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  What do you think about child slavery?
Updated 18 June 2002, 09.52
Children in Togo
In Monday's Newsround Extra children from West Africa talk about what it's like to be sold into work as a slave.

Many of those children are promised money to send home to their families but they're often tricked.

What do you think about children being sold into slavery?

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opening quoteI think that the goverment should do more. I think they should make the world more aware of what goes on in Africa with child slavery. closing quote
Romeca, 14, Hounslow

opening quoteIt must be so hard for the families to have so little. It is easy for us to shake our heads and say 'How can they DO that?' but we should try to remember that we have never known such a poor quality of life and education. It is easy enough to forget about them completely as it's hard enough to try and put ourselves in their positions.closing quote
Jenah, 14, New Zealand

opening quoteI can't believe that people in this world could be so nasty, beating innocent children if they don't do work for them. I would be terrified if I was being sold at a market, not knowing if I would ever see my family again, it's horrible. closing quote
Laura, 11, Oban

opening quoteI think it's disgusting that parents are selling their children because no matter how poor and desperate you are you should always love your children. And selling them into slavery should not be an option. They should be worth a lot more than all the jewels in the world. STOP SELLING YOUR CHILDREN. closing quote
Ayesha, 11, Surrey

opening quoteI find it very disturbing about what I saw on the programme and that children my own age are suffering so much. I was very much relieved when I found out what people were doing to stop this. closing quote
Mary, 9, Preston

opening quoteIt is just unfair that children are sold into slavery. They have no say, and then they are beaten for not doing enough work. It's just not fair on them. I was unaware of the problems these countries suffer, and now after watching Newsround, I am so grateful for what I have. closing quote
Leela, 10, Exeter

opening quoteI think it's wrong that people think they can take over people's lives and take them back to the slavery days. I also think it's good that the kids have managed to escape to the mountains to try to help themselves. But that shouldn't have to be their last resort.closing quote
Sinead, 12, Croyden

opening quoteIn my history lesson we are doing the black Americas and we are doing about slavery, and how slaves were transported from Africa to America. We watched a video on the conditions of the ships and I thought them horendous. I thought slavery had been abolished.closing quote
Josh, 12, Cheadle,Stoke-on-Trent

opening quoteParents are desperate for money so their only hope is to sell their children. Deep down they can't stand the thought, but it's their only hope for a living. It should make us realise just how lucky we are!closing quote
Megan, 11, Oxfordhshire

opening quoteI think it terrible that children are traded in a market. The people that do this to children wouldn't like it if it was done to them, so why do they do it to these inocent children? closing quote
Jane, 11, Ballymena, Northern Ireland

opening quoteI think it is so sad to see children at such young ages sold as slaves. We are very lucky and should not take things for granted.closing quote
Geran, 13, Essex

opening quoteIt's terrible! People complain about their teachers and parents here in Britain but they should be grateful that they aren't getting treated like those poor children who have nothing going for them.closing quote
Sarah, 13, Isle of Lewis, Scotland

opening quoteChild slavery is wrong and should have been stopped in the18th century. It should not still be happening in the 21st century. Child slavery MUST end NOW.closing quote
Natalie, 14, Leicestershire

opening quoteI think it is disgusting. I can't put my feelings into words. It is just so sad. Children as young as four are sold. I have a four year old sister and I couldn't bear the thought of me or her being a slave.closing quote
Shelly, 13, London

opening quoteI think it's terrible that children are being sold to work for free. It's so sad.closing quote
Mark, 11, Exmouth

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