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  What do you think of the new Potter trailer?
Updated 17 June 2002, 11.05
Harry Potter comments
Harry Potter fans in America will get to see the full-length version of the first Chamber of Secrets film trailer this weekend.

It's the first chance to see if the second film matches up to the magic of The Philosopher's Stone.

If you're in America, tell us what you think of the trailer.

And if you're in the UK, you can see a 30-second 'teaser trailer' on the official Warner Brothers website.

We are no longer taking e-mails on this topic. Please scroll down to read what you had to say...

opening quoteI loved the trailer, I saw it the day Scooby came out! Alan Rickman (Professor Snape) and Kenneth Branagh (Professor Lockhart) are going to be so fabulous together! I can't wait to see even more tension. The older actors and the younger actors. I can already tell this is going to be even better than Sorcerer's Stone! closing quote
Sammy, 16, Santa Barbara, USA

opening quoteIt was fantastic, and I'm sure the majority of the audience came to see the full trailer too, oddly. It was amazingly awesome, and the whole bit with the "You Scared Potter", "You Wish" was still absolutely amazing even on the audio trailer! The duelling scene was awesome when Harry got attacked, and he was flipping over and over. Dobby looks adorable. Dan, Rupert, and Tom, their voices are low...It makes me blink. And Emma, wowie, she looks...older. It will DEFINITELY be great! closing quote
Adora, 13, Texas, USA

opening quoteI hate how the movies aren't exactly like the books, but I've learned to live with the first one, now that I've seen this, I've got a whole lot of complaints lining up in my head. closing quote
Sarah Mae, 14, Lennoxville, USA

opening quoteI can't wait to see the movie!!! Dobby wasn't too weird, I imagined him to be furry though. closing quote
Harriet, 16, Sydney

opening quoteI think the whole trailer wuz awesome... The part when Malfoy and Harry duel, that wuz awesome... Especially when Harry duz the backflip, so kewl!!!! Dobby, on the other hand, well not exactly how I imagined him to be. He wuz just down right ugly!!!! Dan's and Rupert's voice have deepened, and they sound so cute!!!! I love the Chamber of Secrets part when Harry has da sword... and when he nearly loses it, and when he's hanging on da cliff, that wuz kewl... and the part when Malfoy says, "Scared, Potter?" and Harry says, "You wish". I love that part!!!! Can't wait til da movie comes out!!!! closing quote
Lizzie, 12, Vancouver, Canada

opening quoteI would have to agree with the Dobby comments. He looks absolutely NOTHING like I thought. There is a picture of him in the book..I thought for sure they would use that as a building ground. He looks... wrong. Plus, I expected his voice to be very tiny and squeaky. He doesn't SOUND like Dobby, either, you know? closing quote
Stacey, North Carolina, USA

opening quoteWhen I saw the teaser trailer I was amazed. The actors look much older. You can tell that they are maturing. Hermione looks more natural. All around the actors/actress seem more comfortable with their character. One negative comment I have is that Dobby looks very "freaky" and ugly. That's not how I pictured him. I can't wait till the movie comes out! closing quote
Addie, 14, Indiana, USA

opening quoteI think it's very, very good! We can see that Daniel's and Rupert's voice has changed and Hermione's hair is better than the other movie. Dobby is exactly the same of my imagination, but Lockhart, is different. All in all, the trailer is great! It couldn't be better! closing quote
Ellysa, 13, Brazil

opening quoteI think the trailer was so awesome! This movie is going to be even better than the first! I can't wait! And for everyone complaining about the small details, GET OVER IT! Who cares about the small stuff?! And it IS fair that we Americans got to see the trailer first because the movie was filmed in UK, and is cast with only UK kids and the premiere of the movie will be in the UK, so don't you think we need something special too?? I do! Anyways!! Can't wait for the movie!!! closing quote
Rachel, 16, Louisiana, USA

opening quoteI think that the trailer was so brilliant!!! It makes me even more eager to see the movie. The special effects like Dobby and the flying car are so very well done. And when you see it you at once notice how low Daniel, Rupert, and Tom's voices are. They sound like whole different people! And they all look so much more grown-up. I was very surprised. Now I'm only hoping that the movie is as good as the trailer! LOL! closing quote
Dana, 12m Louisville, USA

opening quoteThe trailer was amazing. The acting has gotten even better and I love the new mature voices. Yes Dobby does look weird, but I like the look. I don't know why most of the UK fans are complaining because they don't get to see it yet. Us Americans have to wait longer for the whole movie. WE only got the trailer first because Scooby-Doo is an American-made movie. Also us Americans can't even audition because we are American, even if we do a great British Accent!! OK, sorry, got a little out of hand hehe. Loved the trailer! closing quote
Christina, 15, Missouri, USA

