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  Your holiday nightmares!
Updated 19 July 2002, 18.42

Holidays aren't all they're cracked up to be, mostly they're fun, but sometimes things can go horribly wrong.

Have you had a narrow escape on holiday? Perhaps you swam out too far from the beach and had to be rescued? Or maybe you got lost in a foreign city?

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opening quoteMe and my older sister went to a beach in Spain. She was dying to get tanned so I left her and went paddling in the water. Something sharp scraped my foot and it hadn't occured to me that a flood of blood was all over my feet! My sister immediately took me to the hospital and it was really scary and painful but extremely funny seeing my sister running about, bare footed in her swimming suit!closing quote
Amber, 13, London

opening quoteThe hotel caught fire when I was asleep. I had to jump out of a window.closing quote
Jordan, 12, Mundesly

opening quoteWhen I was in Florida one morning I woke up to find cockroaches in my sister's hair! closing quote
William, 9, Crossflatts

opening quoteOne time when I was on holiday in France and me and my friends had been swimming in a lake every day for a week. On the last day a Frenchman came and told us that the lake that we had been swimming in was deadly poisonous. Luckily we hadn't swallowed any of the water but I realise how lucky I am to be alive. closing quote
Izzy, 12, Edinburgh

opening quoteI was in Africa, on my summer hols and my family were exploring a huge lake with lots of wildlife in. I was bending over the side of the lake and suddenly a huge water snake grabbed my ankle. I was screaming with all my might and my dad came running. He grabbed me so I was not pulled into the lake, the snake let go and I was safe again. I do not like snakes or lakes after that. closing quote
Amanda, 12, Helston

opening quoteIn France, we experienced a bit of 'holidays from hell'. On the beach, we got stranded on a section of it because the tide came in all round, and we hadn't understood what the French life guard was telling us. Also, a hen escaped into the Gite where we were staying and on the beaches there was quick sand and I got bitten by a crab on my big toe. closing quote
Jade, 13, Altrincham

opening quoteLast Summer holidays, some friends of mine came with my parents and I to stay at our holiday house which is in a small Victorian beach town called Portsea. We thought would be fun to explore. So the three of us all hopped on our Wavemaster (a sort of kayak). We past beyond some caves to a second cove, as soon as we paddled just beyond the point, we could not get to shore...we were getting pulled out of the heads, out to sea! At first we thought we could fight it cos' there were three of us but the rip was too strong, we couldn't fight it. We screamed for help, but there was no one around because we were in the isolated side of the beach. We were panicking but knew we just would have to wait until the tide turned so that we'd get pushed back to shore. By the time the tide pulled us back into the shore, it was around 7.30pm and getting dark. That totally put us off doing stupid and risky things like that ever again! closing quote
Charlotte, 13, Melbourne, Australia

opening quoteTwo years ago, me and my family went to Greece. We were sat round the pool when my sister (aged 4 at the time) needed the loo, so I said I would take her to the hotel room. As we were walking up, this man was yelling on our corridor, when he saw us he tried to talk us into his room, but when I said "no", he shouted at me and tried to pull us in. I screamed at the top of my voice and my sister copied. He let go of my arm, I ran with my sister into the lift. I've never been so scared in all my life. My mum and dad didn't let us out of their sight again.closing quote
Shelly, 13, London

opening quoteI was in Gran Canaria just two weeks ago with my family. We were at the main shopping area in our resort and we decided to get a taxi back to our apartment as it was too far to walk. We'd taken a couple of the taxis before and they were really good, so we thought we'd be fine. Then, at a junction just before we arrived at our apartments, our taxi nearly crashed right into another car.closing quote
Martin, 15, Glasgow

opening quoteFour years ago, when I was in Morocco. Me and my cousin were at the beach when I decided to go a bit further out into the sea. My cousin kept on pulling me back to the shore saying it was to dangerous! But then out of nowhere came a giagantic wave.Suddenly I went right under the water and all I could see was bubbles floating around me. I nearly drowned but luckily my terrified cousin saved me!closing quote
Helima, 10, Sale

opening quoteMy friend and I were playing in the forest during half term and she decided that she would climb up a tree whose trunk was hollow. When she climbed down, the middle collapsed and she was stuck in the middle of the trunk for nearly an hour.closing quote
Amy, 11, Fleet

opening quoteI was on holiday in Washington DC and my mum's friend took me on a peddle boat on this really deep massive lake, big ships were on it and I was steering. As I turned round all I could hear were people screaming as we were 2 cm away from hitting a massive, big ship!!! I couldn't wait to get out, I was soooooo scared.closing quote
Rachel, 13, Grantham

opening quoteWhen I was on holiday three years ago, I was in the pool on my lilo, someone jumped in and I toppled off. I lost all bearings and I didn't know where was up and where was down! I nearly drowned, because when I finally realised where up was, someone was on a lilo! I was desperately trying to get up when a boy pulled me to the edge! I nearly drowned it was awfull!closing quote
Jemma, 15, Middlesborough

opening quoteWhen I was on holiday three years ago, I was in the pool on my lilo, someone jumped in and I toppled off. I lost all bearings and I didn't know where was up and where was down! I nearly drowned, because when I finally realised where up was, someone was on a lilo! I was desperately trying to get up when a boy pulled me to the edge! I nearly drowned it was awfull!closing quote
Jemma, 15, Middlesborough

opening quoteI was on holiday in Scotland once, I broke my finger in the swimming pool. (It got trapped in the slide) The workers didn't know what to do, one of them even tried to put it back in place! When my dad asked where the hospital was, they didn't even know that!closing quote
Hannah, 11, Leicester

opening quoteWe were on holiday in Devon. We were going pony treking and my sisters a pretty good rider. She got one of the more experienced horses but as soon as we started the horse ran off with her and she couldn't get control of him.It was hilarious!!!!!!closing quote
Hannah, 11, Leicester

opening quoteI was at Egypt and my family and I went to visit an old cave. I was last to come out and there was this alarm that went off and I got stuck because the door dropped down automatically! An hour later I was freed by thee men who had to kick down the door as the emergency button was broken. I was terrified.closing quote
Kerry, 13, Larne

opening quoteI was sailing and as I was turning the boom swung across and hit me on the head and made me fall out the boat. I was really far out from shore and on my own and the boat kept on sailing. I tried to swim after it but couldn't catch up and I was in the water for 15 mins on my own before a rescue boat saved me. I was alright apart from the bump on my head.closing quote
Pete,14, Olney

opening quoteOn holiday in Turkey, I left my mum at the pool to go and get something from our hotel room, but on the way up, the lift stopped and wouldn't start again. I was really scared, trapped all alone. I pressed the emrgency button and had to try and explain that I was stuck, but they couldn't understand me. I was stuck in there for ages.closing quote
Mary, 13, Inverness

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