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  What do your trainers say about you?
Updated 27 May 2002, 18.55

Trainers are everywhere.

And they're cool. But are some cooler than others?

What are your favourites, and what do you think of others?

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opening quoteTrainers are an important part of fashion, but some can be a real rip off. Although I do like to have fashionable trainers, it doesn't matter that much!closing quote
Mel, 14, Coldstream

opening quoteI have think brand name trainers r a rip-off! Brand names r no different 2 normal trainers. You can get more comfortable and cheap not brand-name trainers and uncomfortable expensive brand name trainers. Wot wood u buy?!?!closing quote
Michaela, 11, Staffs

opening quoteMy trainers say a lot about me, they are plain white and covered in Harry Potter drawings and stickers. They warn people I'm a massive Potter fan! closing quote
Jade, 13, Manchester

opening quoteI think that trainers have become too commercialized. If you don't have the right pair at school you are bullied and if you have really nice ones they will be stolen. People shouldn't have to worry about the shoes they wear after all they are more for comfort than anything else. closing quote
Tarini, 11, Bromley

opening quoteTrainers are so last year and so casual that I think shoes are so much nicer. I mean they smarten you up. Nothing can beat the good old high street shoe it is so much more comfy and anyway who uses trainers to train in nowadays?closing quote
Miriam, 14, Newquay

opening quoteI think some trainers are just a rip- off, the people who make the trainers aren't thinking about the customers anymore they're just thinking of themselves, and how much money they can make out of us.closing quote
Kayleigh, 14, Brighton

opening quoteI love trainers because they go with every item of clothing. I have eight pairs and couldn't live without themclosing quote
Natalie, 13, Feltham

opening quoteI think trainers are really cool and say a lot about the person who is wearing them. You can wear them for sports or you can wear them for fashion, but however you wear them they're always cool!closing quote
Antonia, 13, Bradford

opening quoteI just buy trainers to wear. It doesn't bother me what they look like, as long as they have some yellow in them!closing quote
Gemma, 14, Taunton

opening quoteThey're so cool and I always buy them because most trainers are trendy and neat! They also go with any clothing!closing quote
Lydia, 12, Northampton

opening quoteIt shouldn't matter what brand your trainers are. Anyway, the bigger the brand name, the more it's going to cost you.closing quote
Natalie, 13, Lincoln

opening quoteI think that people should get trainers purely for practical activities and not just to show off to their mates.closing quote
Maddison, 13, Fleet

opening quoteI think that trainers are cool for sport and for going out . They are comfy.closing quote
Emma, 12, Fleet

opening quoteTrainers are cool, my favourites are my Reeboks. My friend says he prefers Nike, but I think they are too commercial, mine are for sport, his are for show.closing quote
Simon, 11, Durham

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