opening quoteIt was soo cool! I agree about Dobby. He looked horrible. It didn't match with the way I imagined him to be and the way the book described him. I think it was unfair that only US got to see the whole trailer but that's life. I really love the part where Harry and Draco did the duel. That was just awesome!! I can't wait until November. *sigh* It seems sooo far away. 5 more months counting!! closing quote
Michelle, 14, Hawaii

opening quoteI think that dobby looks really bad. His eyes are sooooo not big enough, his ears - I won't even go there and his nose - have they read the book?!? However Hermione's hair looks better but Lockhart's hair isn't long enough. I like the pictures posted on the internet some are really good. As with the first film I do not think that the film will ever live up to the fantastic book. closing quote
Emma, 13, Shropshire

opening quoteSince when in the book did the car get 'stuck' in front of the Hogwarts express? I am not impressed. I am assuming that is what happened - I could not tell due the sheer cheek of only giving us 30 seconds!closing quote
Fiona, 12, Glasgow

opening quoteI am appalled at the fact that the U.S.A get the whole trailer when we only get a measly 30 seconds!!! It's a British book with a full British cast - why do America always have to stay on top?? We are being cheated here, I wouldn't be surprised if the whole film gets released earlier in the U.S.A! How can we comment on the trailer when we haven't seen it. I am soooooooo MAD.closing quote
Scarlet, 15, Northumberland

opening quoteWhen I went to see Scooby-Doo, the full trailer was attached to it, and it looked really cool. I'm really critical about Harry Potter because I love it, and I think that CoS will be a bigger success that PS.closing quote
Nora,13, Canada

opening quoteI saw the whole trailer when I went to see Scooby-Doo. I agree with everyone that Dobby was really strange looking (I didn't like him much) but the rest was perfect!!! I liked the part where Harry, Ron, and Hermione are about to drink the polyjuice potion. Also I enjoyed the flying car and at the very end it is funny when Ron says in a really scared voice "Can we panic now!?!" It is all really wicked! closing quote
Kara,13, Hamilton

opening quoteI thought the trailer was great! Dan, Rupert, and Emma have all really matured since the last film and it shows in their voices. I also like Dobby the house elf...he's exactly how I imagined him! The special effects were also really cool. I can tell it will be much better than the last one! closing quote
Tiffany, 15, San Francisco, USA

opening quoteIt blew me away! It kind of freaked me out a bit though because Rupert's and Daniel's voices have broken and they're really low! And Emma is the same, but you can notice a huge difference in the way she acts. She is a lot better at playing Hermione now. All of them are better at playing each of their roles, I've noticed a dramatic change in the way Daniel plays his. As Chris Columbus quotes: "I think he's starting to feel like a leading man now." From the looks of it, he sure is! I hope you enjoy the trailer as much as I did!closing quote
Nadine, 12, Phoenix, USA

opening quoteThe trailer was awesome. My favourite part is when Malfoy hits a spell on Harry and he flips. The only weird thing about the trailer is that Rupert's voice (Ron) has completely changed but the trailer looks awesome and so does the chamber itself. Keep up the good work Mr Columbus. closing quote
John, 14, Texas, USA

opening quoteThey look hot as ever! Their voices are totally deep! They totally matured and Dan waxed them eyebrows, finally! closing quote
Christina, New Jersey, USA

opening quoteThe trailer is great! I spent my 10 bucks and saw Scooby Doo just for HP. The special effects look great this time around! Too bad November 15th can't get any further. closing quote
Bianca, 15, New York, USA

opening quoteThe trailer was great! My friend and I started laughing at the end of it when he's falling then grabs the sword and stands up. That part's funny! And the flipping part is cool. I hate Dobby! He's so freaky looking, I was trying not to look @ him during the previews! closing quote
Christa, 12, Canada

opening quoteHey!!! I think the 30 seconds of the teaser trailer looks so cool. I think Chamber of Secrets will be better that PS and I loved that!!! I can't wait. Dan's voice has completely broken and he looks so gorgeous now!!! closing quote
Heather, 12, Grimsby

opening quoteI agree with everyone else that Dobby looks a bit strange. I thought he was supposed to be really short and tubby, not tall and skinny-looking. His face is too ugly and human-like - I thought he was supposed to have a nose like a tomato? Anyway, different people have different imaginations, especially adults to kids. Apart from Dobby, the 30 second clip looks brilliant. I don't see the fuss in Daniel and Rupert's voices because they're supposed to grow up in the books anyway. I can't wait to see it! closing quote
Crystal, 14, Hillingdon

opening quoteIt was soooo good! I loved the way Harry (Daniel) and Ron (Rupert) looked in this film. Their voices changed and they sound better than ever! Dobby was cool too! The only thing that disappointed me was Lockhart, he's suppose to have wavy blonde hair! Oh well! It was wicked! closing quote
Trisha, 12

