Blackburn

opening quoteOur school has had this system since September and although I don't use the library that much, when I do it means I can't forget my card, it's a lot easier!closing quote
Stephanie, 13, Sherborne

opening quoteAt school we use fingerprints instead of library cards. I don't feel that there is anything bad about the scheme except that sometimes it rejects your print and you can't take out a book. Even if you've washed your hand loads of times, it can still reject your print, probably because the the thumb pad used to take the prints is dirty or someone has cut it with their fingernail. Everyone has to keep their library card just in case the system crashes.closing quote
Annie, 11, Milton Keynes

opening quoteFingerprints for a libary book??? What will be next? Blood samples???!closing quote
Shelly, 13, London

opening quoteI think it is a great idea. It is quick and easy and no one else can borrow books under your name, which they could do if they found your library card and used it. Fingerprints are unique and you can't lose them!closing quote
Owen, 12, Southend

opening quoteI have one at my school and I didn't actually know about it until today. You don't actually know it's happening. All you do is place your thumb on a pad and it scans it. It's quite kool.closing quote
Hannah, 12, Southampton

opening quoteI think that it is the stupidist thing ever. They should stick to the old fashioned way and keep on using library cards.closing quote
Sophy, 13, Sheffield

opening quoteOnce I've left school I hope to go on to higher education and eventually a degree in forensic science which includes the study of fingerprints. I think that using the prints to identify pupils is a great idea, as no two people have the same print (not even twins). In 1860 in Calcutta, illiterate people were stopped getting their pensions twice.closing quote
Anthony, 14, Blackburn

opening quoteWe have fngerprints at our school, so we don't get a book from the libary under anyone else's name, that way we don't get a fine for not returning our books when we ain't got them out!closing quote
Sophie, 12, Halifax

opening quoteI agree with Hannah about the fingerprints. Every child should have they're fingerprints taken, but only so it makes it easier for police to track criminals. Also you would not feel like being a criminal because everyone has it done. But for libary books? Come on.closing quote
Biggles, 11, Sheffield

opening quoteI think fingerprinting is quite unnecessary in libraries because it's only a book children are taking out, they're not committing a crime. Having a library card is much easier because it gives the child some responsibility looking after it. Fingerprinting would cost more because you would use more fresh card for when a person takes out a book each time.closing quote
Kimberley, 15, Gloucester

opening quoteWow, this must be the most ridiculous thing, ever. Children are not going to fake their identity for the sake of a library book. What's the point of taking their fingerprints?! Local Public libraries dont even take fingerprints and they have adults going to them! What is the world coming to?!closing quote
Aiya, 12, London

opening quoteI have not had my fingers printed and do not wish to. The people in our school who are most likely to steal a book aren't exactly the type to read!closing quote
Emma, 13, Chicester

opening quoteChildren should have their fingerprints taken for important things like your passport but not a library card..that's pathetic!closing quote
Hannah, 14, Wheathampstead

opening quoteIt could help crack down on street crime, every child has their prints taken, so if they ever break the law the police will know who did it!closing quote
Hannah, 11, Milton Keynes

opening quoteI think kids shouldn't get fingerprinted because it is an invasion of privacy and if they didn't do anything they would be getting told off for something they didn't do.closing quote
Leon, 11, Chasetown

opening quoteI feel that having our fingerprints taken for library books is wrong. What is wrong with using proper library cards? It's saying kids are incompetent using cards. It makes children feel small and makes us look like we are some sort of trouble makers.closing quote
Vikki, 14, Devon

opening quoteEveryone is just throwing this out of proportion, they are only using the fingerprints for library cards. The way everyone was acting you would think that all the children who had their fingerprint taken are now going to die!closing quote
Pete, 14, Olny

opening quoteI think that it is so wrong i mean I would hate it and make a stand!closing quote
Kate, 10, Gateshead

opening quoteWhat is this world coming to because it's only a book that these children are taking out not diamonds!closing quote
Melanie, 12, Dumfries

opening quoteI think it's quite a good idea actually, I mean kids nowadays do go out doing crimes so maybe this will put a stop to it.closing quote
Amber, 12, London

opening quoteLoads of people think kids are just trouble-makers and will all end up in prison! Criminals are going to be criminals whether they have their fingerprints taken or not.closing quote
Rosie, 12, Sheffield

opening quoteI think fingerprinting kids is stupid, why not just stick to library cards?closing quote
Rachel, 12, Ellesmere

opening quoteIt's a really good idea, It will stop kids from queuing up and waiting for books!closing quote
Luke, 14, Birmingham

opening quoteWe do that in our school and I think that it is a much better and faster way of issuing books from the library. To be honest I don't really see why they think that taking children's fingerprints to issue books out from the library is wrong!closing quote
Kriti, 12, Essex

opening quoteI think that if parents agree to their children having it done, then it is a good idea. It saves having to carry a library card around as well.closing quote
Ceri, 14, Monmouth

opening quoteI think it is ridiculous it makes you feel like a prisoner, next they will be taking hair samples!closing quote
Carly, 13, Leicester

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