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  Do you have a porky pet?
Updated 22 July 2002, 14.33

According to a vet charity, we're all over-feeding our pets and producing a nation of overweight pets!

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opening quoteI have a fat canary that almost looks like an elephant! My friend came to my house one day and i showed her my pet and she nearly passed out when i told her that it was a canary NOT a pigeon!closing quote
Amber, 13, London

opening quoteMy cat Tinker is very fat. He weighs about 6kg, but I am not sure because I have just weighed him on the bathroom scales. He is 5-years-old. His mother Bubble is the right weight, but I am not sure because she won't let me put her on the scales. One of the reasons that Tinker is so fat is that he eats Bubbles's food as well as his own.closing quote
Hannah, 9, Leicester

opening quoteMy cat is realy big, but that's cuz she doesn't play, she sleeps and eats about one meal a day. My dog doesn't eat much and plays all the time but is a little chubby. I think it's because we don't take her running enough.closing quote
Corny, 13, Canada

opening quoteI have a really fat dog. Her name is Scully. She eats too fast! Twice, her guts been blocked. She had to be fed liquid paraffin which must have been absolutely minging! She also tries too steal food from the other dogs.closing quote
George, 11, Kirkby Stephen

opening quoteIf your pet is over-weight, you should definetly do something about it. My rabbit was attacked a few years ago and he went under-weight. When we took him to the vets, they said he needed a operation. I was really worried. They gave us some special food to help get him the right weight for his operation. He got through his operation fine. He is now a healthy bunny with a good diet!closing quote
Dani, 13, Leicestershire

opening quoteMy dog was born fat, so he's fat naturally, it's not my fault!closing quote
HC, 12, Milton Keynes

opening quoteMy hamster is so large, my friends thought he was a guinea pig the first time they saw him, and now they don't want hamsters for pets, because they don't want theirs to become so large, too!closing quote
Mikal, 13, Gordon's Bay

opening quoteMy cats really fat, but it is because of the food we give her. My mum gives our cat dry food because it doesn't smell and it makes her coat really soft but it makes her REALLY fat.closing quote
Jessie, 13, London

opening quoteMy Rabbit is so fat she can't fit through the arch of her hutch anymore.closing quote
Kate, 15, Waterford

opening quoteWhen I went and got my pet hamster from the pet shop, in a cage near him was a hamster that was as long as an average sized ferret! It was only a baby still, as well!closing quote
Julie, 13, Manchester

opening quoteWe have an adorable black labrador called Sooty and it's not that she doesn't get enough exercise, we take her to the park, but the vet had to give us a special diet for her because she was too fat and we fed her too much. It's really dangerous for dogs when they are overweight because they don't live as long.closing quote
Lavender, 13, Stoke

opening quoteMy poor little kitty, Talula, got so fat that when we put her on a diet, she went out and caught so many mice that she didn't ever get thin.closing quote
Joshua, 8, Kettering

opening quoteMy cat is very chubby, and it's not just us, it's the cats fault as well. Going to neighbours and other people begging for scraps.closing quote
Vicky, 10, Stroud

opening quoteIt is not the owners fault their pets are plump. I have two cats, one is plump but she doesn't eat lots of food. I also have two gerbils they are plump but don't eat a lot of food. I did have another cat called Lotus. He was really fat, we gave him loads of food because he always finished his first lot then wanted more. If the animals didn't want all that food then they wouldn't eat it would they? So it can't be the owners fault!!!!!!!!!! You don't really want your animals to starve to death do you.closing quote
Carla, 12, Bognor Regis

opening quoteMy cat Murphy is the fattest cat ever! He eats anything and is so lazy he drags himself around using his claws!closing quote
Lucy, 14, Skipton

opening quoteMy hampster's so fat he can't fit in his tubes anymore!closing quote
Hannah, 11, Milton Keynes

opening quoteMine is the fattest hamster ever, no wonder my friend always calls him a guinea pig!closing quote
Sophie, 10, Fareham

opening quoteI had 5 fish, but one died because he kept eating all the fish food. We also have a dog, it isn't fat as such, but it doesn't stop eating. If my dad ever cooks dinner, I feed the dog my dinner under the table when my dad isn't looking! At least the dog likes his cooking!closing quote
Shelly, 13, London

opening quoteMy cat's big, fat, and fluffy, but he's ever so adorable. The funny thing is if he wants something to eat, he sit there by his bowl miaowing until he has his way. He also miaows when he enters a room, just let everyone know he's there.closing quote
Kimberley, 15, Gloucester

opening quoteNone of my pets are fat or skinny, just the right size, but I think it's better to have a fat cat because they are fitter.closing quote
Kayleigh, 12, Northants

opening quoteMy cat's dead fat, my brother and my mum keep treating him with leftovers. But he's so huge now he can't even fit through the catflap!closing quote
Jennifer, 11, Leeds

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