opening quoteI loved the 30 second trailer and can't wait for the whole thing in the UK. I do think that they should let us see it at the same time through because it is a British book. Daniel and Rupert looked at lot older and sounded it too which is good. I, like a lot of people, think Dobby doesn't look like I imagined - he was smaller and cuter. But the guy who plays Tom Riddle is just right! closing quote
Michelle, 15, Haverhill

opening quoteThe full trailer was really good! The whole Harry v Draco part was really cool, and it's true, all the actors look much older! closing quote
Laurie, 14, Methuen, USA

opening quoteThe trailer is fantastic! When Draco hits Harry in the duel, Harry does this really cool flip! And another part is when Harry is hanging onto a cliff with water under him! It's totally awesome! closing quote
Anne, 13, USA

opening quoteI think it is completely unfair of Warner Brothers to hype up the 12th of June and tell people that is the date of the trailer release and then only release a teaser trailer over here when the US already have it! I also think it is a con, because they know more people will go and see Scooby-Doo just to see the trailer which is what all my hp fan friends are planning to do! closing quote
Beth, 14, Staffs

opening quoteI thought that the trailer was brill with the flying car and the train bit which was extra cool. I think that the Chamber of Secrets will be a bigger success than the Philosophers Stone. closing quote
Joska, 9, Paignton

opening quoteI think that it is not fair that children in the USA get to watch all of the trailer when we only get 30 seconds. The Harry Potter movie is made in the UK so the children in the UK should get to watch it first so I am very upset! closing quote
Zagam, 12, Manchester

opening quoteI think the 30 second trailer looks brill. I've read all the books and dobby looks different than what I thought he would look like and the flying car looks very cool. There seems to be a lot more cool graphics than the first movie.closing quote
Andrea, 13, Cumbria

opening quoteI think the teaser trailer is wicked. I think that everyone should see the full length trailer especially in the UK cos that is where Harry Potter started. closing quote
Charlotte, 12, Scarborough

opening quoteI think the Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets film will be a big success. The trailer has made me want to see the film even though I haven't read any of the books. closing quote
Michaela, 11, Staffs

opening quoteDobby looked nothing like I figured him to look like. He was cuter on the chapter picture. But anyway, Rupert's voice is REALLY low...LOL! That's fine with me! Daniel's too, but it isn't nearly as close as Rupert's! closing quote
Emily, 14, Miami, USA

opening quoteI saw the trailer this morning, in front of the new Scooby Doo movie. It was awesome! The kids are much older looking, and their acting has gotten much better. Emma is more natural as Hermione, and Rupert has a bigger part. I plan on seeing Scooby Doo a few more times to see the trailer, until it is available on the internet. closing quote
Lizzie, 13, Scottsdale, USA

opening quoteI thought it was really cool to see the flying car and Dobby! I wish they had shown a little more, but I can't wait to see the whole thing! Everyone looks and sounds a lot older in this film. It's going to be great! closing quote
Katie, 13, Franklin, USA

opening quoteI think it was brilliant. Rupert and Dan looked very nice but dobby was a bit disappointing. closing quote
Carrie, 12, Ware

opening quoteIt was awesome!!!!!! closing quote
Samm, 16, New York, USA

opening quoteI've seen the full trailer. It was so cool. It even shows Malfoy hitting Harry with a spell. closing quote
Mary, 13, Michigan, USA

opening quoteEww! Dobby is sooo ugly! The trailer is pretty cool though! closing quote
Toby, 12, Norwich

opening quoteThe teaser looks great, but I think it's not fair. We should ALL be able to watch the full-length trailer. closing quote
Veronica, 14, Argentina

opening quoteI think the trailer is terribly exciting and I especially love the flying car! I can't wait to see the full length trailer, but I'm sure this film will be better than the first! closing quote
Lynwen, 12, Welshpool

opening quoteIt looks GREAT! The flying car looks so cool and funny (the train bit) I'm glad they put that in the film! closing quote
Hannah, 11, Milton Keynes

opening quoteI thought it was brill! You can tell it's going to be even funnier than the last one just by watching 30 seconds of the trailer!! I can't wait till the whole trailer comes out. closing quote
Shelly, 13, London

opening quoteThe trailer is OK but Dobby doesn't look anything like I imagined him. To be honest I think Lord of the Rings still beats it! closing quote
Nicola, 14, Hinderwell

opening quoteI think that Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone was a very good film, as, to be honest I thought that it was going to be rubbish but it was nearly as good as the book. I have seen the 30 second trailer and I am waiting for the next film with less anxiety than before. I think that it'll be good!closing quote
Lucy, 10, Lancaster

opening quoteThe short trailer on the website looks cool - especially Dobby and the flying car!closing quote
Sarah, 11, Cheshire

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