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  How can science lessons be more exciting?
Updated 12 July 2002, 18.43

Science lessons for teenagers are so boring they put kids off the subject for life, according to a group of politicians.

How would you change science lessons to make them more interesting?

Should you get the chance to blow things up or freeze them in liquid nitrogen?

Or maybe you should get to go to power plants and speak to real scientists?

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opening quoteWe should have music played on science lessons to bubble the lesson up. Also go on the computers to find more information about each topic in science!closing quote
Surayya, 12, Batley

opening quoteHow can we help ourselves not feeling bored when all we do each science lesson is copy the board?!closing quote
Amber, 13, London

opening quoteI think science is really fun! We have a great teacher and we always do loads of projects like posters and experiments. If someone asks a question, she actually answers it and it sometimes goes into a class discussion. I think it all depends on the teacher, if the teacher doesn't love what they're doing then you never will.closing quote
Gemma, 13, Maidenhead

opening quoteI think if we were taught relevant things in science classes, and did more hands on experiments, I would enjoy science. closing quote
Ceri, 14, Monmouth

opening quoteIt would be cool if we could do experiments where cool colours are made and bangs and stuff. I would love science if it were interesting.closing quote
Sara, 14, Derbyshire

opening quoteI have taken triple science for my GCSE and it isn't that bad. We get to do loads of experiments, dissect things, such as pig's hearts and also watch demonstrations of reactive experiments, so our science lessons are not that bad really.closing quote
Amy, 15, Chatham

opening quoteCarrying out experiments rather than reading about them, as well as being more fun, it also helps you to learn better.closing quote
Sofia, 14, London

opening quoteI don't think science is boring! At our school we do loads of experiments and go outside to look at things.closing quote
Annabel, 13, Reading

opening quoteI want to do more practical lessons, all we ever do in my science class is watch boring videos on how the body works and answer questions out of text books. How are we supposed to learn if we don't do it for ourselves?closing quote
Shelly, 13, London

opening quoteI love science and think that the lessons at my school are pretty cool. We get quite a few practical lessons and we've done a couple disections. But I'd like to liven them up more by going on more science trips I'd also like the chance of meeting researchers and have a look at some of their things.closing quote
Hajra, 14, Blackburn

opening quoteIn our school we have really cool science lessons, I like science which is why I don't find it boring, but some people who don't like science and have no interest probably just blame it on the teachers.closing quote
Sannah, 14, Bradford

opening quoteMore hands on experiments should be implemented into the curriculum. Dissection and scientific experiments are definitely the best part of science class!!!closing quote
Kylee, 14, London

opening quoteI want to get the chance to dissect something and it's always really dull that we can never see how this stuff is used in the real world.closing quote
Peter, 12, Strathclyde

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