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  Bunking off - lame excuses
Updated 20 June 2002, 16.01

Kids are bunking off school with their parent's permission, according to a new report.

Often these are with weak excuses like having a headache or staying up too late the night before, but some are even more lame.

What's the worst excuse you've ever heard? Or are you a serial bunker, in which case, what excuses do you use?

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opening quoteThis boy when I was 10 said his mum had chicken pox but when his mum came to school later she was fine. closing quote
Kayleigh, 12, Aylesbury

opening quoteMy friend said to my RE teacher that her homework had blew out of the window and when she went to get the cat came and ripped it out of her hands and ate it. closing quote
Amy, 12, Manchester

opening quoteMy twin sister said that she 'couldn't come to school because her shoe might come apart'. I can see her point though. The sole is practically hanging off and you get in real trouble if you wear trainers at our school. closing quote
Chloe-Olivia, 13, Manchester

opening quoteA boy in my class was late for registration, his first excuse was that his mum had run over his cat and then he switched his story to his mum running over a camel and he was being serious. closing quote
Rachel, 14, Wales

opening quoteI don't think parents should be punished because after all they have done nothing wrong it should be the children being punished. closing quote
Adele Flannagan, 13, Birmingham

opening quoteIf the government made school more interesting, and focus more on personal growth rather than just academic achievement, then maybe less people would bunk off. closing quote
Esther, 13, Sheffield

opening quoteI know truancy is wrong but I can't help doing it. I am now scared of going to skewl coz I have to catch up with coursework. It was a laugh at first but now it's getting serious.closing quote
Katie, 15, Wrexham

opening quoteI think bunking is idiotic and stupid. I think everyone of us should take part in all of our activities.closing quote
Thomas, 10, Braehead

opening quoteMy mum lets me bunk school if I tell her a good enough excuse! She has never caught me, but I'm kinda running out of good stories. The stupidest thing I've said was that I didn't wanna go to school 'cause I had a bad hairday!closing quote
Rebecca, 13

opening quoteThe most worst excuse I've heard is that her mom slept in and forgot to wake her up. HELLO?!?! It's called an alarm clock.closing quote
Cameo, 16, Los Angeles, USA

opening quoteI think bunking off school is stupid because if you want a good job and a good salary you need a good education.closing quote
Ruth, 10, North Walsham

opening quoteMy mum is really strict when it comes to school and even if I was sick 2 minutes before I went to school she would still make me go. But my friend's mum let her stay off because she couldn't find her school shoes. How unfair is that? closing quote
Nicola, 14, Uxbridge

opening quoteI have lessons at home by my mum and sometimes I have to go and do the shopping for my mum and the police always think I'm bunking off. It's unfair! Besides if I was I wouldn't go out anyway.closing quote
Anastasia, 13, Brighton

opening quoteI think bunking off school is really stupid, as it's your loss, when you realise in the future that you don't have the necessary knowledge for a job you want.closing quote
Stephen, 11, Cardiff

opening quoteI must admit that I do bunk off of school sometimes but this is because I can't handle being at school 5 days a week. You are all too quick to say that bunking is wrong but some of us really do not like going to school. If i had it my way I would be home schooled.closing quote
Katie, 14, Walton-on-Thames

opening quoteI think that truancy is just pathetic, what is the point? You can't go anywhere because you might just get caught. closing quote
Kate, 14, Lincs

opening quoteHave u heard of this excuse? I heard that a girl bunked off school, and said that she couldn't be bothered to walk because she was scared of falling over!closing quote
Arianne, 11, Chislehurst

opening quoteI never want to bunk off school because if you don't get an education then you won't get a good job and won't earn much money. I think that they should have more vans and that parents should be in prison for 10 years if their children are caught bunking off school. closing quote
Simon, 9, Barnsley

opening quoteThe worst excuse I ever heard was when this boy said that he was taking his dog for a walk on the lead and that it took him the wrong way to school! He then said it took him all day to find his way back home! closing quote
Sara, 11, Barking

opening quoteIf school was made more tolerable then pupils wouldn't deem it necessary to bunk off. Schools and the government should concentrate more on making school less detestable and police should spend more time on crucial issues such as the drug trade or street violence. closing quote
James, 16, Addlestone

opening quoteThe lamest excuse I've heard is when someone said their parents were getting a new sofa and he wanted to be the first one to sit on it so he couldn't go to school! closing quote
Matt, 13, Bexhill

opening quoteI think adults should tell their children to go to school otherwise their children will not learn any thing. closing quote
Naomi, 12, London

opening quoteBunking is good fun but once you start it is hard to stop, I think they should help people who skip school because they must have problems either at school or at home. closing quote
Jess, 15, Surrey

opening quoteI go dancing and my mum really wants me to do well in all my dancing exams. So if I don't want to go to school I just tell my mum my ankle is hurting and if I put too much pressure on it I might not be able to dance! Then she will let me stay home! closing quote
Shelly, 13, London

opening quoteI think kids skip school cause there being bullied, or because they think it's cool.closing quote
Rollie, 13, Colchester

opening quoteOh stop moaning! Everybody does it @ some time! Ok I haven't done it, yet! closing quote
Zara Taylor, 12, Ballyclare

opening quoteMy mum never lets me bunk off school, even when I'm ill. She just says I'll feel better when I move around. It is so beyond unfair! My best mate gets to skive all the time. His worst excuse was that his dad had taken him to a theme park on Sunday and got back really late and he was too tired!closing quote
Joshua, 11, Halifax

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