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  How did you celebrate the Jubilee?
Updated 04 June 2002, 18.31

The Queen celebrated her Golden Jubilee with a massive party in her back garden with pop stars galore and a spectacular firework display. All across Great Britain people put flags out and celebrated the day. But how was the Jubilee for you?

Did it go with a bang and a massive street party? Or did you have a quiet one watching the celebrations on the TV?

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opening quoteAt my school we had a street party, it was great. After that we had a balloon race and in the morning a helicopter visited it was fantastic!closing quote
Lizzy, 12, Cleckheaton

opening quoteIt was absolutely brilliant. I was there dancing with the rest of Britain having a great time! It was so cool, and I can't wait for it to happen in the next 50 years.closing quote
Kylee 14, London

opening quoteIt was absolutely brilliant. I was there dancing with the rest of Britain having a great time! It was so cool, and I can't wait for it to happen in the next 50 years.closing quote
Kylee 14, London

opening quoteAt 10pm me and my family went up on the Malvern hills and we went to one of the beacons that were being lit. We could see all the fireworks going off below us. It was magical!closing quote
Charlotte, 12, Bournemouth

opening quoteI went to the concert at Buckingham Palace with my mum, dad, my sister and my best friend. My mum and I were dancing to Will Young, Queen, Ricky Martin and loads more. It was a fantastic night especially the fireworks they where magical. I will never forget The Queens Golden Jubilee.closing quote
Lizzie, 14, Gillingham

opening quoteI spent the day with mud up to my ankles in the middle of a field with people from two other villages, a brass band and floats!closing quote
Sarah, 14, Lancashire

opening quoteI watched it on TV coz nothing was going on around me. It was ok, but I wish our street had organised something!closing quote
Marie, 11, Middlesex

opening quoteWe didn't dance and we certainly weren't overcome with emotion, but I'd still like to say, happy Jubilee to the Queen.closing quote
Nimtaz, 16, Bradford

opening quoteI didn't go to a street party because there wasn't any near me, but I watched the celebrations on TV and I thought it was absolutely brilliant! closing quote
Fay, 13, Norwich

opening quoteI was watching the concert on TV on my own. My sisters a big S Club fan, she kept crying! I think the Queen is an amazing person! I liked it when she lit the beacon, but my favourite bit was when Prince Charles said: "Your Majesty. Mummy!"closing quote
Hannah, 11, Milton Keynes

opening quoteI watched the celebrations on TV as I was unable to go to London. It was great, especially the Party at the Palace and Prince Harry looked cute as usual!closing quote
Laura, 14, Dorset

opening quoteI stayed in and watched all the parties on the TV, as my mum was ill and we couldn't have our own. It was still loads of fun!closing quote
Jen, 13, Farnborough

opening quoteWe were all dancing in our street, it was brilliant. Even my Gran got up to dance!closing quote
Sarah, 12, Birmingham

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