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  Big Brother: what do you think so far?
Updated 12 June 2002, 13.12

The summer of Big Brother is well underway and gripping the nation.

Sunita's walked, Lynne's been evicted and Sophie's made an entrance and the house is divided in more ways that one!

What do you think of the latest eviction? Do you agree or is the public wrong?

This comments page is now closed. Thanks for all your e-mails. You can read a selection of them below

opening quoteI don't think that it's a very good idea to have the prision bars in for the rest of the show as you won't be able to see how they interact with each other. closing quote
Rachel, 15, Jarrow

opening quoteI think that the steel bars should be smashed to bits - it's unfair. The housemates need to celebrate Sophie's birthday and how they going to do that? closing quote
Michaela, 14, Eastbourne

opening quoteI was really enjoying this series but I dont like it now the house has been divided. It means that nominations are going to be different as people arent mixing with everyone in the house. A week maybe okay but they are planning to do it for the whole series! I dont know if I will continue wacthing... closing quote
Jesse, 14, London

opening quoteBB3 is the best yet - and the ratings show that as they have been the highest yet. There has been a lot more confrontations. Sandy is annoying me, he thinks he is the boss and father and tells them all off. He is also too sumg. Alex needs to get a life and a sense of humour.closing quote
Richard, 15, West Midlands

opening quoteHow could such a loveable person be voted off!!!! She was WICKED!! She was sooo funny and kept the housem8s and the atmosphere goin'! She broke a table by jumping on it and that's humour 2 me! Alex and Sandy need to get a life!! They should both be up for eviction next and they will!!closing quote
Sara, 11, Enfield

opening quoteI was really shocked! I never wanted Alison to go! I wanted Alex to because he's sooooooooooooooooooooo mean!closing quote
Sonya, 14, Liverpool

opening quoteI can not believe Alison got evicted! She's so funny, I'll miss her dancing and stair-racing with her bessie mate, Kate. I hope Kate and the other housemates do not stop having a laugh now she has gone. Also, Sandy and Alex are so boring and moan all the time, they should have gone!closing quote
Elena, 13, West Yorkshire

opening quoteAdele is definitely a winner!! She is very charming and natural. closing quote
Jimmy, 13, London

opening quoteI LUV BB!!!!!! I was really shocked that Alison went she was the nicest 1 in the house!! Alex is soo weird - get a life wood u? No1 cares if the floor isn't spotless! and I really h8 Spencer- he does nothing! Like, last nite he only washed his clothes 4 the 1st time in 2 weeks!! For the risk of sounding like Alex - that is DISGUSTING! the rest of them r ok but I wanted Alison 2 win, but now I don't care! closing quote
Emma, 12, Belfast

opening quoteI was voting for Alex. If big brother want to make it better then before this year, then here's a way. They should tell the nominated people to pack all their stuff in case they go. Then announce who going to be evicted and give them one minute to say their goodbyes. I think Sandy or Alex should go next because Sandy is boring and Alex is annoying and always nagging.closing quote
Tim, 15, Huntingdon

opening quoteI wanted Alex to go! He's always whining and is no fun at all, but Alison had me in hysterics when she broke the garden table! p.s. Spencer and Kate make such a cute couple!closing quote
Sally, 14, London

opening quoteI really like BB3 but can Alex shut up moaning its driving me crazy. I really want Johnny or Kate 2 win. closing quote
Emily, 13, Norwich

opening quoteI think they are all boring. It was much better last year. closing quote
Lucy, 13, Glasgow

opening quoteI'm so shocked Alison has been voted out! I really can't believe it, she was v v funny!closing quote
Chris, 12, Stirling

opening quoteI think bb3 is great but Alex and Sandy need to get a life. I like evry1 apart from those and I definitely want Jonny to win. closing quote
Laura, 11, Co.Durham

