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  Has Big Brother gone wrong?
Updated 15 June 2002, 16.01

As Sandy legs it over the Big Brother fence in a bid to escape, we want to know if you think it has all gone wrong in the Big Bro household.

Never before in the history of BB have two housemates decided to leave the house. Sunita was the first to go and now Scottish Sandy has left.

Do you think Big Bro3 contestants should not have applied in the first place if they couldn't hack it. Or has splitting up the house made things too hard for the housemates?

What do you think will happen next? Should they keep replacing people who leave?

We are no longer taking e-mails on this topic. Please scroll down to read what you had to say...

opening quoteI agree with the people who say it's rubbish now. The reason everyone is leaving is because it is so BORING in the house!! They have nothing to do all week, seeing as they can't practice for the tasks, they have no magazines to read and no books either! I think it would be a good idea to put the bars up for a week, maybe 2 at the most, just to see how the contestants would react to being back together again, but to leave it up for the full nine weeks? Stupid. closing quote
Rob, 13, Manchester

opening quoteI think it is getting stupid. The rich side are not communicating very well, but the poor side are working together and so are communicating very well between themselves. closing quote
Serah, 12, Cardiff

opening quoteThis is exactly what Big Brother wants you to be like! They wanted to rattle the birds cage and make things difficult, annoying and stressful, therefore creating tension in the house. It altogether makes for better viewing! closing quote
Michael, 13, Rugby

opening quoteIt was really boring to start with but the bars have made it worse. No one has walked before and now two people have left within the first three weeks - it would have been three if Lee hadn't been evicted closing quote
Nicola, 14, Hinderwell

opening quoteI think that the bars should b taken down coz it's gettin weird & there's no romance blossomin 2 spice things up, else BB3 will go down the drain!!! closing quote
Emily, 14, Helston

opening quoteI think that Big Brother is very sad in splitting up the housemates into groups and I also think that they picked the wrong people to be in Big Brother. I liked Big Brother 1 and 2 better then this one. closing quote
Hailey, 15, Scotland

opening quoteI think people are never prepared for what might happen in the Big Brother house. They just think it will be fun and easy but it's not!!!! closing quote
Sarah, 13, Colchester

opening quoteI really like Big Brother but I think Sandy has gone a bit too far! closing quote
Steph, 10, Hartlepool

opening quoteThe viewing figures speak for themselves - it must be a success! closing quote
Steve, 16, Hampshire

opening quoteIt's alright, not as good as bb1 and 2. Every 1 was excited about it and it's been a bit of a let down. They should have chosen the contestants better and not changed anything at all. It was best like that. closing quote
Jessica, 13, Birmingham

opening quoteWhy is everyone leaving?? They didn't in the other Big Brothers...What's wrong with this one? Let's hope that no more housemates leave the house. closing quote
Emma, 12, Blackburn

opening quoteIf they could not leave it would be a prison and against human rights! Okay anyway it's totally pathetic and stupid to split them up, who the heck thought that idea up? It's so boring to watch and why are they doing NOTHING all day? At the moment Big Brother is gonna be a BIG DISASTER! closing quote
Jennifer, 13

opening quoteIt is getting so silly. The housemates should not be allowed to keep leaving. At this rate there will be no one left to nominate!closing quote
Clare, 13, Cornwall

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