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  Do you want skating made safer?
Updated 25 June 2002, 18.36
Rules may be on the way to make things safer for skaters - but are they a good thing?

Skaters say the danger is a big part of the fun, but safety experts want things to be a little less dangerous.

So would you rather skate on a park that's safe, or is the risk more important than a few scratches and bruises?

Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments pages on other subjects on the main Chat index.

opening quoteSkating has become much more popular recently which means that there isn't always a place near enough to skate so people have to make do with what they have. If there were more skate parks I'm sure people would use them. Nobody likes to wear the safety stuff but that's their choice and if they hurt themselves that's their problem.closing quote
Daniella, 14, Tonbridge

opening quoteWith all the pads it's already safe enough. But I have to say that even though you're suppose to wear all this gear. most ppl here dont cause they say it makes them look stupid. closing quote
Cameo, 16, Los Angeles, USA

opening quoteI think skating shoud not be made safer because we've already got helmets and if you aren't good at skating, then you won't try dangerous stuff until you're better at it.closing quote
Alex, 10, Altrinchan

opening quoteI've been sk8ing for three years. During the three years I've sk8ed all kinds of terrain - including streets and skateparks. For me and many other sk8ers in my town the streets were fun but now are boring so we are petitioning for a sk8 park ourselves. I go all the way to Belfast and Lisnarrick to sk8 in parks and would go a lot further as it isn't the bruises that make you enjoy the sport, it's the fun you get out of doing new stuff.closing quote
James, 13, Strabane

opening quoteI think that a lot of people skate because of the thrill and excitement of knowing they could hurt them selfs. Kids know the risks and if you force them to wear safer clothes or make it too safe kids will find it boring.closing quote
Rohanna, 13, High Wycombe

opening quoteWe already have to wear saftey stuff like helmets and so no way!closing quote
Gareth, 10, Bolton

opening quoteI think skating shouldn't be made safer cuz we already wear helmets, gloves and pads, why do we need to make it safer?closing quote
Neil, 12, Redditch

opening quoteAs a skater myself I feel the saftey isn't an issue. Skaters know the danger and take the precautions they feel are necessary. If you take away the thrill you take away the fun.closing quote
Gary, 14, Glasgow

opening quoteHow can u make skateboarding safer? You can't force people to wear padding - it's their choice and they skate at thier own risk! closing quote
Rachel & Steph, 13 & 13, Ascot

opening quoteWe have a ramp up on the field in front of us and the amount of times I've seen people get hurt on it, broken arms, teeth knocked out, but the skateboarders know the risks involved so it's up to them whether they sk8 or not. closing quote
Pete, 14, Olney

opening quoteI think that if you do not like the danger, then why skate? I hate the danger so do not skate closing quote
Frances, 15, Newton Abbot

opening quoteAdrenaline kicks wouldn't be as high with new safety measures, but then again, nor would serious injury. closing quote
Alissa, 16, London

opening quoteI think it's up to whoever does it. If you don't like skateboards and don't want to take a risk, don't do it.closing quote
Wahid, 14, Bolton

opening quoteWe have to wear helmets and gloves already. Isn't that enough?closing quote
Dave, 11, Lee-on-Solent

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