opening quoteI think that big brother is really cool but not as good as the other 2!!!! Alex has to go as he is such an old woman he should stop nagging the other house mates!!!! I think that the new housemate Sophie is cool, she's really pretty but I think that Kate will be a little jealous of her cause she was the pretty and popular one. But that will all change I think and she won't like it. Kate is playing a dirty game!!! SPENCER IS HOT!!! closing quote
Fee, 13, Beccles

opening quotePeople say Jade is too loud, well at least she's making a go of things and making friends. It's good to have sum1 to cheer u up and make u laugh every now and again :-) thumbs up 4 bb3 I say good luck to all of them and Spencer - xxxxxxxx closing quote
Hannah, 13, Lancashire

opening quoteI think BB is cool. I really like Kate I think she is a babe. But I think she should get together with Spencer to add more fun in the house. I also think there should be a kids' big brother so we can have some fun and I would be the first to try it! closing quote
Reece, 12, Cleethorpes

opening quoteI think Spencer is well "fit" he is gorge!!!!! Alex is really getting on my nerves he is always moaning and making jade cry!!(poor jade) I don't like Alison either her personality just seems to fake!!! Love u Spencer!!! closing quote
Emma B, 13, Nottingham

opening quoteGO ADELE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really hope Adele wins 'cause She Rocks!! Plus she's from Southport and we need a lil' glory!!!!!!!!!! closing quote
Hannah, 11, Southport

opening quoteLynne was nice at the beginning but then she turned annoying. I'm glad she was voted off but I felt sorry for her when everyone booed. closing quote
Michaela, 11, Stafford

opening quoteI think Kate and Spencer make a good couple and Kate is much more pretty then Sophie. closing quote
Charlotte, 10, Twickenham

opening quoteMy fave housemates are Johnny, Kate and Jade. I used 2 think Alex was nice but now he just moans all the time! closing quote
Jessica, 11, Newcastle

opening quoteI really like big bro but I swear that Jade is trying to act like Helen from series 2 and Alex is sooooooo boring and needs to chill out. I think Alison's real funny and Adele is really 2 faced! I think Kate's really fit too! closing quote
Oliver, 14, Bristol

opening quoteI think Alex should go because all he does is nag, nag and nag about stupid little things like Jonnny using his towel. Hasn't he ever learnt to share? So please big brother get him off!!! closing quote
Nicole, 14, Oakham

opening quoteI think big brother is really cool and better than the other 2 by far! But I was shocked by how many smoked, don't they understand it's not good or you?! My favourite is Spencer coz he really nice. closing quote
Lydia, 12, Northants

opening quoteI really like the new series of bb3 so far but I'm not to sure on Jade. I don't like the idea of having the same name as one of them. closing quote
Sophie, 11, Southampton

opening quoteI think BB is great! My fave male is Spencer, he's so cute! And my fave female is Kate, she's wicked! closing quote
Elle, 13, West Yorkshire

opening quoteWell I don't think any of them deserve to win! Sunita was the only vaguely interesting person in there who could have a proper conversation and now she has gone. I don't want to think about what the remaining contestants would spend the money on if they won! I think they would waste it all. After 2 other BB's all the contestants know how to play to the camera so they don't get voted off, that just makes watching it really BORING! closing quote
Sarah, 14, Lancashire

opening quoteI love BB, but I think BB 1 and 2 were better but it's only been on 4 a week so it will probably get better. I like Kate (obviously, every 1 does!), Alison (she's cool) and Spencer (he is the man!). I can't stand Alex's voice, it gets on my nerves. I am so glad Lynne is gone. Even though I am Scottish, I can't stand her. Speaking of Scottish, Sandy is also really cool! closing quote
Stephen (aka lalley), 12, Cumbernauld

opening quoteI think Alison is wicked and Spencer is gorge! He should get 2gether wiv Kate definitely!!! Big thumbs up for bigbro 3! :-) closing quote
Rachael, 12, Londonderry

