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  Should pop stars stop doing cover versions?
Updated 16 July 2002, 18.20
Gareth Gates has done cover versions
Gareth Gates is rumoured to have done a cover of an old Elvis hit, Suspicious Minds.

He's already had a hit with a cover of Unchained Melody.

Loads of other stars like Westlife, Will Young and Holly Valance have all done cover versions too.

Are you sick of pop stars always doing covers? Do you think they should come up with their own material?

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opening quoteI don't like it when bands cover songs, but some of the songs are good. But the problem is, it gives music less variety when certain songs are always covered. Also it costs more to cover a song because you always have to pay royalties for the use of the song.closing quote
Kimberley, 15, Gloucester

opening quoteIf pop stars want to do covers that's their business, but when they can't do a good job of it, it's time for them to move on. Proof of a bad cover... look back to *NSync's first album, you'll find a song called "Everything I Own" that was better off dead. But then you get good covers like "Sailing" (same album) that makes you wonder why N*Sync bothers with their own when they make everyone else's so good.closing quote
Adam, 16, Harrisburg, USA

opening quoteIt's good for pop stars to do cover versions as we won't forget songs that were great hits in the past.closing quote
Surayya, 12, Batley

opening quoteIf pop stars are so 'talented' why can't they write their own songs? It's really annoying when they try to get hits with song that aren't their own and were much better when they were not re-done. Also why is it that Kiss Kiss was a cheesy European song but now it's really cool? Just because it's European doesn't mean it's cheesy. closing quote
Jemima, 13, Brighton

opening quoteI don't think people should do loads of cover songs. They should write their own like Darius does. One or two covers is okay but to many makes it look like you can't do your own thing and just want to copy the other stars. closing quote
Kirsty, 12, Cumbria

opening quoteAs long as they cover the song well who cares whether sum1 else sang it b4 them? I don¿t! closing quote
Kriti, 12, Essex

opening quoteI think that bands don't show their full potential when doing cover versions and most of the time the songs that are covered sound more rubbish than the original. closing quote
Pete, 14, Olney

opening quoteWestlife have got loadz of No 1's but no one ever mentions that most of them are cover versions. Bands like S Club have only had 4 but at least they were original not mindless copies. closing quote
Charlotte, 15, Stoke

opening quoteI hate it when singers (Pop Idols) do covers. It means your mum keeps going on about the original version. Who wants to hear songs that you mum likes!! Darius new song is great. closing quote
Chris, 15, Banbury

opening quoteDoing cover versions is how Westlife got into the Guinness Book of Records. closing quote
Joanne, 11, Newmarket

opening quoteI think that the people who went on Pop Idol should stop doing cover versions, because how are they ever gonna be a new Pop Idol, if they keep copying the old ones? It defies the whole point of the show. closing quote
Niamh, 12, Hillingdon

opening quoteIf a cover is done well then it's alright but if it murders the songs (as Westlife do on a regular basis) then it's stupid. I prefer artists who write their own songs. Darius's new song is absolutely fantastic - and he wrote it himself! closing quote
Hannah,11, Leics

opening quoteA while ago, it was said about there being no UK songs in the American charts + ppl were asking why? Most American bands/singers that make it sing their own stuff, they may not write it themselves but it proves they can make it without copying other people. closing quote
Kirsty, 14, Radstock

opening quoteSome cover songs are done really well. But something like Unchained Melody has been done to death. Music stars should write their own stuff, but if the cover does them justice and is liked, then why not? closing quote
Sarah, 14, Farnham

opening quoteI don't like bands that do covers. I love a1 because they write their own songs, and have only ever done ONE cover, while Westlife have done so many it's hard to count! closing quote
Hannah, 11, Milton Keynes

opening quoteI hate it when people from Pop Idol do cover versions. I think all the people from Pop Idol are fakes. Firstly they aren't even capable of writing their own songs or producing their own music and secondly they can't even sing! Everything is done and dusted for them. what I find really annoying is that they make money out of copying other people's songs and the only reason they get to number 1 is because of teenage girls who fancy them buying their singles! closing quote
Baljot, 11, Leicester

opening quoteI think there's nothing wrong with it and anyway Gareth Gates is clearly better than Elvis! closing quote
Nareen, 12, Bedford

opening quoteI think they should do their own stuff because it would be original and they'd be remembered as doing that track and not a cover version of an old song. closing quote
Javariah, 13, Chatham

opening quoteIt depends what the song is like. Some old stuff can be quite good like Unchained Melody and The Tide is High. But songs like Light my Fire are tragic. Singers should write their own songs, like Darius. closing quote
Heather, 15, Aberdeenshire

opening quoteI think pop stars should start to have the brains to think of their own hits, instead of copying other peoples. closing quote
Hanna, 12, Esher

opening quoteSure, the covers that pop artists record sound good, and it's nice sometimes to bring oldies back into the charts. But, in my opinion, it's just an easy way out. They should write songs that people will remember them for, that have their own heart and soul in the music. closing quote
Charlotte, 14, Felixstowe

opening quoteI think pop stars should be allowed to do a cover version because some songs are really liked but can't be found in the shops anymore. But if pop stars do covers they can listen to them again. closing quote
Lydia, 12, Northants

opening quoteI think it would be OK if a band/artist did a couple of cover charts every now and then in-between their own songs. But that isn't showing us what they really are capable of as it only shows us one of their talents. closing quote
Sarah, 14, Hartlepool

opening quoteStars should only cover songs if they can do them justice. closing quote
Sofia, 14, London

opening quoteI think it's about time stars wrote their own songs! I'm bored of hearing the same songs being covered, it's just really lazy because they don't have to do much work writing it and stuff! Come on people. Let's get some new stuff! (especially the pop 'idols') closing quote
Sarah, 16, Middlesex

opening quotePlease stop song covering in the future. Stars are just trying to make money from songs sung by great singers with their versions. Nothing but rubbish! closing quote
Karamjit, 13, Walsall

opening quoteI think new pop stars should do their own songs as the old ones sound much better. closing quote
Fay, 13, Norfolk

opening quoteI wish groups would do their own stuff more and leave old songs alone.closing quote
Rav, 13, Leicester

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