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  What's the best way to quit smoking?
Updated 28 June 2002, 18.02

On the day Jessica Garlick launches the "help a friend give up smoking" campaign, scientists have come up with a new injection to fight smoking.

Can someone help you beat the deadly weed, or is the threat of a needle the answer?

Do you know someone trying to quit? Or have you beaten the death stick yourself and have the perfect way to quit?

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opening quoteIt is really hard to quit smoking. I've tried everything but couldn't manage it. Parents taking your money won't help at all, it just persuades you to nick stuff. Scientists coming up with new ideas is good but children have to be able to buy them, they can't just be for adults.closing quote
Amy, 13, Bristol

opening quoteIt's funny how it's younger people who think it's cool to smoke - by the time you realise it's not, it's too late. The dangers of smoking should be taught to younger children, and there are other ways to look cool! closing quote
Tasha, 14, Kirkburton

opening quoteI don't smoke but I know someone who does and they're 12. It's their choice if they want to ruin their lives but often they get innocent individuals involved as well! closing quote
Alex, 11, Newton Abbot

opening quoteIt's OK to smoke, if you're prepared to sacrifice everything about life that makes it worth living - your health, your freedom and sometimes, even your friends. closing quote
Emilie, 16, Leicester

opening quoteI don't think that nowadays it is ever OK to smoke. When smoking cigarettes first came around early last century, people didn't know of the dangers, but now....It isn't seen as cool anymore, it's seen as dangerous! closing quote
Alissa, 16, London

opening quoteI've got a mate who's smoking , however he only feels a little happier and he's wasting his money. closing quote
Aiden, 11, Bradford

opening quoteI think people that smoke are selfish because they're not only endangering themselves but other people around them. I also think it's really stupid because they are inhaling toxic gases for a buzz. Get high on life not drugs! closing quote
Judith, 14, Edinburgh

opening quoteThe best way to give up smoking is to think about what you're doing, you're killing yourself and the people around you!closing quote
Sarah, 15, Grimsby

opening quoteI go to a boarding school and a lot of people in my year smoke. A lot of them want to give up too, but it is hard for them to buy nicotine patches and nicotine gum to help them because they are underage. I think that this is a problem, because we are accepting that people underage do smoke, but not doing enough to help them quit.closing quote
Alissa, 16, London

opening quoteThe best way to stop smoking is not starting in the first place.closing quote
Pete, 14, Olney

opening quoteI have tried to stop smoking many times, but it is too hard.closing quote
Sam, 14, Halifax

opening quoteMy friend is 15 and has been trying to stop smoking for ages. She finally quit when her parents stopped giving her pocket money so she couldn't buy any ciggies.closing quote
Lizzie, 14, Worcester

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opening quotePeople who smoke are not only risking their own lives, they are disturbing other people around them.closing quote
Simon, 11, Bexhill
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