opening quoteBB iz sooooooooooo sad. I don't understand y ppl want 2 watch a few other ppl doing NOTHING when they could be getting on with their own lives - every1 needs to get a life!!! closing quote
Abbie, 12

opening quoteHi I have been taping big brother and I think Jade should win because she is funny, very bubbly and she a great sense of humour. I think next week Lee/Sandy should go out. closing quote
Amanda, 11, Sutton in Ashfield

opening quoteI think that Jade is most annoying girl on the planet I just cannot believe that Lynne was voted off BB. Jade should have been. closing quote
Emma, 12, Aberdeen

opening quoteI'm glad Lynne left because I thought that she was quite out of order to Spencer. Unlike most other people I want Jade to stay because I think she is about the only one being herself. By the way people talk about her it's as though it's against the law to talk. If she has an opinion on something or just feels like talking let her at least she making the effort to do something! closing quote
Katie, 14, Walton-on-Thames

opening quoteI think Jade should go cause she gets on my nerves and she chats too much, I think Kate an Alex should get together, they make a perfect couple. Alison is funny, Spencer and PJ are lazy, they never do any work at all. Sandy and Lynne are cool. closing quote
Stacey, 15, Nottingham

opening quoteI watched the very first show when we saw the housemates for the first time and even before the end I'd had enough! Jade is childish and annoying, Alex is way too girly and Sunita thought she was way too sophisticated because she was a "qualified lawyer"! The only person that deserves to win is Sandy, because he is really helpful, kind and does the cooking! closing quote
Rosie, 13, Livingston

opening quoteI think Alex and Kate will be a perfect match, but all of them smoke and it is not nice 2 see people smoking on TV.closing quote
Maire, 12, Weston Coyney

opening quoteI think that BB is ok. I am big BB fan and I'm not that impressed so far, I'll watch it to see if it gets better!closing quote
Nicola, 14, Lancashire

opening quoteJade is so annoying, she has to go. She could talk for England!!! It was hilarious when she got locked in the diary room! I want Kate to win, she badly fancies Alex and it would be cool if they got together like Helen and Paul.closing quote
Sarindia, 12, Southampton

opening quoteI have only watched it once but that was enough! I can't stand Jade.closing quote
Heather, 15, Aberdeenshire

opening quoteI was going to back Lynn because she was from Aberdeen but I really can't stand her, she speaks so common! I want Spencer to win because he is a babe and he's not lazy, just quiet and laid back!closing quote
Alison, 13, Aberdeen

opening quoteI think Spencer is gorge and should get 2gether with Kate! So vote Alex off coz she fancies him and he feels da same! My mate reckons there should be a kid's Big Brother, so we can have a go, it's not fair that they get all the fun!closing quote
Rachel, 12, Manchester

opening quoteLynne gets up everyone's backs, but I still like Kate and Spencer. Alex is too girly... and way too fussy. I suppose first impressions don't really matter.closing quote
Gemma, 13, Maidenhead

opening quoteI think Alison and Jonny look a right laugh and loads of fun. One of them should definitely win. I like Lynne's 'in-your-face' attitude though. I really don't like Spencer or PJ, both of them seem so lazy and never do any work. They should be the first to go!closing quote
Martin, 15, Glasgow

opening quoteAt first I thought Sandy was a geek, but now I know he's really cool! I hope he's going to win!closing quote
Hannah, 11, Milton Keynes

opening quoteBig Brother 1 and 2 were great but another one won't get as many viewers.closing quote
Sam, 14, Balsall common

opening quoteI think BB is much more boring than last year and the house isn't as nice as last year's house was. Spencer and Kate are my faves.closing quote
Lyndsey, 11, Isle of Skye

opening quoteI think it is a pathetic show. People are just showing themselves up on it. Get a life and watch a good soap!closing quote
Karen, Accrington

opening quoteI thought Lynne was nice at the beginning but now she seems mean.closing quote
Ellie, 11, Ipswich

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