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  What's your advice for the new Potter director?
Updated 25 July 2002, 18.17

The new director of the third Potter film, Harry Potter & The Prisoner of Azkaban, has been announced as Alfonso Cuaron.

What tips would you give him? How do you think he should direct it? What would be your "dos" and "don'ts" for Alfonso?

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opening quoteI think that he should keep Emma, no matter how incredibly horrible her acting was in the first movie (give her a break, it's her first movie, and she is 12). We should let Mr Cuaron use his imagination to improve the movie, because he has done a very good job on all his others. By looking at the Little Princess, he will be able to set the darkish mood of the third book quite well.closing quote
Abigail, 15, Billings

opening quoteFor the third movie you have to make it totally based on the book. Change a lot of it and you will be disappointing fans like me. Also special effects really make the movie more like the book.closing quote
Angela, 13, Morrisville

opening quoteBe sure to include Hermione slapping Malfoy! That's essential!closing quote
Caroline, 14, Virginia, USA

opening quoteI think he should make the film more realistic as the first film didn't seem very real and make it scary!!!closing quote
Amber, 13, London

opening quoteI just like to say I really like the Little Princess and I think that you will make a brilliant director on the 3rd film. I just like to say waiting unill Summer in 2004 is not such a good idea but it is OK. I will also like to say "why not make a misty entrance on the train when Harry wakes up". Good luck.closing quote
Laura, 14, London

opening quotePlease,please , PLEASE get rid of Emma... set up the auditions again. Also... if they have a pause before the 3rd movie then Harry, Hermione and Ron will look stupid as they are acting 13-year-olds and they are 15! Just set the auditions again!closing quote
Angelica, 14, Cardiff

opening quoteThe first movie's great but it'll be better if he could make the third movie darker, scarier. I hope that most of the witty and funny remarks from the book wouldn't be left out this time.closing quote
Lynette, 15, London

opening quoteTry and get everything in the film the same as the book otherwise it'll ruin peoples imaginations. And don't get rid of Emma Watson she's a deadly actress.closing quote
Brid, 13, Dublin

opening quoteI think he should include more of the little things that make Harry Potter so special. In the first film a lot of these were missed out!closing quote
Rebecca, 14, Wirral

opening quoteI'd get some better actors in, because I was a sometimes a little disappointed with the acting....... there are some good ones, but some DEFINITELY need out. For Harry Potter's sake as much as everyone elses!closing quote
Eleanor, 12, Lincoln

opening quoteStay true to the book. And make Harry's hair messy, like in the book, not a bowl cut. Make sure you make the Dementors look like the living dead in cloaks. And get Sirius' make up just right so he looks more skull like than human. Oh and last but not least chuck out Emma Watson. She's an okay actress but I could play Hermionie sooooooooooooooooooooooo much better than her (I have the right size of teeth).closing quote
Alannah, 12, Portrush

opening quoteIf I was given the chance to give a tip to the director of the fourth book it wouldbe to have a fairly old person to play Voldemort because if the books were real he would be 67.closing quote
Dawn, 15, Coventry

opening quoteAsk Harry Potter fans what they feel is important to include in the film, and what they feel they could do without. At least that way they know they would have pleased the majority.closing quote
Emma, 13, Chichester

opening quoteI think he should try and make the film as much like the book as posssible, there were many faults in the first movie. Plus be really choosy about casting Sirius Black, he's my fave character in the third book. :)closing quote
Hannah, 12, Cornwall

opening quoteI'm sorry to say this, but he won't have any room for his own ideas, he'll just have to go with all of Chris Columbus' visions, otherwise all the fans probably won't be impressed with any changes. I'm not saying his ideas are bad, but people won't like the change. I feel sorry for him. He has a hard job. He's not Chris Columbus and everyone is going expect him to be as good as him or better. That's a lot of pressure.closing quote
Jordan, 15, Moberly

opening quoteHe should choose his cast carefully as this is a hard job he's taking on. Also, not rushing it trying to get it ready for 2004 it probably will will make it better.closing quote
Tom, 13, London

opening quoteMr Cuaron should really take his time & be especially careful casting Professor Lupin & Sirius Black, otherwise it could ruin the whole movie!closing quote
Angie, 15, USA

opening quoteI think he should put more comedy in the third movie! And he should have fun with with the kids on the set, and pick a really pretty Cho Chang for Dan!closing quote
Julie, 12, Texas, USA

opening quoteI think that he should make Hogsmead as cool as it sounds in the book no changes.closing quote
Katagenka, 12

opening quoteDon't let anyone act in it with an American accent! No offence but it does NOT go with Harry Potter cos it's English.closing quote
Rosie, 12, Sheffield

opening quoteI think that he should try as hard as humanly possible to direct as Chris Columbus did and to follow the story to the letter, making full use of J.K. Rowling's advice.closing quote
Alex, 15, Oakmount

Trisha, 12

opening quotePlease stay true to the third book, please. I thought that Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban was the best.closing quote
Jared, 14

opening quoteMake it GOOD and don't miss out ANYTHING from the book because Harry Potter books are the best and a bad film would be a disgrace to them!closing quote
Kriti, 12, Essex

opening quoteI think the dementors should look like the Black Riders in Lord of the Rings because they are scary.closing quote
Michelle, 14, Barrow

opening quoteHe shouldn't change any of the cast or the sets! Plus, he should make PoA really scary and also try to stick to the book, because it's my favourite!closing quote
Chelle, 15, Liverpool

opening quoteI'd tell him to try and live up to what Chris has done, and don't let it go to far off the book.closing quote
Hannah, 11, Milton Keynes

opening quoteI think he should make the dementors look really scary with special effects and swirling fog round their heads.closing quote
Ashley, 12, Cardiff

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